Building A Bedroom Fit For Royalty

If the home is your castle, then the bedroom should be fit for a queen. Whether you share it with a king or not, injecting a little luxury won’t only enhance the room, it should set the foundations for a far happier existence.   

 So, how what steps should you take to ensure the bedroom lives up to your expectations in terms of appearance and function? Let’s take a closer look.


 #1. Create Some Space

 There’s nothing worse than a room that feels crowded and claustrophobic. This will disrupt your sleep patterns and stop you from truly relaxing. It’ll also limit the possibilities for other tasks such as getting ready for work or nights out. Even if the room isn’t blessed with huge amounts of space, you must find ways to make it work harder.

 One of the first things you should do is learn to organize your closet space, as it will instantly improve your situation. Better still, it may actively keep clothes and possessions in better health. Meanwhile, using shelving above drawers allows you to bring personality with eating up to much floor space. Sometimes, though, keeping things clear can be best. Finding the right balance is crucial.

 Other steps can include getting rid of an unused chimney stack or fixing lights to the wall rather than having bedside cabinets. With a little creative thinking, the possibilities are near endless.

 #2. Control The Lighting

 Lighting plays a crucial role in every room but is a central feature when dealing with the bedroom. During the days, you need the light to shine through as this will make the room look bigger and brighter. Dressing the windows appropriately and using strategically placed mirrors should work wonders.

 Once nighttime arrives, though, restricting the amount of light that enters the room becomes top of the agenda. Thick drapes and blackout blinds are both great options. Meanwhile, installing dimmer switches for your room lighting and using touch lamps will make a huge difference too.   

 The bedroom is the one room where you cannot afford to make mistakes with the lighting situation. Give this element the attention that it deserves, and you won’t go far wrong.

#3. Focus On Your 40 Winks

Ultimately, the design of your bedroom will be highly influenced by your personal preferences as well as the dimensions. But regardless of those individual circumstances, the bedroom’s primary focus is to provide the perfect place to sleep at night. Frankly, if you’re going to get a good night’s rest, it’s imperative that you have a comfortable bed.

Taking the time to research the different firmness levels will enable you to find a far better mattress.  However, the bed itself is also the most significant piece of furniture for the appearance and comfort of the room. Bernhardt furniture outlet boasts a range of frames and headboards that provide the luxury style as well as the most enjoyable night’s rest. Meanwhile, the benefits of having a bed that lasts should not be ignored either.

When the bedding situation is under control, the entire room will feel better than ever.

#4. Bring A Little Nature Into The Room

Sometimes in life, the smallest gestures make the biggest impact. This is especially true when designing a luxurious and stylish bedroom. The use of wood can bring the relaxed atmosphere of nature into the room. However, it is possible to take things further with very simple additions.   

Houseplants and flowers instantly make the bedroom look and feel more expensive. Better still, they can actively improve air quality to aid your sleep. Above all else, though, the extra color and character is sure to enhance your relationship with the room. This is even more evident when coupled with a great vase from the Chive outlet. In truth, this is one of the best investments you’ll make.

Whether they are placed on a window ledge or on a dressing table is entirely up to you.

#5. Get New Bedding

Choosing the right bed will always be the most important job on your list. As far as appearance are concerned, though, the linen can be equally important. Clean bedding is an ongoing requirement. However, you must also think about the quality.

When assessing pillow and duvets, down is often the best option. Not only is it comfortable, but the plumpness provides a premium quality look. It’s always important to consider the tog rating too, and many people find that they have one option for summer and another winter. Either way, making the bed each morning should help extend the life of those materials, making them stay better for longer.

Combine this with the features above, and every element of the room will fit for a queen. In turn, even the tough days at work will be made brighter by the thought of returning home. Quite frankly that magical feeling is the least you deserve.

Bring The Beach To Your Bedroom


You spend every night dreaming of your next beach holiday abroad? Why not bring your paradise home with some beach-infused bedroom décor? A beach theme could help to make your bedroom more of a sanctuary and help you to sleep better at night. Here are several ways to introduce this theme to your room.

