Giving Age A Real Fight

Time comes for us all. We can’t remain eternally young, unfortunately. What we can do, if we’re lucky and smart about it, is make sure that we age with our health and our grace. These tips aren’t just about looking a little more youthful as we grow up. It’s about the important steps we should take to improve our health so that we can stay vital and independent well into the twilight of our lives.

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Your skin

When we think of aging, it’s easy for our minds to immediately go to our skin and think about how it will look twenty, thirty or forty years from now. The right skin care treatment is essential to keeping skin vital but just as important is ensuring you’re not sabotaging it. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are just some of the habits that will see your skin maturing a lot faster than the rest of you.

Your heart

It’s a lot more important than your skin, so we should focus more on improving our heart health. Exercise and diet are important, but there are other factors that will impact heart health, too. For instance, stress and loneliness are two mental health dangers that increase blood pressure in the long run. Meanwhile, driving with the car window open invites the pollutants of the city into the car which decreases your heart rate variability. If your heart rate can’t change enough to accommodate your body when you need more or less oxygen through it, it puts you at an early risk of heart disease.

Your bones

We need to focus more on nutrition for our bones. Beyond calcium, some supplements contain essential minerals to ensure that we’re able to properly absorb and use calcium to keep bones stronger for longer, as shown in the AlgaeCal reviews on Supplement Police. Exercise is important for muscle health and maintaining a healthy weight, but it’s just as crucial to your bones. In most cases, we need to focus on improving our bone’s strength through weight-bearing exercises like running and jumping, but if you get joint pain, it’s time to look for low-impact exercises instead.

Your gut

As we get older, it becomes a lot easier to put on weight. Most of us know this by now. It’s because of metabolic syndrome, but the good news is that the said syndrome can be combatted. Becoming more physically active makes your body a lot better at controlling blood sugar, for one.

Your eyes and ears

The senses that help us interact with the world are at just as much risk as we get older and the only way to really protect ourselves from them is by getting regular checks from the doctor as we get older. Any changes in eyesight, for instance, from double vision to blurred sight, should be reported as soon as they happen, even if they’re temporary.

We deserve a happier, more pain-free life as we get older. But we have to work for it now and then to make sure that we can keep it. Stop yourself from becoming entirely dependent on others in the future by working on yourself now.

How The Internet Can Tech The Hassle Out Of Travel Planning


Ten years ago, most people visited a travel agency to arrange their vacations. However, these days, many folks use the internet to save time and money. Today, I wanted to provide some advice that could help you to follow suit. Don’t worry too much if you’re not an internet buff. The tips on this page are easy to follow, and you’re guaranteed to get better results. So, bookmark or print this article and keep it on hand the next time you book a holiday. You’ll have everything sorted in no time, and you’ll keep lots of cash in your accounts to ensure you have a fantastic experience.

Booking cheap flights

Nobody wants to pay more than is necessary for their air travel. At the end of the day, you have to cover that cost to reach your destination. So, it doesn’t make sense to use your entire budget. Indeed, you could even visit more upmarket locations if there was a way to decrease the cost of flights. Well, thankfully, there is a solution. Using the internet, you will find lots of websites that offer in-depth ticket information. They show you the best times to buy to get the lowest prices. There are also many domains that specialize in last minute deals. For that reason, it’s easy to avoid the most expensive rates if you use technology.

Learning about the best attractions

Whether you’re looking for attractions in France or the best restaurants in Dubai, the internet is your friend. Thousands of travel websites will tell you everything you need to know. Some of them also feature reviews from other travelers who visited those places in the past. So, it’s easy to work out which establishments you should try based on the information. Just perform a Google search and check the entire first page of results. You are guaranteed to find lots of facts and info on any attraction anywhere in the world.

Arranging transfers

One of the main advantages of using travel agents in the past was that they could arrange transfers. The last thing you want to do is wait until you arrive at your destination. You will end up spending a lot more if you use local taxi firms. Thankfully, there is no need to stress about that issue if you have a working internet connection. There are brokers out there who will match you with the best transfer providers in that country. There are also lots of sites that publish info about cheap alternatives. Maybe you’re visiting somewhere with good public transport links? You would save a fortune if you used trains and buses to reach your accommodation.

As you can see from the info on this page, the internet is the best tool for making sure you don’t get ripped off. When all’s said and done, you need to keep as much money in your accounts as possible. That will help to ensure you have a brilliant time and never run out of cash. When it comes to saving money on hotels, you should follow the same process I outlined for flights.

Healthy Over 50!

