Why Just Googling Your Health Might Be A Bad Idea

Search engines have helped us enormously over the last couple of decades to find the information that we need. When it comes to finding a holiday website or a news article, they’re fantastic, but there’s one area in which they can be a real problem: matters of health.

The problem is that as people, we’re not actually all that good at knowing what’s wrong with us. We don’t have half of the equipment we need to make a self-diagnosis at home, and so we have to guess. This means that we usually get back a bunch of possible diseases, about 50 percent of them could kill us in the next 24 hours. It’s highly panic-inducing and probably makes our health a lot worse.

It Makes Your Hypochondria Worse

The problem with Googling your symptoms is that for practically any symptom there will be somebody on a forum somewhere who has written a post about how it will kill you. And because other people have clicked on the post promising instant death rather than the one suggesting it might be nothing, the instant death post starts rising in the Google ranks. Before long, the only information available about your chesty cough are posts claiming that you’ve got tuberculosis and only have a few weeks to live.

Wikipedia Isn’t Particularly Reliable

If you’re the type of person who likes to skip the junk on forums and just get straight to the good stuff, then you might choose to go on Wikipedia, thinking that it is the best place for reliable information. But despite the fact that the website is the sixth most popular place to get medical information on the web, it’s also very unreliable. The problem is that people often write health articles on Wikipedia with reckless abandon. Most contributors are rank amateurs who don’t really know what they’re saying. Wikipedia has policies and guidelines, but contributors don’t always adhere to them accurately.

Medical misinformation appears on Wikipedia all the time. According to research, about 90 percent of the articles on the top diseases in the Western world weren’t up to date with the latest science.

Googling Your Health Can Cause Anxiety

Googling your health can result in the wrong diagnosis. But more worryingly, it can also leave you worse off than before by making you believe that you are sicker than you are. Medical anxiety is a real thing, and it can be brought on by reading about your supposed condition and coming to extreme conclusions about how your life’s in mortal danger.

So-called “cyberchondriacs” are people who believe everything that the web says about their health without consulting a professional, like an online Dr, first. This information then interferes with their daily lives, leaving them feeling anxious all the time and leading to further health issues.

You Can End Up Losing Money

Googling symptoms can also mean that you end up spending more money at the ER. Always making trips across town, paying medical fees and buying hospital parking tickets can wind up costing a fortune.

Health Salad


It should go without saying that the food that you put into your body has an impact on how you feel… but so few people listen. If you eat poorly then don’t expect to feel well – it’s a basic life lesson.

There’s no denying it’s a little bit of a miserable lesson as well, though. So how about introducing a different way of thinking. Rather than seeing eating well as restrictive, denying you the sugary and carbohydrate-laden delights that you’re craving, challenge yourself to make a single meal as good for you as possible.

There’s no need to sacrifice taste, either. Experimentation with food is what you need, something to help you find a love for the good stuff in the same way you used to feel about the bad. So keeping taste in mind, just how many boxes can you tick with a single serving?

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with a salad. No more limp lettuces and half-hearted dressings here – this is a salad with the ultimate health boost.

The Vitamin Alphabet

It’s possible to come up with a salad that ticks all the boxes with the major vitamins – provided you don’t mind experimenting with flavours!

Vitamin A: Carrots or yams. Tip: grated carrot works well as an accompaniment.

Vitamin B: Soya beans or brown rice.

Vitamin C: Oranges and lemons are the most obvious answer. If you want to keep things as savoury as possible, then red peppers are an excellent alternative.

Vitamin D: It’s difficult to absorb vitamin D through food (Sunlight is our main source), but oily fish such as salmon contain a good amount of it.

Vitamin E: Add an accompaniment of almonds or use grated to sprinkle over the main dish. If you want a vegetable, sweet chard has the highest E vitamin component you’ll find, swiftly followed by kale.

On The Side

Dry salad with no garnish or condiments can be dry and bland, so let’s look for some healthy ideas to add more flavour.

Olive oil – Rich in a plethora of “good” fats, olive oil is a classic salad drizzle that will please your palette and your body too.

Apple cider vinegar – Sweeter than conventional brown vinegar, you don’t have to look hard for the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Try and find vinegar sold “with the mother” to increase its potency.

