Is Bingo Still Just for the Elderly?


It is rather predictable to hear someone saying that bingo is a game for older people. But is it? The advance of technology brought this old game back in the attention of people, especially younger ones that enjoy spending their time in the online environment. Back in the days, bingo was an entertaining way of getting together with other members of the community and try to earn some extra money to ease the load of the coming days. Well, even if society evolved since then, we can’t say that the economy is thriving, and there are no lack because it is not the case. Thus, the young generation is attracted to bingo, which brings the promise of a significant jackpot, especially since they can enjoy the online version of this game, without having to search bingo halls.

Do you want to know more about this aspect? Visit for more of bingo details in the present days. So, having these in mind, no, bingo is not just for older people. In fact, the number of young persons that start to play this game, even if it is online, is on a rise. Apparently, this game is beginning to rise to its former glory. There are several advantages of playing this game over the Internet. Frist of all, it is rather cheap, making it affordable to anyone with a computer and Internet connection. Secondly, you can play it with your friends, through networking, so it is not something you will enjoy on your own. And last, but not least, the money you make through the game is as real as it can get, so it is indeed an entertaining way of increasing your income.

Times have changed and so is the way of playing bingo. It is true that many elderly people still enjoy the game, but you probably won’t see them doing that in front of the computer. On the other hand, the younger generation takes advantage of what the Internet is offering them, doing their shopping online, working like this, and even playing entertaining games, with the possibilities of easing their financial load as well. The number of extra working hours and the presence of numerous bills to pay made many people turn their attention towards this game, online. So, do you want to make some money and have fun at the same time? Now you know how to do it.

How games like online bingo help the brain


The brain should be constantly stimulated, especially as we advance in age, to keep the degenerative illnesses away. There are very many activities that are benefic for the mind, including games, so don’t hesitate to do something fun to help the brain. When you are enjoying your time, the effects will always be better than expected.

So, who about joining a session of online bingo? Yes, online bingo can be a great way to stimulate the brain. Back in the days, when technology was not available, bingo was a great way of bringing community members together. But today, you don’t even have to bother living the comfort of your home, because you can enjoy it online, dressed in your comfiest clothes.

For an evening spent in an entertaining manner and for doing your brain a favour, check online bingo games. How can online bingo help? Well, you will be surprised to find out that scientists discovered that this game can turn into a powerful medicine for your brain. The game is as efficient as other methods of training the mind professionally, as it stimulates both the development of this highly complex organ and the development of mental abilities.

It was discovered that the persons who were bingo player for years, had a very well-trained memory and brain functionality, compared with the rest of the persons that never played bingo in their lives. Put in the situation of managing daily life tasks, these persons did much better and faster than the average person.

From this information, we can extract the fact that the brain of people that play bingo regularly works much better and find solutions faster, helping them be efficient in any given task. A game of bingo will not only have positive effects on the concentration levels but also enhances your social skills, making you a more pleasant person to have around. So if you never played bingo before, it may be the time to start.

It will make your brain sharper and more active. When having so much fun with a bingo game, it is hard to tell that the efforts you are depositing to make sure you are going to win, are an excellent exercise for your brain. Thus, if you use to think that bingo is a game for bored old ladies, think again. Those old ladies may have a sharper mind than you, due to their passion for bingo.

Review: Chanel N°5 Chanel for women


Dear Chanel #5,

Thank you for being my best friend for so many years. You were with me for first dates, hot nights, job interviews, ice-skating in central park, sunning myself on warm beaches, and sustaining me on hideous international flights when I couldn’t escape the smoking section of the plane. Boy howdy, you sure helped me with that, crushing your sweet molecules into the Chanel or Hermes scarf I’d hold up to my face.

You embraced me with your feminine grace during heart-crushing breakups, you put a confident spring in my high-heeled step during blossoming romances, and you sat with a cup of tea with me to think it all over.

You’ve been my dear & admired friend since I was a young teenager, and even now, as a mom with five children, you’re there for me.

But we don’t need each other like we once did, do we? I’m seeking out new horizons, and we both know that you’re perfect just the way you are. I’ll never stop loving and respecting you, and you’re self-confident enough to know that some day I’ll be back. You don’t hold a grudge because you’re always a cool girl in the inner circle of the in-crowd.

I love you, Chanel #5. Don’t ever lose touch, ok?

4 Things to Know Before Choosing a Blind or Curtain


When you purchase new furniture like a sofa set, then it normally becomes essential to reconsider the window treatments as well. This is because you will never buy a sofa set in accordance with your window treatments, but window treatments will always be purchased in combination with the interior of your room. And yes, these are the indoor fixtures that are necessary and play a great role in setting up or optimizing the look of a room. So, if you have been looking around for the top treatments in Ellicott City, MD, then this article will help you find the best combination for your rooms.

Start by examining your room

Before you decide on a particular window treatment option, you should examine your room first. What kind of room is it where you are going to install new draperies or blinds? Is this room dark during the daytime? Have a look at the kind of furniture that you have placed in the room. These are the basic questions that you have to discuss first. For the already darker rooms, it is advised to use the lighter curtains. For the larger room, you should consider the heavier curtains. If your room is small, then you should opt for the blinds installation in Ellicott City, MD.