It may seem like a natural progression to expect your health to decline when you hit the big five-O. But there are a lot of actions we can take to slow down the process of aging and the decline of our health. Read on to find out more.

Eye Sight

One of the most common complaints folks have as they approach and then go over the 50 mark, was that their eyesight starts to become problematic.

In particular, its known that as we age our eyes tend to become more long sighted. Which means that it’s a lot easier to see things that are far away in focus than it is to see things close up. That is why you will often see older folks using glasses or magnifiers to read or watch the television.

Then there are other conditions such as glaucoma that affect the eyes as well, and can result in blindness that gets more common with age.


But what can we do about these things? Well it’s important to make and attend regular eye checks, even if you are not experiencing problems. Why? Because the advanced digital optical equipment that most opticians used nowadays is very sensitive and can pick up things that even you might not have realized were there. The sooner they are picked up, the sooner you can start treatment and halt their decline.

Bone health

Another health concern that can become more prominent as you get older is the health and strength of your bones. Many folks over the age of 50 have trouble with osteoporosis, which is when the bone themselves lose their density and become more susceptible to breakages and fractures.

But what can you do to safeguard yourself against these conditions? Well, first of all, you need to know the risk factors. For example, women are more likely to suffer from bone density issue than men, because of the hormonal changes that they go through during the menopause.

Then take some preventative action by improving your diet to deal with the issues, like exercising and taking focused supplements designed to reduce the impact of the problem. Read the reviews of AlgaeCal Plus for some more information of the sorts of things that can help improve bone density.  

Lung health

Something else that can become a health concern when you reach your 50’s is your lung health. This can be due to numerous reasons.

Firstly, it could be that you are not as active as you were in your youth and so your lung capacity goes down as you age.


Or, it could be due to damage to the lungs caused by smoking or inhaling certain particulars in a work or hobby situation. Read more on this, otherwise known as Occupational Asthma, here.

Of course, the best thing you can do for immediate results is to stop any activities that are causing the problem, such as smoking or being around allergens.

It may also be necessary to speak to your doctor about medication that can help you to breathe easier. As well as considering some light exercise to build up your lung capacity slowly again.

Liquid Meals: Should You Bother?

Liquid diets are becoming more and more popular for people who are interested in health and fitness, mainly because of the weight loss and nutritional advantages that they bring. But is going on a liquid diet a healthy alternative to eating regular solid food? And are there any benefits?

Recently, Health Line tried to answer that question by talking to registered dietitian Diana Sugiuchi who has founded a couple of nutrition businesses to see what she thought.

Are Liquid Diets A Craze?

Sugiuchi said that there were a couple of reasons people were choosing liquid foods over solid food. The first is that people are just so busy these days with kids and work that they don’t always have time to make a solid meal. It’s a lot quicker to throw a bunch of food in the blender and glug it down than it is to chop, bake and boil a proper meal. And with the rise of off-the-shelf smoothies and shakes, “eating” a meal is even quicker.


The other reason people are choosing liquid meals, she says, is because they want to make sure that they are getting all the nutrition they need. There’s a big difference in the amount of nutrition in a bowl of cornflakes compared to the nutrition in a berry and avocado smoothie. One is a processed food made from corn and almost devoid of nutrients: the other is entirely made from nutrient-dense whole plant food.

What Are The Most Popular Liquid Diets?

Sugiuchi says that there are many brands on the market, but that you should do your research first before jumping in at the deep end. Many of these weight loss drinks were originally used by hospitals to help people gain or maintain their weight when they were ill. Now companies are looking for increasingly clever ways to package up shakes that actually help with weight loss. Some companies are using very specific forms of fiber, like the fiber found in oatmeal, to help people feel fuller for longer and take away their desire to snack at 11 am and 4 pm – the worst times of day for feeling hungry.
What Do People Want From A Liquid Diet?


Most people are just looking for something cheap and easy when they go on a diet. They know that they will be able to get the same benefits, Sugiuchi says, from cooking and preparing all their meal from scratch. But for the vast majority of people, cooking from scratch is too much trouble. Instead, she says, a liquid diet gives people a way to ensure that they are getting the nutrients they need in quick time.

Are There Any Risks?

The risks depend on how seriously a person takes a liquid diet and whether they are feeding themselves the right foods. If they’re putting some high energy foods, like grains and nut butter in their smoothies, then they are going to get enough calories to see them through the day. If, however, they’re subsisting off green smoothies, it’s unlikely that they’re giving their bodies everything they need.