Honey – Honey has been used as a medicinal remedy for thousands of years and will also help satisfy a sweet tooth. If possible, source raw honey that has not been super-heated – so stay away from the jars found in the grocery store and look for a local beekeeper’s supply.

Spice Up Your Plate

As a finishing touch, a few spices can take a dish from standard to gold standard.

Turmeric – Is there nothing turmeric can’t do? It’s been linked with the prevention of a multitude of illnesses, plus it tastes amazing.

Cinnamon – Sweet and beneficial for regulating blood sugar, cinnamon is perfect if you’re watching your glucose intake.

Paprika – Another source of vitamin A that adds a delightful red hue to any meal.

If you experiment and play with these ingredients, salad isn’t just the healthiest choice you can make – it’s the most delicious too.

That’s Not A Sun Salute! Yoga Mistakes We’re All Making


We all know the mental, physical and emotional benefits of regular yoga practice such as increased concentration, better balance, and lower stress levels but did you know yoga teachers are increasingly seeing pupils make mistakes? It’s not down to the practice of this ancient art but the mental baggage that yoga practitioners are bringing to classes. If you’re a newbie at yoga then the best thing you can do before rolling out your mat, getting into child’s pose and focusing on your breathing is to clear your mind!

Teacher’s Pet

Your yoga teacher is not an all-seeing, all-knowing guru neither is he or she, your own

24/7 personal life coach. They are there to teach yoga, nothing more, nothing less. While instructors do encourage open communication, asking them if you’re doing it right every five minutes, sending them long emails between classes and begging them for help with your love life isn’t on. Despite what their Instagram profile shows your teacher is not in sun salute all the time. They aren’t frozen there waiting until it’s time for class and they have lives of their own. While many yoga teachers are friendly, caring people they are not trained therapists, doctors or even personal trainers. Neither are they priests or parenting experts, so you need to stop believing they have all the answers ASAP because they don’t.

Too Many Excuses

While it’s entirely understandable that many newbies are nervous going into their first class, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to master these beginner yoga poses having had just a few weeks of lessons. No one starts yoga able to put their legs over their head and flexibility will come just wait! Neither do you have to be a supermodel to attend a class as despite what social media shows us, yoga classes are open to everyone no matter what size you are. We’re even putting off improving our health by saying we don’t have the right gear and while cute yoga pants, crop tops, and shorts are lovely a pair of leggings, a T-shirt and flat shoes is just fine. Don’t expect to be a yogic master immediately as takes years of daily practice, training courses and intense workouts for instructors to perform the poses they do so ease up on yourself and focus on your breathing.

Being Super Serious

While it’s important that you pay close attention to your instructor, otherwise you might injure yourself, too many of us are taking yoga far too seriously. It’s meant to be a relaxing, calming and enjoyable practice that lets us focus on our inner selves, accepting our imperfections and understanding our strengths and weaknesses. If you can’t master a particular move straight away give it time! We all learn at different rates and someone else might struggle with the next pose so stop worrying. Figure out what you enjoy the most is it yoga accompanied by soft music? Chanting? Lengthy visualization or meditation sessions? Whatever suits you is the place to be so if your friends are encouraging you to change studios because the new one has a ‘juice bar’ then think carefully before leaving.


Mastering The Art Of Accessorizing

When it comes to revamping your interiors, you don’t always want or need to make wholesale changes. Trends come and go, and if you swapped pieces of furniture and color themes on a regular basis, you’d soon notice the financial hit. If you can learn to accessorize, you can embrace new trends and celebrate your individual style without breaking the bank. If you’re keen to freshen up your interiors, here are some simple tips that will make your home look and feel fabulous.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are an excellent way to add texture and interest to any room. In the winter months, we tend to go for thicker, heavier fabrics, which create that warm and cozy vibe. In the spring and summer months, you can go for lighter materials to add a fresher, crisper feel. Cushions and blankets are ideal accompaniments for sofas, armchairs, and beds. In the cooler months, you can also add throws, and fur is a great option. Rugs are also an essential to keep those toes warm on winter days, but they also work well in spring and summer. Swap faux fur and wool for jute or cotton. You can pick cushion covers and throws up very cheaply if you shop online, or you could even create your own if you’re a knitting maestro. You can mix and match prints and patterns, or go for a single shade if you like the color blocking trend.


