What to wear to the races


Horse races have quite a long tradition in the UK, being not just a sports event but also a social event where everybody display’s their best attires. So, if you plan to attend the coming horse racing event, stirred by the betting odds released by WilliamHill or simply because you want to enjoy the occasion, you need to know what to wear. Believe it or not, horse races are rather sophisticated events, where, regardless of how appropriate it may seem, you cannot wear a casual attire. Yes, you are going to walk on grass and dirt, but you need to display a flawless attire, suitable for a lady like yourself, so you may want to follow the pieces of advice listed below.

  • Choose the right dress

Before you choose the dress you will wear at such an event, you need to know that there is a dress code you need to respect. If this is not enough, each horse race may have its own dress code, so make sure you check this first. It is enough to access the website of the horse race that interest you and you’ll find there the information concerning the accepted dress code. But, as a general rule, short dresses should be avoided, as mid-length ones are more suitable. They should not be embellished with sequins or be too cropped, and they should not allow your underwear to be seen. So make sure you assort the underwear with the color of your dress.

  • Don’t forget about the hat

Hats are elegant accessories, so if you always wanted to wear one, but never had the chance to do so, a horse race is the best occasion. Again, check the website of the race to see if there are any specifications concerning the hat particularities that are accepted. But, whatever you do, choose a hat that will flatter your attire and body size and shape. For example, if you are not too tall, a hat shaped like a mushroom will make you look even shorter. Never choose the hat and then the dress, as it may turn out to be more complicated. It is easier to find the dress first and then find the hat that is right for it.  

  • And yes, you must wear heels

It may not seem like such a good idea to wear heels somewhere where walking on grass may be involved, but horse races are all about elegance, so you will have to make this sacrifice and leave your practical sense at home. Of course, you can avoid walking on grass, for the sake of your shoes, and only do it if there’s no other way. Concerning the heels, make sure they are clean and that they do not present any scratches or scruffs. You will be very well analyzed by the rest of the participants at the race, so you need to protect your image. But, even so, it is not a good idea to wear new shoes at a horse race, as you’ll end up with painful blisters. Try breaking them in by wearing the shoes around the house.

  • A light makeup will be the winner in this case

The makeup you will use when getting ready for a horse race should complement your natural traits and not cover your face. You are not going to a nightclub, so forget about smoky eyes and bright red lipstick. If the day will be sunny, your makeup will be even more visible, an extra reason to opt for something light, like rosy blush and pastel eyeshadows. And if you really want to have a flawless appearance, ask the help of a hairdresser to match your hairstyle and hat in a way that will make you look amazing and chic.

What To Do If You Have An Accident At Work

Having an accident at work can put you in a really difficult position. If you’re off for a while then you’ll struggle financially and being stuck at home all of the time can take its toll on you emotionally. But you can make the whole process a lot easier if you take the right steps in the days and weeks after the accident happens. Here is a step by step guide that you should follow in the event of an accident in the workplace.


Report It

It’s important that you report it right away so your employer can start to do everything that they need to in this situation. It can take a bit of time for them to sort out sick pay etc. and the longer you wait before telling them, the more likely you are to be left without money. It’s also important that they are made aware of any dangers around the office, otherwise, somebody else might get injured in the same way. You’ll also need solid records of the incident if you’re going to make a claim and that’s a lot more difficult if you report it later on.

Make A Claim

If you sustain a serious injury like a spinal injury, for example, you’re going to be out of action for a while. If the accident happened because of negligence on the company’s part, you’re eligible to make a claim. Get in touch with spinal cord injury lawyers to find out what you’re entitled to. This compensation money will be such a huge help if you end up being out of work for an extended period. It can be a lengthy process so make sure that you get it started right away before your sick days run out.

Take Photos

By the time that your claim process is underway, a lot of the physical signs of damage might have faded. Your employer can then use that as a way to play down the serious nature of the injury. To avoid that happening, it’s important that you take photos of your own injuries as a record. If the accident happened because of a danger in the workplace, it’s important that you get good photos of that to document it as well. If you don’t, your employer is likely to fix whatever the problem is and then they can deny that the accident was their fault. If you can’t prove that you were injured through somebody else’s fault, you might not be able to make a claim at all.

See A Doctor

When you’re trying to document your injuries, your word doesn’t carry a huge amount of weight in a court of law because you aren’t an expert. You may claim that your injuries are serious but you need an expert opinion to back that up. You should see a doctor right away anyway get any treatment that you need but while you’re there, ask them to do a full report of your injuries and how it will affect your ability to work. This information will be vital when you’re trying to make a claim for compensation further down the line.