Simple Budget Meals

Some weeks are tougher than others.  We may have had a big expense to pay out, or we might just not have as much money coming in as we would like.  This can make mealtimes seem like an unattractive prospect, especially if we have been throwing out beans on toast, beans on jackets potatoes and beans at breakfast.  

There are loads of great recipes which don’t need a lot of expensive ingredients put into them.  Recipes which are healthy and delicious.  So if you are looking for a few simple ideas then read on.  You won’t be disappointed.


Firstly there is soup.  Soup is a brilliant and tasty meal for either lunch or dinner.  It is really easy to make and can be as easy as boiling some broccoli and adding stock.  You don’t have to think to creatively.  There are some wonderful combinations.  Even a couple of onions can be turned into a warming and delicious dinner.

 Try making a tasty tomato soup using a can of tinned tomatoes, some chicken stock cube and, if you have it, a little chilli.  You just need to pop it all into a pan at the same time, let it sizzle away for about 5 minutes and then chuck it into a blender or use a hand whisk.  Once you have a smooth consistency, add salt and pepper then return it to the heat.  You’ll soon have a warm heart and a full tummy.  

Pancakes are another great way to make dinner time a little more exciting.  The best thing is you can cook up a big batch, lay out some different toppings and then have the main meal and dessert all there in front of you.  For some brilliant ideas check out these Best American pancake recipes – quick, easy and delicious – MyGreatRecipes or you could just stick with the basics, a little bacon and cheese for savory and some sugar and lemon for pudding.  Delicious, cheap and filling!

Finally you can’t go wrong with a potato and whilst we have already mentioned it, you can get a little more creative than serving it the traditional way.  Of course, baking a delicious spud and topping it with beans and cheese is a great way to start, however next time you want to use a baked potato as a meal, two nights on the trot, why not scoop out the inside, put the skins back in the oven to crisp up.  Add a little cheese and bacon to them and then mash the inside with some onion.  Serve it up with some frozen peas and you will have a great meal that cost you nothing and is a little more creative than just a topped jacket.

Cooking on a budget can be hard, but it can also be fun.  You just need to strip each meal back to three basic ingredients.  Keep it simple and then get creative.  There are so many ways you can cook an egg and you could even make it into a bit of a game.  

Happy eating.

Finding Your Place In The Jigsaw Of Life


We all want to find somewhere we belong. Isn’t that what drives us? To find our place, make our mark, and leave our legacy? Like anything that matters, it’s not an easy thing to achieve. From as early as childhood, we struggle to belong. And, that’s when we’re in the safe bosom of our family. Once we’re flying solo in the world, things get even harder. One thing that makes the struggle so tough is the fact that our tastes change. We may think we’ve found the right path, but then realize that it no longer suits us. With that being the case, how can we find a place we belong, and keep it relevant to us? In truth, who we are is shaped in part by what we surround ourselves with. So, in theory, your place shapes you as much as you shape it. This may make achieving your goals seem impossible, but that’s far from the case. In fact, it can make the challenge easier. All you need to do is get control of a few aspects of your life. Then, you’ll find that you reached your place without even realizing!


Let’s start by looking at your physical place in the world – your home. Your house is the best place to start finding where you belong. It’s a physical manifestation of who you are. Living in a house that doesn’t suit you, or that you don’t feel you could grow into, could leave you feeling lost. As your house is where you return to for centering yourself, it’s crucial you get it right. If you don’t yet know where you belong, you may not know what would suit you best. That’s why it can help to work with an interior designer. Together, you can build a home you love. This is an excellent example of your space shaping you. Your designer may suggest things you would never have thought of. But, they might just make the home you always wanted!

Getting a home that fits isn’t all it takes to help you belong. Other aspects need attention. Your social group will have an enormous impact on how you feel about your place in the world. Friendships are easy to manage when we’re young, but it can be tough to find the right friendships in our adult lives. We’re a lot more closed off to meeting and getting close to new people when we’re older. If you don’t have a friendship group that suits, you’ll find a sense of belonging becomes elusive to you. And, as with your home, your friendship group could also shape who you become. The people we admire can be extremely inspirational. Our most treasured friends are a huge influence on our personality. Start finding a friendship group that works by talking to people with similar tastes. It may be that you join a book group or evening class where you can meet like-minded individuals. Then, share opinions and see where it takes you!

Single & Raising A Child? Make Sure You’re Getting Your Child Support


New statistics are painting a startling picture of the average American family. Approximately 30% of children live in a single-parent home. Nearly half of these households are struggling to ends meet—not because of irresponsible budgeting or negligence but a complete lack of critical support from their partners. When the non-custodial parent fails to provide court-mandated child support, the entire family suffers. Their neglect doesn’t just mean Spring Break vacation is cancelled — it could mean your family goes without basic necessities.