Lamps and lighting

Lighting is a brilliant way of adding ambiance, but you don’t have to stop at a statement pendant light or a chandelier. Scattering lamps around the room can help you to channel a theme, express your sense of style, and add a unique twist to your design. Modern table lamps are great for contemporary homes while industrial-style oversized floor lamps with exposed filaments are perfect for loft apartments. If you have a boutique hotel vibe going on in your boudoir, art-deco shades are ideal for bedside lamps. Once your lamp is in place, you can add extra accessories, like coffee table books, vases of flowers or scented candles to complete the look.

Kitchen accessories

Accessories are a fantastic, easy way of adding color to your kitchen. If you have a black or white kitchen or you have granite or stainless steel in abundance, it’s good to add a few different tones. You can use all kinds of accessories to bring your room to life, such as vases, lanterns, storage pots, tea, coffee, and sugar jars, and plant pots. Plants are also a really effective way of brightening up the space and making it feel clean, bright, and airy.

When you think of interior makeovers, you may worry about the money and stress involved. However, freshening up your home doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Mastering the art of accessorizing allows you to switch up the look of your home and try out new trends without spending a lot of money or devoting much time to the project. You can experiment with colors, textures, and prints, and you can mix and match different looks to come up with the perfect blend.

The Secrets To Feeling Great In Body And Mind


Your mental and physical health are so intrinsically connected, it’s impossible to separate the two. When you feel down or depressed, your physical health can really take a nosedive, and when you’re unwell or suffering from chronic pain, your mental health can suffer too. Feeling good about yourself is all about treating both your mental and physical health with equal levels of importance, without neglecting one or the other accidentally. It’s all about striking a balance, pursuing things that make you happy, and treating your body a little bit like a temple.

Streamline your life

Stress is just not very good for us. It stops us from getting good quality sleep, pushes our blood pressure up, and it can even encourage our bodies to pile on the fat – best avoided, you’ll probably agree. Streamlining your life is all about banishing the unnecessarily stressful aspects, creating coping mechanisms to deal with the bits you can’t eradicate (pesky bills!) and allowing yourself more time and energy for the things you enjoy. Even the workaholics among us don’t have the energy to keep going 24/7, we all need some downtime, and the only way to do that sometimes is by shedding the things that are dragging us down. It doesn’t need to be a drastic change, and it’s not a good idea to make it happen overnight, but if every decision you make is a move towards a more streamlined existence, you’re going in the right direction.

Quit cigarettes

Honestly, tobacco is up there with one of the worst ideas of the twentieth century. If you’re still smoking it, take this as a sign to stop. However you choose to get your kicks, a move towards an electronic cigarette makes for an easier transitional period. As you can see from this Dabado Bolt review, they can be adapted to suit your needs, and they’re not chock full of all the really unhealthy constituents of tobacco, and they’re a whole lot cheaper too. The feeling of pride once you’re tobacco-free should be enough of an incentive for anyone.

Exercise more and eat better

The old “treat your body as a temple” thing can get a bit repetitive, can’t it? But it’s sort of true. You only get one body, it’s probably worth treating it pretty well and trying to get better mileage out of it. There’s nothing wrong with the odd glass of wine, takeaway, or huge night out, but when the indulgences are part of an overall healthy lifestyle, you’ll feel a whole lot less guilty for enjoying yourself. Regular workouts and a balanced diet are the key to feeling great. Not only do you look amazing, but your body works most efficiently, fat is burned rather than stored, and you are more able to deal with stressful problems which come about. Creating a healthy lifestyle can be tricky, but it’s certainly not something to be overlooked.

Drink water, not soda

It’s so easy to grab a can of cola from the fridge when you’re feeling tired or dehydrated, but you could be doing your body a huge disservice. That much caffeine and sugar will lead to a glucose crash later in the day, meaning you’ll probably feel even sleepier than you did before. Not to mention the way your body stores unused sugar as fat. Water, on the other hand, keeps your skin clear, your organs in tip top condition, and even helps us to lose weight. So if you’d like to lose a bit of weight and save some money in the process, scrap the fizzy pop – it basically adds nothing to your life.

