Traditional Food From Cyprus You Should Try


No visit to Cyprus is complete without sampling all of the mouth-watering delicacies that Cyprus has on offer. From the Meze and the Yemista to the Moussaka and the Kleftiko, every dish has a distinctly Cypriot flavor that you’d be hard put to find anywhere else.


You better be ravenous when you order a Meze. A Cypriot favorite, it is not just one tidbit but an assortment of Mezedes. Order it and you can expect an interesting platter with a medley of 20 or 30 different savories and appetizers including halloumi, feta, smoked ham, octopus, koupepia or stuffed vine leaves, sliced artichokes, hummus, olives, barbouni, a delicious red mullet and succulent pieces of turkey or chicken. Eating a Meze is an experience in itself. Take your time and savor every delicious bite.


Another popular Cypriot dish, Yemista are an assortment of different types of stuffed vegetables. They can be eaten hot or cold and can be ordered as starters or even as a main dish. Koupepia, the famous stuffed wine-leaves are eaten cold and are almost a staple everywhere you go. Yemista also includes stuffed aubergines, courgettes, peppers and tomatoes and the stuffing typically consists of grated tomatoes and rice or minced meat flavored with mint or parsley.


A must at every celebration, Kleftiko consists of a piece of goat or lamb wrapped in foil and baked in a special kind of oven.


Another must-eat in Cyprus, Mousakas is a traditional baked dish prepared with minced beef or lamb covered with layers of sliced aubergine, zucchini and potatoes and topped with a cream flavored with ‘artesia’ spices.


Also called Kebab, Souvlaki is either bits of pork or lamb put on a skewer and slow-roasted on a charcoal fire. It can be eaten by itself accompanied with pita bread and chopped onion or the meat could be stuffed into the pita bread with yiaourti, a flavorsome local yoghurt.

Title: Five Family Activities In Cyprus

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Though Cyprus may be the ultimate romantic getaway, it’s also a hot spot for family vacations. If you’re planning on bringing the kids to Cyprus on your next holiday, keep reading for five fantastic family activities in Cyprus.

1. Ayia Napa Theme Park:

The Water World theme park at Ayia Napa is a great family escape. The largest in the country, the Ayia Napa Water World is also a Greek mythology theme park, which is both educational and fun. Down the road from the Water World, you’ll also find Go-Kart tracks.

2. The Camel Park:

The Camel Park in the Mazotos village is a wonderfully educational and exciting activity for kids of all ages. The whole family can learn how to mount and ride a camel, followed by a stunning camel caravan through the countryside surrounding Mazotos. The center also features a small museum, pool, and restaurant.

3. Visit the Beaches:

Some of the best beaches in the world are in Cyprus. Recommended and popular beaches include Geroskipou, Dasoudi, Larnaca, Dassoudi Beach and Germasogeia – all of which boast facilities for windsurfing, paragliding, and swimming.

4. Penguin Village:

The Penguin Village at Le Meridien hotel in Limassol is a life-saving idea for parents. Whether you’re an overnight or day guest, Le Meridien provides a day-camp environment for your children, with a full-lineup of daily, educational, and fun activities. The kids have a separate restaurant, play area, pool, and education center – leaving you free to enjoy your vacation.

5. The Donkey Park:

The Oroklini Donkey Park at Lornaca Village cares for more about forty unwanted donkeys. Visitors are welcome, and the facility includes a gift shop, refreshment center and an educational program for children. Children and adults can go for a short ride or longer trek with experienced donkey riders while simultaneously taking in the beautiful countryside of Cyprus.