Unfortunately, the number of families receiving partial or absent support payments are increasing in number across the US. Of the roughly 6.5 million single parents who were awarded child support by the courts, almost half of them failed to receive the money that they were owed. Without the help from non-custodial parents (NCPs), single mothers and fathers have trouble providing food, clothing, and other necessities for their children.

Facing down bills without the cash you need is a scary proposition, especially when the health and happiness of your children are on the line. Most single parents will do anything to make sure their kids have what they need. For many individuals this might mean working longer hours at multiple jobs, but this results in less time spent raising your kids. Luckily, working more isn’t the only thing you can do tomake up for the lost support. You can enlist child support collection help from some of the country’s best enforcement agencies.

While your local government will attempt to help you, they won’t always have the resources they need in order to attend to your case properly. They operate with strict budgets that limit the amount of time a specialist can afford each case within their purview. If yours is a particularly challenging case, they might not be able to help you at all. Many single parents supplement an over-worked public office with the assistance of a private enforcement agency. These collection companies often work harder and more efficiently than their public counterparts, so they’re able to connect you with the full or partial payments you’ve been missing.

Not knowing proper measures for reaching your NCP can leave you feeling lost. But you aren’t alone. A combination of public and private assistance can help you contact your ex-partner and negotiate their over-due payments. Raising a child is already hard enough; you don’t need to complicate your task by operating with less money. Make sure you and your family are getting the support your need in order to live a happy and healthy life.


Four DIY Skills That All Homeowners Need To Master

When you own a home, there are many different aspects that you are responsible for. When something breaks or goes wrong, then it can lead to big problems. So if there are ways that you can do some DIY or repairs yourself, then it does help. As a homeowner, there are a few basic do it yourself skills that you should learn to master. Then you should be able to deal with problems that might occur before they turn into anything more. Of course, some things do need the professionals, but not always. Here are some basic skills that all homeowners should learn to do.


Fixing Holes in the Wall

As anyone that has rented a home will know, you need to be able to seal up screw holes in walls. If you move pictures or furniture that was screwed to the wall, then it will leave marks. So having the basic skills to seal it up will make a big difference (and mean not having to splash out on a handyman to come and repair things). You can easily buy sealant or filler, which you’ll need alongside a scraper. Then you can fix the wall quite easily yourself.

Basic Plumbing

Plumbing can be quite complicated and can lead to disastrous consequences if it isn’t dealt with correctly. So it isn’t advised that you do too much plumbing yourself. But if you have something like a blocked drain or blocked toilet, then being able to investigate and fix that is something that you could make a big difference. If you have water leaking anywhere, then it is best to call in someone like Do Rite Plumbing to have a look. Water can cause a lot of damage to your home, so it is best not to attempt anything that you’re not too sure of.



Painting does sound quite straightforward, doesn’t it? But it can be quite complex. To get the right look, you do need to think about the brushes that you’re using, the brushstrokes, as well as cutting in at the right angles. So there is more to it than just getting a tin of paint and any old paintbrush. But knowing the right way to do it can help to save you money as you can decorate the rooms in your home yourself. The same goes for wallpapering. It can be more complicated than you think it might be. But learn these basic decorating skills, and you’ll be set for life.


If you have electricity in your home, then you need to have some kind of understanding about how it all works and how it can be repaired. And that means pretty much everyone. From something as simple as changing bulbs, replacing a fuse, to creating ambient lighting in the home or knowing how to solder on an electronic board. They are all great skills that will help you and others when there are issues with the electrics and lighting in your home. Pretty key to know!

Five House Problems That You Need To Tackle

It’s so easy for us to let problems with our homes drift – we live busy lives and sometimes it feels as though the state of our homes is our absolute last priority. Here are some tips on the top five house problems that you should sort out as soon as you can…

Your Energy Use


We’re finally coming out of winter, which means – hallelujah! – that in many places, we’re starting to think about turning our heating down and lowering our energy bills. Let’s not forget that as good as that is for our bank balances, it’s even better for the planet. Even as the weather starts getting warmer, though, heat can still escape from your home, so it’s important to make sure that you update your insulation and that you stop up any cracks in your walls or around your doorways and window frames. You could also add rugs to wood and tiled floors so that heat doesn’t escape from your home that way. Finally, now is a good time to make the switch to energy efficient light bulbs, which last for longer and use less energy.