Take some time out

We can’t keep going forever, we all need to take a break. Every day should contain some downtime, whether it’s a relaxing bath, half an hour with a much-loved book, or even an hour in front of the telly, it’s really important to unwind every single day. Longer term, it’s crucial to take holidays, leave everything behind, let your hair down, and explore the world. A sense of adventure keeps us young, happy, and free-spirited, and it’s crucial to a sense of wellbeing.

Don’t forget to socialise

You need your friends around you. People to laugh with, cry with, and argue with are so important to our happiness and sense of identity. Even if you live a crazy busy life and there’s no time for meditation, relaxation, or holidays, make sure you see your friends and family – they’re the most important people to surround yourself with.

So many different things contribute to a sense of peace in yourself – find your balance, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Home, Sweet Home: How To Freshen Up Your House


Living in a tired and stale home will make you equally tired and stale. Taking a few step to rejuvenate the inside of your property can be a cathartic experience and will have you looking forward to coming home more. Here are a few ways that you can freshen up your home and turn it into a happy zone.

Have a spring clean

Cleaning can seem like a huge chore, but can actually be fairly therapeutic once you get stuck into it. First, take some time to declutter. Sell, donate, recycle and throw away all the items you don’t need. From here you can get stuck into tackling the dust and dirt. If it’s too much difficulty for you to clean yourself or you don’t have the time, investing in house cleaning services either for a one-off spring clean or for a period of time could be an option.

Obliterate bad odours

Houses with pets and kids can develop a nasty smell. You may not notice it yourself, but subliminally it could affecting you mentally (plus guests will smell it). Air fresheners are a great way of purifying the air. Alternatively you can keep your house smelling good by encouraging nice aromas to mask the bad smells. These could include scented candles, incense sticks and scented air fresheners.


Spruce up with plants

Plants have been proven to have a healthy effect on the human brain. They improve concentration, purify the air and prevent the spread of diseases – plus they help brighten the place up. If you live by yourself and have no pets, plants may be a simple way of providing an extra sense of life to your home. Just remember to keep on top of watering them and to let them have enough sunlight – dead plants won’t freshen up your home.

Let in light

Put some light on the subject by throwing back those curtain and blinds more often during the day. If you only have a few windows in your home, you can increase the amount of light by adding mirrors on walls opposite. You can also consider mirrored wardrobes and other furniture. Add in some warm artificial lighting on top of this and you will immediately transform your dull home into a bright and cheerful place.

Repaint the walls

If your walls are too dull or too gaudy in colour, they may be creating bad energy in your home. Try adding new colour schemes to alter the mood. Lavenders, light blues and grey can create a greater sense of calm. If you want to liven up the place, yellows, greens and tan colours may be more appropriate. Simply changing the colour of a room will instantly bring new life to it. You can further reinforce the moods concerning this particular colour by matching your furniture and remaining décor.

Moving House: The Faux Pas You Definitely Don’t Want To Make

If you have ever moved house, then you will know that it can be an incredibly stressful experience. Yes, a couple of days worth of stress is worth it for a lovely new home that’s a perfect fit for your family. However, that doesn’t mean that when it comes to moving day, you feel any better about how stressful it is going to be.

Now, when it comes to moving house, the chances are it will be stressful, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a total nightmare. The truth is that, like most things in life, how your move goes is directly down to how well it’s planned for. As well as being aware of the faux pas that you don’t want to be making – aka the things that can totally and completely break moving day, turning it into a disaster.

So, with that in mind, what are the most common faux pas we tend to make when moving home? It’s time to find out…

Packing at the last minute


Yes, it’s tempting to leave packing up your home until the last minute, especially if you’ve got little ones, but don’t make this mistake. Honestly, it just makes moving day ten times harder as you are giving yourself more to do.

Pack up as much of your home as possible before moving day, leaving out a few essentials, such as beds, a few items of clothing, your kid’s favorite toys, and anything else that is necessary. Instead of leaving crockery out, buy paper plates and plastic cups and cutlery – that way you can just throw it away once you are done with it.

