Top 10 Reasons To Book Your Hotel Online


1. Fast. Click, click, click and you are done. You can look at pictures of the hotel and rooms, read reviews, and safely book your hotel room.

2. Secure. As mentioned above, booking online is safe and secure. Just look for the little lock in your bottom toolbar and check that the site is “https”. This will guarantee your safety.

3. Compare. It is very easy to comparison shop for your hotel online. Either by taking notes or opening multiple browser windows. Find the best price for your vacation lodging.

4. Instantaneous. Well, almost. You usually receive an email confirmation within the hour that you can print out and present at check in. Don’t forget to bring this with you.

5. Language. This is all done in your language. So, you don’t have to call a foreign country and hope that they understand you.

6. Cheap. Using one of the many hotel consolidators, you can book your hotel for less than booking directly with the hotel. This is the same concept as booking your flight through a travel agent instead of directly with the airline.

7. Variety. Hotel consolidators will provide you with hotels in every shape, size, and price range. They will also provide the location to make it easier for you to decide. This makes it easier for you to compare and get the best value for your money.

8. Specials. Unpublished specials are provided to the hotel consolidators that are not available directly through the hotel’s web site.

9. Local access. If you want to contact the hotel consolidator via a telephone, most have toll-free numbers and personnel that speak your language.

10. Convenience. You can do this at home sitting in your boxer shorts. You can also read current reviews and see what others have to say about you future home away from home.

Finding Michigan Beach Lodgings


If you are planning a Michigan beach vacation, Lake Michigan is the place. Here is an overview on your options.

Finding Michigan Beach Lodgings

Lake Michigan is the second largest of the Great Lakes of the United States. In fact, it borders four separate states: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Lake Michigan is also the only one of the Great Lakes that is contained entirely within the US. Its large size makes for a long coastline, with plenty of beaches for you to enjoy.

The beaches of Michigan are a great place to take a vacation because of the many activities available to tourists in the area. Harbor Country is one of the more popular areas to find a place to stay. It is located at the southern point of Lake Michigan, in the state of Michigan. Within Harbor Country there are eight separate townships, which house many different resorts, spas, bed and breakfasts and hotels.

One popular lodging destination in this area is the New Buffalo Inn and Spa located in New Buffalo, Michigan. This spa and retreat has both cottages and inn accommodations available for rent, as well as a women’s wellness spa with pampering treatments such as facials and massages. It is an ideal place to get some well deserved pampering.

Another great place to stay on your vacation in the Harbor Country area is the Gintaras. It is located in Union Pier, Michigan. The Gintaras offers beach and waterfront activities as well as a children’s playground, bike riding, horseback riding and much more! As you can tell from the description, these lodgings are tailored to the entire family.

Michigan beaches are a great spot to take a family vacation and be able to relax with your loved ones. While at these locations, be sure to attend some of the festivals and other entertainment that is available in the region. Aside from lounging on the beach, you can attend plays and other shows at the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, Michigan, or go on a Wine Tasting Tour starting at the Round Barn Winery in Baroda, Michigan. There are so many activities to choose from that you’ll be sure to find something to do that everyone in the family will enjoy.