Review: Fan di Fendi Leather Essence for women


Fan di Fendi Leather Essence is a Heavy Oriental floral with a smoky and sweet resinous character and warm, animalic undertones. Though this Fan di Fendi flanker features leather in its name, it would be a bit of a mistake to classify it as a leather perfume. Leather does feature prominently, but it is so well-blended with elemi resin that the effect is more cathedral and spiced musk than leather handbag and high heels. And, while those seeking a straightforward leather may be disappointed, oriental lovers will rejoice: Fan di Fendi Leather Essence is an incredibly beautiful one.

Silage is strange with this one – the scent will not precede you, but the cloud filling your immediate personal space is thick and intense in the first few hours. You may not offend your neighbors, but you will certainly overwhelm yourself if a light hand is not used.

I’d classify FdFLE as a heavy hitter with moderate spread. The scent continues to project with intensity for several hours, and the deepening of the smoke and powder effect actually seems to make it more powerful at the 4 hour mark than it is at first spray. This is high quality juice.

10 hours into the wear, FdFLE still projects. The cloud has dissipated now, and I catch milder, softer whiffs of candied, syrupy, almost citric vanilla, and the smoke from a fireplace. I am quite impressed by the tenacity of this fragrance, the journey it takes, and the understated and subtle beauty of its far dry-down.

Enthusiastically recommended for oriental lovers whose tastes lean toward the classics (like Shalimar and Coco), and to those who enjoyed Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant, Tresor L’Absolu, and the original Fan di Fendi. Skin test is recommended prior to purchase. Beautifully done!





I purchased this shampoo along with the Phytokeratine Conditioner about 4 months ago. My hair is very fine and pretty thin. It gets greasy very easily and I have to wash my hair daily for it to look even just OK. I am wearing my hair long again and decided I needed to get a better shampoo so tried this after reading reviews.

I can honestly say that my hair looks and feels fuller and I have gotten several comments from my husband, family and friends saying how nice my hair looks. That has NEVER happened before. My hair has less breakage, which was a concern with it getting longer. Also, as a bonus, I don’t have to wash my hair everyday. Really! I could maybe even go third day but that might be pushing it.

I find that this shampoo works best if I rinse my hair really well first. I have occasionally pre-washed with a regular shampoo first but I don’t think that is really necessary. I’m finding that it foams up well enough without pre-shampoo and even if it doesn’t, my hair is still clean and looks great. As I mentioned, I use this with the Phytokeratine Conditioner.


Review: Dior Addict Eau De Toilette


Are you familiar with the Dior Addict family? They come in all kind of shapes and sizes and I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you love. Very typical to this line is the design of the packaging. We also see this coming back in the make-up line, we have lipsticks and even mascaras and eyeliners shaped like it! But today is about the scents, a review of the new mascara and liners will come up soon though!

So about the Dior Addict fragrances. I remember when I ventured into make-up there were two versions of this scent: the blue bottle (eau de parfum) and another version that I can’t recall. Later I learned that Dior frequently adds a new edt to the line as a limited edition for like a year or maybe longer. The same story goes for this year. Last year we had the original edp, the eau fraiche, eau sensuelle and eau delice. This year the eau sensuelle and eau delice will be discontinued and replaced by the eau de toilette.


Dior decided to revamp the line and went back to it’s roots. We say goodbye to the playful ombre bottles and are welcoming the new more simple but elegant bottles. Instead of the shiny built in perfume spray we get a transparent removable cap. The bottle got skinnier too. The whole look is more grown-up and feminine and I think that’s what they had in mind when they created the newest fragrance to this range.


So let’s go straight to the notes. Top notes is sicilian mandarin. Middle notes are jasmine sambac and Tunisian neroli.Base notes are vanilla and sandalwood. When I read this fragrance description before ever smelling it, it reminded me a bit of a more simple version of Dior J’Adore, my first perfume ever. I think it’s the mandarin, neroli, jasmine, vanilla and the woodsy notes. J’Adore has more depth though and it develops slightly differently. Dior Addict EDT starts out as a burst of citrus blended in with the neroli and jasmine. The mandarin quickly fades to the background and the jasmine starts to play the leading part. The sandalwood slowly comes through to give it a more smoky touch. The vanilla is always on the background as a subtle note but it becomes more stronger when you wear it for a while.

The whole fragrance gives a very feminine sophisticated feel. At the start it’s quite transparant with some watery touches but it evolves into something with more body. At times the mandarin comes back to the foreground and it becomes stronger with a kick. I wouldn’t call this an oriental scent on me but I can see how on some people the sandalwood comes more out giving it that vibe. To me this is quite fresh because of the mandarin yet classy because of the neroli and jasmine. The scent is quite light, it’s never heavy or intoxicating on me. Like I already said: it really reminds me of a lighter/more simple version of J’Adore!