Keep A Diary

One of the main things that affects how much money you’re entitled to when you make a claim is the long-term effects of the injury. Any permanent damage will seriously boost the amount that you’ll get. To keep a good record of this, you should write a daily diary of your symptoms and your ability to carry out normal day to day tasks. Don’t just focus on work either, think about how it hinders you when you’re in the home as well. You can use this diary as evidence when you’re making your compensation claim. In this diary, you should also keep a note of the financial impact and any loss of earnings that might make life difficult for you because that will all be taken into account as well.

Find A Reliable Colleague

A lot of things will change while you’re out of work which can make the transition difficult when you come back. You should find a reliable colleague that can keep you up to speed with any major changes in the company that you need to be aware of. They’ll also be able to take on some aspects of your work, with your advice, so you don’t end up getting pushed out by a new employee that comes in to cover you while you’re off.

Take these steps as soon as you’ve suffered an injury and the whole process will be hassle free.

What will be the legacy you leave behind?


While the festive season is the perfect time for high spirits, excitement and as much fun as you can handle, it’s also a time for reflection on the year just passed and a look forward to the future. The turn of a brand new year is the ideal chance to remember those you may have lost during the year but also planning ahead and making some changes to your own way of living.

Unique personality traits

Monetary value or material inheritance is important to many people but for some people, non-tangible things like personality traits and memories are invaluable. When reminiscing about somebody who is sadly no longer here, you will usually always find yourself chuckling about their unique personality quirks or habits. Whether it’s for making everybody laugh, always offering a solution to a problem or just being the kind of loyal, trustworthy person everyone can rely on – personality is always something that sticks in everybody’s mind.

A financial footprint

As I mentioned above, monetary value, material possessions and financial inheritance are also highly important to many people. Lots of people want to leave behind a substantial chunk of cash, property or valuable goods in their legacy in order to pass them down to their loved ones. Being in the position to pass on money or valuable possessions when you are no longer here means you are then able to help the people who are still here realise their dreams and invest in their futures. Companies like Slater & Gordon are on hand to assist with the legal side of things but remember, money doesn’t have to be devoid of emotional attachment or sentiment when it comes to leaving a legacy behind.

Contributions to charities or causes

If somebody doesn’t have family or close friends that they want to leave money or material possessions to, or they don’t have the financial means by which to do so – they might prefer to be remembered for their work for charity while they were still alive. Regularly donating to a good cause or partaking in voluntary work for a charitable organisation is most definitely something to be proud of and something I would certainly want to leave behind in my legacy.

A specific talent or career achievement

Most of us have a specific talent that we are known for. From painting and photography, to nature conservation and sports, many of us have ‘our thing’; something we excel in or enjoy spending our spare time doing – or both! Maybe you have competed in a sport for many years and won a whole host of trophies or awards and you’d like this to be your legacy. Maybe you reached a certain level in your career that gained you some impressive accolade or title. Maybe it’s even your blog and your writing. Whatever it is, there is something we all work hard on and would like to be remembered for when we’re no longer here.

It’s always interesting finding out what other people would like their legacies to be and how other people would like to be remembered so do feel free to share your thoughts on Twitter. Use the hashtag #ALegacyOfMe to join the conversation and find out what everybody else is saying!

How a random act of kindness could change a life this Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly but it’s also the season for sharing and giving to those less fortunate than we are. Having said that, kindness is certainly not just for Christmas so here are just a few of the ways you can make a massive difference to somebody else’s life without even realising it with random acts of kindness.

Donate to a charity of your choice

This may seem like an obvious choice but donating money to a good cause is always a great way to carry out a random act of kindness and help out somebody less fortunate than yourself. Charities such as Oxfam are working hard all year round to improve issues such as poverty, schooling, healthcare and drought around the world but they can’t do what they do without the funds to make it happen. It really doesn’t have too much and you don’t even have to move from the comfort of your Christmas pyjamas to do this. It’s true what they say – every penny counts and every little really does help.  

Give food to a local food bank

While many of us will be looking forward to filling up on the luxurious and indulgent festive treats that are filling the shelves at the moment, there are some people who won’t have a Christmas dinner to look forward to this year. In fact, there are an alarming number of people around the world who struggle to access the food they need to survive all year round and one way you can help this cause is by donating to your local food bank(s).

If you find yourself with a spare five or ten pounds, consider spending it on non-perishable goods such as tinned soups, instant noodles, biscuits, tea bags, coffee and cereal or toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo. Once you’ve got some items together, take them to your nearest drop off point where there will be plenty of people who will be grateful in making use of them.