Add exotic plants

Many tropical plants thrive well in low light and humid conditions making them excellent for indoors. Palm trees are the ultimate beach resort plant for transporting you to your dream location – you can buy small potted palms to grow indoors and they are very easy to maintain. Peace lilies and orchids are two other popular tropical plants that could be great on a bedside cabinet – they are less easy to look after. Ferns are also good indoor plants, although they do require more light, so place them by a window. Plants are great to grow in your bedroom as they provide your brain with a fresh source of oxygen helping you to get to sleep.

Use stones and shells as ornaments

Stones and shells are great reminders of the beach that you can use for ornamental purposes. You can buy shells and stone online – however, many people may prefer to collect them for free on their next visit to the seaside. You can then place these stones and shells around your bedroom. You could hang them from bed posts, put them in a small wicker bowl or fill the base of a plant pot with them. Also consider novelty items such as conches and fossils.

Hang up holiday souvenirs

Remind yourself of the holidays you’ve been on with souvenirs from your travels. You could have a wall dedicated to your adventures abroad with various items hanging from it. This could include a collage of photographs and postcards from past holidays. By surrounding yourself with memories of good times, your bedroom will feel like a happier place.

Opt for wooden furniture

Wooden furniture has a rustic feel that’s perfect for reinforcing that beach theme. Several companies specialise in wooden resort furniture. Some of this is even given a beach-washed appearance to make it look like it’s come straight from the seaside.

Bamboo is a wood worth considering – bamboo curtains or shutters could be a great addition to your beach-themed room. Wicker designs are also great for creating that beach look. Consider baskets for keeping make-up in and hand-woven chests for shoes and accessories. You can even buy hand-woven bed frames.

Introduce seaside aromas

On top of the sights of the beach, you can also bring the smells of the beach to your home. There are many ocean scents available for oil diffusers and air fresheners that you could try out. There are also scented candles available on the market centred around beach smells such as eucalyptus, cardamom and coconuts. Certain tropical plants may also produce smells. Embracing these aromas won’t just help with your beach theme, it could help you sleep more easily.

5 Tips for Redecorating Your Bedroom


Our bedrooms are the rooms we spend the most time in throughout our lifetimes and as such are the most important to get right. Nobody wants to wake up in a room that is drab, boring or that doesn’t match one’s personality, and indeed our bedrooms should be places that we want to jump up into instead of being so terrible that all we want to do is bury our heads in the covers! If you think your room is in need of a redesign, here are five helpful tips to help you on your way to bedroom bliss!

 Wall Quilts

Whilst many might go for the traditional wallpaper or paint route to changing the look of their bedroom, for those on a tight budget this simply might not be an option. A cheaper- and somewhat ‘cooler’- way to spruce up your room is to get hold of a lovely graphic quilt or cover, hanging it on an area of your wall that is in dire need of de-blanking!

 Get New Bedding

One of the imperatives for many that want to redecorate their bedrooms is the need for new bedding. An old, spring-laden mattress is okay, but will likely become annoying as the back pains and sleepless nights take their toll. After you’ve got your new bed or mattress, be aware however; anyone who has ever lived in a student area will know the pox that is old mattresses cluttering the streets, and it’s best to take advantage of recycling services if you want to upgrade your bedding.

 Poster Power

We’re not talking about the kind of posters you’d get as a teenager, but posters in general; art prints, landscapes, photography etc; are wonderful for bedrooms being done-up on any budget. Sites such as AllPosters have thousands of images up for grabs, plus a surprisingly cheap framing service. Alternatively, get frames from charity and second-hand stores for that shabby chiq look.

 Smart Storage

The bane of any nice bedroom is clutter. Clothes laid over chairs and bed frames, papers piling up on surfaces; clutter really makes a room look ten times worse than it otherwise would do. The answer is of course having a good, intelligent amount of storage- boxes, cupboards etc should all be present and utilised throughout!

 Be Yourself

A bedroom is the one room in a home- especially if you’re not the only person living there- that can be used to express your own personality. Do others think that piece of art is awful or that that old rug is looking tired? Who cares! Your bedroom is yours to craft and enjoy!