Your Decluttering


Spring is finally in the process of springing itself on ourselves which means it’s time to spring clean our homes. Out with the old and in with the – actually, if we want to declutter then it’s time to make a concerted effort to keep all clutter and new things out of our homes. Have you ever read about Marie Kondo? The Japanese queen of tidying, she advises that you should clean out your home one category at a time instead of one room at a time – for instance, spend a day on toiletries and a day on books, and so forth. Using her techniques to bid fond goodbyes to possessions that have served you well but that you no longer need will make you feel more light and free. You could also start cleaning out your closet. Every time you wear something, turn the hanger the opposite way. This time next year, donate all the clothes that you haven’t worn over the past year.

Your Security

Your home’s security is something that you should always make sure that you’re focused on. If you don’t have a house alarm, it’s time to make sure that you get one fitted – and make sure that it’s clear from the front of your house that you have one, to ensure that burglars are deterred from approaching your home. You should also make sure that you never advertise when you’re away on social media.

Your Unwelcome Guests

It’s happened to the best of us – you’re minding your own business in the evening, curled up on the couch watching TV or getting ready for bed, when you see something dart across the floor and you realise, your heart plunging inside your chest, that your house has unwelcome guests (and no, we don’t mean your in-laws). Pests like insects and rodents have plagued everyone at some point in their life, and they’re also pretty tough to get rid of, so it’s definitely time to call in pest control – they’ll know what they’re doing much more than you do, and they’ll get the horrible little creatures gone as quickly as possible. After that, make sure that your floors are all free of crumbs and that you put all your food in tins in the evenings so that nothing attracts the bugs and rodents back into your home again. You could even use it as an excuse to get that puppy or kitten you’ve always dreamed of!

Your Bedroom

A lot of us are suffering from poor nights of sleep caused by the environments that we try to get to sleep in. First of all, declutter your bedroom – make sure the surfaces are clear of mess and that you don’t end up dropping your clothes on the floor when you take them off each evening. Paint the walls a calming colour like off white or pale grey, or perhaps even duck egg blue, and make sure that you put up black out blinds at the window to keep out any early morning sunlight that might be waking you up far too early this time of year. If you sometimes get up with a sore back and neck, try purchasing new pillows that are the right height and level of softness for you, along with a new mattress. If your funds don’t stretch that far then why not go for a memory foam mattress topper? Finally, make sure that you keep all of your electronics out of your bedroom and that you use your bed for sleeping and sex only.

Are These Body Features Killing Your Confidence?

If you can look at yourself in the mirror for five minutes without starting to pick out flaws, you’re doing well. You must have quite a lot of confidence in the way you look and who you are. Most people who look too closely start to think that their nose is too big or that their teeth aren’t straight enough. They might even notice wrinkles that they’d never spotted before and perhaps even start to think of themselves as fat. These are things that you pick up on yourself. But what about how others see you? There are certain features that other people might pick up on, and it could completely kill your confidence. You don’t want that so we’ve got the issues as well as the fixes.

Thinning Hair


This is mainly an issue for guys, but it can affect girls too. If you think that your hair parting has started to grow or that you’ve developed a peak in your hairline, your hair might be thinning. Or, you could be experiencing balding. If there is an issue with your hair, it will probably be falling out a lot more than it used to. You’ll notice clumps of it in the shower or on your brush. Don’t panic if you see a few loose strands. Hair does fall out naturally, and if you have more, you’ll lose more. However, if you do notice your hair actually thinning you can think about changing your diet. A poor diet really can cause your hair to fall out. You might also want to think about investing in bamboo oil shampoo. This is a natural way of making your hair thicker and stronger.

Yellow Teeth

Are you constantly worried about your pearly whites? Perhaps they are looking are more yellow than they used to. If that’s the case, there is a natural treatment you can try. You can think about using baking soda mixed with lemon juice. Using this as a paste, you can spread it across your teeth. Doing this a few times each month will quickly get the natural white color pack. Just be careful you don’t leave it on too long. Otherwise, the natural sugar in the lemon can damage your teeth. You can also try a professional treatment. You’ll find that most dental services such as also offer cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening. The benefit of a pro treatment is that it takes hours for an effect rather than months.

Flab And Fat

Short of wearing a girdle, it’s difficult to cover the belly flab and additional body fat. So perhaps it’s time to start thinking about working it off instead. You can do this by changing your diet to include less rubbish and more veg. All you need to do is balance your diet with things that are good for you packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Do this, and you’ll soon discover that the fat disappears. Have a look online at some of the most popular diets on site such as