Stop to help a stranger in the street

The festive period is one the busiest times throughout the whole entire year. We’ve all got presents to buy, fridges to stock and a million and one tasks on a never-ending to-do list to complete. However, one of the best, easiest and cheapest ways you can offer a helping hand to somebody who might need it is to slow down a little bit and take check of what’s going on around you.

While you might be whizzing around the place in the warmth of your car, or taking advantage of public transport to carry you quickly from A to B, have a thought for the less fortunate or elderly people who may not be afforded those luxuries. If you see somebody on foot struggling with heavy shopping bags, consider helping them across the road, to the bus stop or even to their front door if nearby. You won’t realise how much a simple gesture like that could transform someone’s day.  

If you’ve got any of these on your new year’s resolution list, or if you’ve been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness recently, let me know in the comments below or on Twitter using the hashtag #KindnessChangesLives.

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Are You Ready To Tackle Your New Year’s Resolutions?

The countdown to 2018 has already started. And now is the perfect time to review your resolutions for next year. Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions that they never keep. Do you know why most resolutions fail? Because people focus on things that they haven’t been able to achieve, but they don’t plan any action. So make next year an exception, and make resolutions that you can fulfill. This starts with understanding why everything you wanted to achieve today didn’t happen. But as a general rule: having the intention to change things is a good start. You also need to decide on what you’re going to do to make it happen.


I want a better job

So it’s been on your to-do list for years: you want to sit at a manager’s desk, you’re after a more generous pay slip. More often than not, you’ll find that certifications and degrees can work wonders. But, not every qualification requires you to quit your job to go back to university. In fact, you can follow a lot of online courses. If you want to move your healthcare career, why not try the online masters of nursing education? If you want to maximise your chances in marketing, try the Google Academy. Online material enables you to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

I want to drop a dress size

You’ve been dreaming of the perfect bikini figure, but it’s happened yet. There are very good reasons why 2017 wasn’t your slimming year. Maybe you haven’t changed your diet and simply hoped that exercising would do the trick. Or maybe you’re spending too much time on cardio and not enough on strength training. Identify the obstacles you’ve put in your way and focus on removing them! Only then can you achieve your fitness objective.  

I want to be more adventurous

Do you find your life a little too dull or too predictable? Is it the constant sleep-wake up-work cycle with nothing exciting happening in between? Maybe you’ve been wrongly waiting for something amazing to happen to you instead of creating your adventure. You don’t need to attempt anything dangerous. You could simply book a holiday to visit an area of the world that you don’t know. Make yourself a present for Christmas: Plan your next year’s holiday somewhere new and broaden your horizon.

I want to be happy in life

Sometimes, all you want is to feel happy. Life can be stressful and hard at times, and you feel like happiness is running away from you. Here’s a lesson for you to prepare for next year: quit looking for happiness, and make it happen instead. One of the most important lessons you can learn in the meantime is to understand what is stopping you from feeling satisfied with your life and put yourself back in charge. If you’re unsatisfied with your job or in your relationship, for instance, the best course of action is to detach yourself from it or to fix the issue.

In short, you can say it’s time for a different kind of New Year’s resolutions. Don’t take them; make them happen!

20 Steps To A Better Community

We all want to feel safe and happy in the neighborhood in which we live. And most of the time, there are some small things that we can do ourselves that will go a big way to help our local community. Ready to make a difference to the area where you live? Here are some great ideas to get you started.


  1. Volunteer to clean up some trash.  Has your neighborhood been looking a bit worse for wear lately? If so, then you shouldn’t just sit around and watch it deteriorate. Get up off the sofa and take things into your own hands by voluntarily going around and cleaning up trash and litter. You might even want to see if some of your neighbors want to join you, and you could then start a monthly litter pick with everyone to ensure that your area stays spick and span! 
  2. Give to a local charity. There will be lots of charities operating in your area, and each one will have a particular focus. For instance, there will be some that provide shelter for homeless people and others that work with children and the elderly. These charities will always welcome donations that can help them continue their good work, so it’s really worth giving what you can at any available opportunity. 
  3. Get to know your neighbors. You will find that the more you get to know your neighbors, then the stronger your sense of community will be. So, if you don’t know your neighbors all that well, why not pop around and say hello. That will give you both the chance to introduce yourself to one another. You never know, you might become very firm friends!