To make packing easier, focus on one room at a time and color code your boxes according to the rooms that they will need to go into in your new home.

Obsessing over everything going perfectly

Another faux pas that a lot of us make when it comes to moving house is obsessing over the move going perfectly. The fact is that obsessing over every little thing going well is not going to make it happen.

Yes, it’s natural to want your move to be straightforward, but you can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong. The movers could turn up late. An item could get broken in transit. All of your belongings may not fit on the truck – the fact is that there’s no guarantee that nothing will go wrong, and you need to understand that.

The most important thing when it comes to moving house is protecting yourself and your belongings by having moving insurance in place. That way, should anything go wrong and an item is broken in transit, you know that you are covered. It’s also important to ensure that when it comes to looking at moving companies, you find one with good reviews and that is reliable. As there’s nothing worse than the movers not showing up on moving day.

Failing to plan where everything will go in your new home

Last but not least, don’t make the mistake of failing to plan where everything will go in your new home. The last thing you want is to turn up at your new home only to find that some of your furniture doesn’t fit where it should do.

Do yourself a favor and plan out where everything will go beforehand, to ensure that you’re not carrying items from one property to another only to find that they don’t fit. Make sure to measure your new home and each piece of furniture, to ensure that it will fit where you envisaged it.

There you have it, a guide to the moving faux pas you don’t want to make.

Comfort Is All About The Little Things


This winter seems to have gone on longer than most. It may not have snowed all that must, but it has been cold and windy. What’re more shops, brands, and department stores seem to start capitalizing on the Christmas in early September, which means the cold months seem to last forever. We’re not complaining, though. Oh no, we love winter. We love all that is stands for; log fires, hot chocolates, early nights and soppy films. Winter is all about winter warmers and, technically, we’re still in a winter month (and if you’re not, remember it is winter somewhere in the world), so why not use this as an excuse to make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible. After all, cozy and comfortable is something to be desired all year round, which is why we have compiled this list of easy tips and tricks. Enjoy.

The Dining Room

When you think, “hmmmm, which room shall I make that little bit more comfortable,” you never think of the dining room. It’s an area that offers practicality that is never tampered with. But it should be. It’s where we eat, spend times with our family and friends, laugh and joke and bond, so why not upgrade and install comfortable seating. Change up your dining seats, chuck a couple of gorgeous arm chairs at either end of the table, and plop some pillows around. Or go that little bit further and install a deep banquette that your table can slide into; this will provide the most relaxed and most comfortable dining experience this side of a private member’s club.

The Floor Space

Too many people rely on coffee tables to fill the void left in the middle of a living room. However, you don’t have to go this way. Sure, there is use in having a dining room table, but why not swap it out for some end tables and fill the space with some footstools and beanbags. There is little more chilled out and cozy that curling up in a large, soft beanbag to read your favorite book. As for the footstools; get the right ones, in the right texture and color, and you’ll feel warmer without even turning the dial. It will also mean you can stretch out on the sofa when you have people around. Wonderful. If these don’t take your fancy, though, why not go down the pouf road. Every granny in the world has a pouf or two in the home, and there is nowhere more cozy than your granny’s house. It’s a foolproof strategy. Of course, you may not have the space for end tables in your cozy cottage, so why not employ the use of a thick shag pile rug instead, it’s the most comfortable step you can make (terrible pun, we’re sorry).

The Bedroom

That sunday morning feeling. Enough said. So why not maximize that feeling by upgrading your bedroom to absolute comfort with easy hacks and simple tricks. Making a feature wall out of a gorgeous hanging curtain will not only add a little spark and spunk to your room, but the material will create a cozy vibe that could change your life a little bit. Or how about you make a stunning canopy to hang above your bed, something light and sheer and silky, somewhere grown up and sophisticated that you can hide away in. Or chuck out your old bedding and make the ultimate upgrade by buying the highest quality, thickest duvet you can find. This may sound like a wild goose chase given a choice that is out there, but that choice simply means you can customize your purchase to your wants and needs; you just need to know what to look for in a good down comforter. Then add some pillows and cushions. The more cushions and pillows you have the cozier your bedroom will be and the cozier your room is, the cozier your days will end and start. The bedroom is our place of peace, and it deserves love and attention if it is going to reciprocate. Don’t just concentrate on the bed though because another great way of making your room feel like something out of Downton Abbey is to add a chaise lounge at the end of the bed or a huge arm chair to the corner of the room. Something imposing that you can throw your clothes on, or can curl up in and call your friends, or read this week’s magazines.