Review: CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm



I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this! This is the first cleansing balm that I have used that doesn’t smell bad or burn my face/eyes. This takes off everything! I always have had the hardest time taking off my mascara. Just put a little of this on and massage. Everything will come off!


I massage the cleanser on my skin and wash off with a wash cloth. I was kind of worried about only using this and not a liquid cleanser. This actually got my face much cleaner than the liquid cleansers. When I apply toner there is hardly anything that comes off. If there is anything on the cotton ball it’s only from the sides of my face, which I didn’t get with the cleanser. Plus, my face is soft after using this.

I would recommend using this at night to take off makeup and a light cleanser for the morning. My skin is so sensitive that I usually use Cerave or Cetaphil for cleansers. This has given me no problems whatsoever and it has worked much better!


Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara


The Noir Couture Volume mascara is without the most sexy yet tough looking mascara I ever had! The tube is very similar like the original version but insert inverted pyramid studs and BAM we got the Volume version! I cannot even express my appreciation for this design, it’s just straight-out awesome! It’s edgy, sexy and very rocker-chic but with that very typical Givenchy-touch. I must say: the brand really knows how to do their packaging!

So the Noir Couture Volume mascara has a different wand. It has black and white bristles, but you can’t see this when it’s covered in mascara obviously. The wand is shaped a bit like a pear if that makes sense. The bristles are longer at the end and shortest in the middle. It’s quite interesting why they went for this shape. Noir Couture Volume contains silica micro-beads filled with keratin to protect lashes. It also contains rice-peptides to make the lashes stronger. So aside from the volume-part it’s designed for revitalizing your lashes.


You can put as many fancy ingredients in a mascara, but does it work? Yes and not just a bit! Let me tell you about the texture of the mascara. This is smooth, thick and creamy without being wet at all. Result is that they hold the curl of my lashes without any problem. The wand has the same principles as the original version. You don’t wiggle with this wand through your lashes, else you get a clumpy mess. This brush is really designed to comb through the lashes and do all the wiggly work for you.The thickest part is perfect for thickening the lashes while the top part is perfect for defining them. The result is amazing!

The part about volume was not a joke but it’s the real deal here! Whenever I use this mascara I don’t even feel the need to use falsies. You get a beautiful defined lash fringe with lots and lots of volume. And let’s throw in an extra bonus: it stays on like a champ!  I normally always use a mascara base for more volume but it’s not even needed here. It’s safe to say that I found my new favourite mascara. It does everything that I’m looking for and even better!

Review: Jo Malone Peony&Blush Suede Cologne


This was love at first sniff; a light, soft, and feminine beauty that I can’t tear myself away from. The apple note, while strong on paper, fades almost immediately on my skin and I am left with light, airy peony dancing about and undertones of delicious suede. The rose is lipstick, which blends beautifully with the other notes. I don’t detect any carnation.

Deep into the drydown it turns into a perfect “like skin, but better” scent on me. I don’t understand the reviews likening this to a celebrity scent. It seems that anything with a fruit note draws that comparison nowadays, but if you stick around for the drydown you’ll be rewarded with something beautiful.

This is one of the few fragrances in this price category that I would say is worth the price tag. It’s soft and romantic, and a fairly safe blind buy (particularly if you enjoy suede/leather notes or are looking for an easy-to-love suede as an introduction to the scent). While this does not smell like Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Tiare Mimosa, it is clearly in the same vein and has a similar feel. By the way, the longevity is incredible- about 12 hours with just 2 sprays on me! I could see this becoming my signature for the spring!



Review: Converse Chuck Taylor® All Star

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline Slip-On Sneaker Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneakers Converse Chuck Taylor® Shoreline Sneaker


I just love my Converse shoes.The Converse shoe has become the iconic sneaker today for almost everyone. Youngsters, adults and even well known celebrities are sporting this rugged look. You will find your famous Hollywood celebrities wearing converse at almost every occasion. From award functions to even red carpet.

Converse, one of the few things in life that girls and boys can agree on! They deserve the iconic status that they enjoy. They are so comfy, they look cool and there are so many colors to choose from.  I love wearing my Converse with skinny jeans for a trendy dressed down look at the weekend and with denim cut offs during the summer.

Lots of our favorite celebrity style icons have been spotted wearing Converse All-Stars. Everyone from Miley Cyrus and Natalie Portman to Rihanna. Kristen Stewart has been photographed many times at red carpet events rocking Converse with her designer dresses. Maybe this is a step too far but it works for Kristen.

Do you wear converse? What do you like to wear them with?