  4. Volunteer at a local nursing home. Did you know that many elderly people suffer from loneliness? Even the ones that live at McKnight Place and other assisted-living centers. So, why not volunteer at a nursing home or assisted-living center? This then gives you the chance to do some good for your community, and it also means that the elderly people who you work with will have someone to chat with. 
  5. Start a kid’s after-school club. Some neighborhoods have problems with children hanging around on the streets in the evenings. This can be made worse if the kids start to form gangs and act very antisocially. One way to get around this is to set up a youth club that the kids can go to on an evening. As long as the club runs lots of different activities, you will find that you can take a lot of the kids off the streets and doing much more useful things. 
  6. Organize a fundraising event. If you have already donated to a local charity and want to help them further, you could always organize a fundraising event for them. There are various things you might like to do. If you don’t have too much money to put towards the event, you could keep it small by simply planning a cake sale at your work or your child’s school. If you want to pull out all the stops and organize a big event, how about a charity dinner or auction? 
  7. Give food to a food bank. There will probably be a food bank operating in your local area. This will collect food and other household essentials to give to people who are struggling to get by on their small paychecks. Food banks rely on food and donations from the public, so it’s essential that you pass on anything to them if you can spare something. Even if it’s just a tin of bean! 
  8. Support your local businesses. One of the main things that people complain about is their neighborhood being taken over by big chains and supermarkets. Want to prevent that in your area? If so, you should make the effort to shop at all the local businesses in your neighborhood. That way, they can continue to survive, even when faced with competition from large stores. 
  9. Start a community project. Another way you can get everyone in your neighborhood together is to start a community project together. There are loads of different projects that you might want to consider. For instance, you could all come together to plant some more trees along a street to make it greener. Or, you could come together to establish a new community hub so that you have somewhere where you can hold meetings and other events. 
  10. Donate supplies to a school. These days, some schools really struggle to find the money needed to buy essential supplies. These are often art, music, and other creative supplies. Even though they don’t like to ask parents to donate these kinds of supplies, they will never say no if you offer them something. So, you might want to see what you have lying around the house. Any spare pens, notepads, and old instruments will be happily received by your local school. 
  11. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Animal shelters do a lot of hard work in the community by looking after any stray dogs and cats that they find. Not only that, though, but most also take in any injured or sick wildlife and nurse them back to full health if possible. Animal shelters are always on the lookout for volunteers who can help them carry out their useful work. Even if you don’t have a few hours to spare each week, you might want to donate some cat or dog food next time you have any leftover. 
  12. Do small jobs for elderly neighbors. Some of your elderly neighbors might not be able to do jobs around the house like they used to. For instance, household maintenance might become difficult for them, and they could struggle with other day to day jobs like cleaning and grocery shopping. It’s a good idea offer your service to these struggling neighbors. They will really appreciate all the help they can get, especially if they don’t have any nearby relatives who can help them. 
  13. Offer lifts to elderly neighbors. As well as helping your elderly neighbors with jobs in their homes, you should also see if you can help them by giving them lifts whenever they need to go somewhere. They might have had to give up their driving license and they could struggle on public transport. So, as you can probably tell, giving them lifts to the shops or their hospital appointments could be a major lifeline for them! 
  14. Start a neighborhood watch. If your neighborhood has slightly higher than average levels of crime and antisocial behavior, then you should consider setting up a neighborhood watch with your neighbors. A neighborhood watch is an organized group of civilians who watch out for one another and work to bring down crime levels in their local area. Most neighborhood watches liaise closely with their local police force. 
  15. Adopt a pet. I’ve already mentioned that you could help out at your nearest animal shelter, but why not adopt a pet as well? You’ll be helping the shelter by taking one of the animals off their hands, and you will also be helping your new pet by giving them a forever home. 
  16. Create a community garden. If you live in an area of high-rise flats and appartments, not many of the families in your neighborhood will have a garden that they can enjoy. So, it’s a really nice idea to set up a community garden. You should get in touch with your local council to see if they have a plot of land that they are willing to donate for this. You can then work on the garden to get it into shape before inviting everyone in to enjoy their new communal outdoor space. 
  17. Volunteer with recovering addicts. There might be a program in place for recovering addicts in your local area. If so, why not volunteer to help them get their lives back on track? There are various ways you can help them, even if it’s just offering up an hour or so a week to talk to them and give them your friendship. 
  18. Add some street lights. Sometimes, doing something as simple as placing more street lighting and lamps on a street can really liven things up. This not only makes a street look a lot more attractive, but it also makes it safer as well! 
  19. Start a recycling scheme. You might want to get everyone in your community recycling more to help improve the environment. You can do this by placing some paper and glass recycling bins somewhere in your area so people have somewhere to take these materials rather than simply throwing them out with the trash. 
  20. Smile more. Next time you are out and about in your community, be sure to smile more and greet everyone who you see. You’ll be surprised at how much this improves people’s’ moods and makes your community seem like a much friendlier place to be!