The Lighting

Your lighting has more effect on mood and feeling than most people realise. It is such an amazing way to add that cosy atmosphere you are looking for. It could be that you add dimmer switches to your rooms and get a better handle on it that way, but there are so many other routes than you can go down. Why not use fairy lights in unique ways; drape them over your floor-standing mirrors, or cram them into thick glass jars, or incorporate them into the canopy above your bed. To give your lighting a different feel and a bit of quirk, why not dot old lanterns or brass lamp shades around your home. Or hang large filament bulbs above your kitchen island or dining room table as a way of setting the mood in a way the bright overhead lights can’t capture.

Log Fires

The most surefire way to bring a winter warming look and feel into your home is to expose a hidden fireplace or install a log burner. Flickering flames are where it is at, just ask the Scandinavians who do winter better than anyone. But the best thing about log fires is the vibe they give off without even being lit. Walking into a room and seeing a cast iron log burner in the corner and a pile of chopped logs fills the heart and soul with happiness, the kind that can’t easily be described. Trust on that one, because if you are looking for one single way to boost your homes coziness, a log burner or fireplace is it.

Winter Weekend Wonders: Popular Resorts For Couples


The best thing about travelling is travelling with someone close to you. Not only do you get to go on adventures and a world of discovery, you get to rediscover each other and everything you may have been missing while raising a family or working. Of course, even those couples young and in love head off for a weekend away to get to know each other, it’s not just for those on a path of rediscovery. However, luxury is where it’s at and taking a few weekends off through the year for a little indulgence is good for the soul and we wholly recommend it!

It’s not often you get to say you’ve been travelling around the world. Aside from the usual choices of schlepping it through the desert, rainforests and jungles to discover new cultures, and backpacking across continents, there’s a little bit of luxury waiting for you. Choosing to go away for a weekend instead of long term travelling can be far more exciting – and cheap! White sandy beaches are the choice of sun lovers but what about you winter worshippers out there? Where should you go to soak up the scenery and stay snuggled from the snow? There are some beautiful places to visit across the USA and Canada so if you are whisking your partner away for a weekend and you want something different from the usual sun spots, check out our list of amazing weekenders.

With a nation that covers ten million square acres of land, you get plenty of choice with Canada, and all of it is geared toward outdoor living. Whether you want to ski down the side of a mountain in Whistler or enjoy some of the city life in Vancouver, Canada has pretty much anything you may be looking for. We’ll start with the Canadian spots for weekend winter wonders and then move onto the USA and hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll be enchanted to book your break away!

Vancouver is a rather beautiful city with many coastal resorts that have a ton to offer. Big city excitement for those who want to explore, shop and enjoy delicious food as well as natural splendour to be enjoyed. World class shopping facilities in the form of Oakridge Shopping Centre can give you somewhere to explore and buy souvenirs should you choose to and those who love the outdoors will be amazed and awed by Stanley Park. A weekend away here can suit any adventurer, especially those looking for a little down time with nature.

Whisk your wonder away to Whistler. Hole yourselves up in one of the biggest and best ski destinations in the world, with the right terrains and just a touch of luxury to suit everyone. Whistler and Blackcomb join together to form one resort and if you want some great snow, take your weekend away from November to May. If you’re not much into skiing or snowboarding, you can dig-sled, snowmobile and cross-country down the mountains. In the resorts, you could find indoor activities, hot tubs and great food. There’s really something for everyone here and the scenery itself is simply breath-takingly beautiful.

