What’s Your Scent?


I’m not usually one who reaches for perfume on a daily. I normally keep one around for special occasions and then forget about it. I’d rather go light with a moisturizing body butter that gives off a light scent. But as of late, I’ve been more intrigued with the scents that I’ve been able to sample, smell, and try. Scents are just like makeup; depending on the mood, you can give yourself a splash to wake up your senses.

Perfumes have progressed over the years into a personality of their own. It’s no more of your grandmother’s loud, alcohol smelling spray that follows you miles after you’ve left. On the other hand, perfume scents have become subtle enough that they don’t enter the room before you do. Whether you are a musk, floral, or fruit lover of perfume there are some great ones.

Just to name a few, Michael Kors has a great variety of scents for every woman. They are light, flirty, and sexy. Marc Jacobs is great for the everyday mom or the working woman who wants to smell pretty powerful. CLEAN original is the perfect pure scent that puts you in a calming mood. When you’re having a smooth feeling this is a great scent to reach for. DIOR is great for date night and for setting the mood.
When someone asks what your scent is, how do you respond?

A Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket Is The Perfect Gift


There are many online specialty stores that offer nothing but the best in chocolate gift baskets. They offer a great assortment to choose from, and you can even individualize your basket by picking just your favorites.

Chocolate gift baskets are designed for all occasions and holidays; Valentines Day, birthdays, weddings, and Mother’s Day are by far the most popular, but they are offered in designs perfect for any type of gathering.

May chocolate gift baskets can be combined with other items as well, such as with flowers, wine, fruit, nuts, cheeses, appetizers, or whole gourmet meals, and are perfect for a romantic getaway or picnic too.

These gift baskets are available in a variety of sizes and prices, and can be gift wrapped for special occasions with a personal card attached and shipped directly to the recipient. With the internet you can shop, make your purchase, and have it shipped all in a relatively short period of time.

It will be packaged to keep your chocolate gift basket fresh and cool, and is usually delivered by UPS or Fed Ex to guarantee that your purchase arrives in the state in which it left the store.

If you are a lover of chocolate, you have simply not lived until you have tasted true, high quality, gourmet chocolates. Chocolate gift baskets are a great gift and are a nice substitute or tasty addition to traditional floral bouquets, or other gift arrangements.

People who are true connoisseurs of fine chocolate will appreciate your gift, and you will probably get to enjoy a sample as well if you deliver the chocolate gift basket personally! Chocolate gift baskets are available in a variety of collections, and include a wonderful assortment of the best gourmet confections around.

If you choose to purchase a chocolate gift basket at a local retailer, you can sample their specialties, and literally select items based on your personal tastes. Retailers also offer special promotions around the holidays or for special occasions, and can ship the chocolate gift basket for you as well. Whatever you decide, it will be truly decadent and loved by everyone. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Not me!

You haven’t lived until you have had a handmade chocolate truffle filled with a decadent filling surrounded by a tasty outer chocolate shell. And who says that you have to just buy these little pieces of oral pleasure just for others, you deserve to indulge yourself too!