So, which of the above tips do you think you’ll test out?

No More Toxic Mirror Syndrome


It’s harder than ever to feel good about your body, which is one of the saddest statements we have ever had to write. Nonetheless, it is true. To see how much the “ideal body” has changed in the past hundred years is staggering, mind-blowing and, dare we say, disappointing too. You had the Mae West loo of the thirties, where curves were there to be emphasised; then there were the busty hourglass figures of the fifties, championed by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page; and now we have a world dominated by social media where everyone thinks they need to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel – tall, thin and leggy.

Looking in the mirror should be met with acceptance, contentment and gratitude. But, for too many people, catching a glance of a mirror is now met with shame and disappointment. However, you are not alone in feeling like this. Poor body image is becoming more and more prevalent these days and so it has become an issue that a lot of us have to deal with. Yes, we know it is what’s on the inside that should count, but that doesn’t help. Not all the time. Especially not when we are standing in the changing room of some department store, under the harsh spotlight that seems to illuminate all our flaws, leaving the clothes we had picked up behind as we leave the store wearing nothing new, just that defeated look.

If you can relate to this, then read on because we have pulled together a collage of tips that have helped our readers overcome their body shames and genuinely start appreciating what they were given.

  1. Delete All Those Apps

What we see on a daily basis has a huge amount of influence over the way we feel about ourselves, which is why you should start to censor what you look at and where you go for your information. Instagram is great, but not if you are following a bunch of Insta-models that were blessed with a high metabolism and the ability to say no to dessert. Stop following these people. It is a toxic mirror. And stop ready all those beauty and gossip magazines that are designed to make you feel bad about yourself. These are all image-focused, and the image they are focused on is wholly unrealistic and edited.

  1. Focus On More Positive Things

Instead of looking at highly edited pictures of celebrities, what you should do instead is place more value on the things that matter; the things that will positively influence your self-image. We’re talking about travel blogs, wellness websites and magazines that focus on people’s entrepreneurial accomplishments. These are things that will motivate you, inspire you and help you see the truly interesting things in life. Not some fantastically beautiful tell you she only ever eats pizza.

  1. Every Body Is Different

Your body is totally unique to you. That is what makes it so beautiful. The reason the Mona Lisa is so priceless is that it is the only one in the world, remember that. Your metabolism is different, your shape is unique, everything is yours and yours alone, which is something to be celebrated and understood. What we mean by this is, well, when you workout, workout at a gym that will focus on your fitness journey which, if you want to, you can read more about it here. When you dress yourself, dress to your shape, style and comfort because if you get this right then you’ll wear the only thing that completes an outfit; your smile. You are a one-off, which means there is no point in leading a life where you believe everything is one-size fits all. Instead, tailor your choices to you. That’s all anyone can do.

  1. Touch Yourself Now And Then

Before you get carried away with the sub-title, think back to the last time you visited the hairdresser you had your hair washed or massaged, or the last time you treated yourself to a little spa session, or the last time you were given an “oh my god, I missed you” hug or even just a little shoulder rub. Each of these things feels amazing and the reason they feel amazing is touch is one of the most powerful – and we mean powerful – ways of feeling great about yourself and your body. Yes, all of these examples are of someone else touching you in a loving-slash-caring fashion, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be emulated. Wash your hair the same way the hairdresser did and massage your face when you moisturise. Both of these will make you feel great about yourself. You will start to love your body again.

  1. Find Yourself A Passion

The reason we have popped this little nugget of wisdom onto our list is simple: those people that have a passion or a purpose don’t have time to care what society may think of the way they look. They are too busy enjoying themselves and getting things done. It could be that you love making your own clothes, or nipping off to your spare bedroom-cum-painting room, or you just can’t get enough of being a parent, or you’re really into your job, or you just love keeping your garden perfectly manicured with a neat lawn care program. Whatever it is, by having something you can get really-really into, you’ll find you’re much more satisfied with who you are than when you were panicking about what to wear to go grocery shopping.

The thing you need to understand about self-image and the way you view yourself in the mirror is this: it is not an attribute you have to keep hold of. It is more a habit that you have fallen into. You are letting other people – people who have the same body reservations as you – dictate the way you feel. Stop it. You are amazing and, when you go through troughs of not feeling amazing, simple take a deep breath and fake it. That always works.