If you want something a little more intimate, Lake Louise is an enchanting place to visit for the weekend. It’s very popular with its skiers of any level and it is backed by the Banff National Park, which has majestic mountains and over four thousand acres of skiable ground. There’s a lake for those hand-in-hand walks and you can toboggan, ride horse-drawn sleighs and go snow-shoeing for something that bit different.

Heading down to the USA, Jackson Hole in Wyoming is home of the Tetons. A remarkably beautiful place to be, you can stay in hotels, resorts or there is an amazing lodging option available for those who want a truly authentic mountain experience. Close to Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole is one of the most luxurious places to visit for ski lovers and those who love an adventure. Dripping in history, there’s more than just a mountain or two to explore so a weekend away holed up in a beautiful lodge will be attractive to anyone.

One of the most popular places to ski in America is Aspen, Colorado. It’s renowned around the world and visitors from all over the place go there to ski, explore and enjoy the surrounding villages. Weekends away require a luxury atmosphere and Aspen has it in spades with a quaint style and first class hotel options. The town itself is traditional and warm in hospitality. It’s not all skiing either, with spa options available and guided walks in the mountain being an option for the very brave of heart.

Of course, there are plenty of winter weekend options throughout both incredible countries and the ones listed above are merely a small snippet of what you can find. Most of the time in the winter months, people seek the sun and warmth to enjoy and use it as a time to get away from the cold that can be pretty bitter. There is a beauty, however, in the mountains and the snowy scenes. It encompasses comfort, luxury and fun and being able to whip off on a weekend here and there to get your adrenaline pumping on the slopes or simply explore the scenery together is the ultimate fun option. Why bother with the local gym when you could strap on your snowboard and get a workout in that way?

It’s not just that either, it’s the fantastic food, accommodation and shopping in resorts to enjoy that really makes a winter weekend. Curling up by a fire while a snowstorm rages outside, building snowmen and enjoying time in a hot tub all make a winter weekend away wonderful. Choosing snow over sun can be the best weekend you have ever had so all you have to do now is book somewhere amazing to enjoy for the weekend. Truly, what’s stopping you?

Don’t Get Burned with These Simple Kitchen Remodelling Tips


The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is the place where family and friends gather together to enjoy good food and great conversation. Many of the best times you will ever have at home will happen in the kitchen, So, it is important that you take the time to look after your kitchen and model it into the best room it can be.

If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project any time soon, check out these top tips to stop you getting burned:

Set a Budget

Before you begin remodeling your kitchen, take some time to think about the kind of look you would like to achieve and how much you can realistically afford to spend on it. Remodeling can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $60,000, so there is a lot of scope there. To avoid going overboard, think about the type of neighborhood you live in and the kind of kitchen that will enhance your home now and should you decide to sell in the future. set your budget accordingly and stick to it.

Work with What You Have

You may have dreamed of having that perfect 50s kitchen with the big pink fridge, chrome table and black and white checked floor, but will it fit in with the rest of your home? If your house is by and large a modern property, it would make little sense to transform the kitchen into a 50s diner. After all, the novelty would eventually wear off, and your quirky kitchen could prove a barrier to a sale should you want to move on. So, although it’s fine to add some personality to your kitchen, try to keep it in the same realm as the rest of your home!

Hire a Reliable Kitchen Contractor

Perhaps the most important tip on this list, hiring a reliable kitchen contractor will save you money, save you the hassle and ensure that you get the kitchen you really want. Websites like Contractor Connection are a good place to start in this case, because they have the information of lots of trustworthy contractors, in every state, just waiting to help you out.

Check Out the Latest Gadgets

You don’t need to waste your dollars on every kitchen gadget out there (that would just be stupid) but there have probably been a number of advances in the area since you last remodelled, so it may be worth checking out what is available to see if there are any kitchen gadgets that would make your time in the kitchen easier.

Think About the Floor Plan

A good kitchen floor plan can make the process of cooking, cleaning and washing the dishes less effort. For example, ensuring that the dishwasher is close to the sink and the cooker, fridge, and storage cupboards are all next to each other, will mean a less hectic kitchen for everyone, including you!

In most cases, kitchen design companies will be only too happy to help you out with free tips and advice, and since they have complex computer programs to mock-up new kitchen designs, it is well worth taking advantage of them before you get started, too.