Colors and patterns

After examining the room and its interior, you should now begin to have a look at the most appropriate colors and patterns. There will be too many colors and designs available in the market that you can choose from. While choosing the color and pattern of your curtain, make sure that it is complimenting the interior or your room.


Now that you have examined your room and finalized the colors and patterns, your next job would be to choose the right material of the blind or curtain. The material of a blind or curtain can really make a big difference on how a room feels. If you are planning to purchase the heavy draperies in Ellicott City, MD, then you should know that it will make the room feel stuffy. Bamboo blinds will offer a dissimilar look to the metal blinds. If you want to make your room feel light, airy, or cold, then you should opt for a light, sheer material.


If you want the most professional look, then you will have to add dimension to the window treatments. This method will get the interest towards the curtain rod instead of the curtains themselves. If you talk to the professional window curtains and blind installers, then they will suggest you to add multiple different textures to the window for the more appealing look. Using different textures and colors will also help a window look brighter, bigger, and beautiful.

Following these 4 simple points will help you choose the right window treatments and make your room beautiful. If you know how to do it the right way, then it will also help you save much time that can be wasted by considering too many optionsArticle Submission, that are even not viable with your room.

4 Scent Notes to Try This Fall


Autumn has officially arrived, and with the weather finally starting to cool down, it is time to start thinking about the fall trends. While a light and floral note may be all you want or need in the summer months, it is often fun to adopt something heavier, and more edgy during the colder fall and winter seasons. One of the leaders of the edgy perfume game is, no doubt, Tokyo Milk, offering their decidedly different Femme Fatale perfume collection year round. Today we are going to talk about four fabulous scent notes to try this fall, and why they mesh so well with the season.

Scent Note Number 1: Dark Cocoa – If you are a chocolate lover, then dark cocoa is a note you will definitely want to put on your list. A perfect balance between musky and sweet, this adds just the right amount of chocolate to your signature scent.

  • Where to get it? While perfume is a fabulous place to get a delectable cocoa scent, you can also find it in you skin care products. The colder weather in the fall and winter months does more than prompt a change in our fragrance preferences; it also prompts a change in our skin care needs. Many people face a higher incidence of dry skin once the weather shifts from hot to cold, and go in search of lotions that will nourish deeply. Cocoa Butter is a great option for those looking for natural moisture, and a sweet cocoa scent.

Scent Note Number 2: Patchouli Oil This well known ingredient is best known for its earthy scent, which is either beloved or hated by many. Whether you love it or hate it in its original form, you may want to give it a chance as part of a fragrance blend, as it layers well with a number of different fragrances. The results can range anywhere from refreshing, to edgy, to earthy, and more, so be sure not to immediately write this amazing scent note off.

  • Where to get it? Again, there are many perfumes that utilize patchouli as a top, middle, or bottom scent note. You can also find this ingredient in many skin care products, as it is well known for its ability to nourish and soothe dry skin conditions, including dermatitis and eczema. While patchouli oil can easily be found at your local health food store, we donot advise applying the oil (or any essential oil) directly to your skin. Essential oils are highly concentrated, and as such can lead to skin irritation and sensitization. Look for products that already include diluted patchouli oil, or be sure to consult an expert before diving into the world of essential oils.

Scent Note Number 3: Vanilla – This scent is absolutely amazing! Like cocoa, it gives the perfect balance between musky and sweet. Another added bonus: it is a great transition scent from summer, to fall, and vice-versa. You can layer your favorite “light vanilla” with a heavier scent to add a bite of sweetness to your favorite fall scent, or you can wear it alone for a scent that is subtle and sweet.

  • Where to get it? You can find vanilla scent notes in many popular perfumes and body lotions, especially around the holiday season!

Scent Note Number 4: Sandalwood – If you appreciate muskier tones, then sandalwood may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Slightly smoky, slightly musky, and slightly spicy, this scent note works well for both men and women, and tends to bring with it an air of mystery. This particular scent is very warm, and is often described as “cozy”.

  • Where to get it? This is a hot scent note in many different fall fragrances, so if you are a lover of sandalwood, you are definitely in luck! Due to its popularity, you will often find it in lotions and other body products as well, meaning you can look forward to a host of sandalwood-infused options to suit your needs during the colder months.

A Brit’s Guide to Getting Married Abroad

Many couples planning to get married are quite busy especially when it comes to choosing a perfect wedding location. In line with this, it has been found out that one in six couple now chooses to get married abroad. International countries serve as leading wedding destinations and these have been accommodating lovely pairs who decided to have their wedding internationally. Though there are some disadvantages of getting married abroad, such as not being able to invite all your friends and loved ones, significant numbers of essential paper works to be done and more, there are still many advantages that lure people to celebrate their weddings abroad. Couples just love the guaranteed good weather and the fact that the wedding and honeymoon can be rolled into one.

When getting married abroad, there are imperative things to ponder.There are some exclusive rules and regulations for wedding in particular foreign countries so have your wedding abroad fully covered for your protection, if you want your wedding to be smooth and successful as possible.

Debenham’s Personal Finance offers Debenham’s wedding insurance providing five levels of coverage to protect several important areas of your wedding day. This ensures that you can enjoy your special occasion with ultimate peace of mind.

Review: Dior Addict Eau Delice Christian Dior for women

dior-addict-eau-delice-2 Dior-addict-eau-delice-3 Dior-addict-eau-delice-4

Eau Delice starts off very musky and fruity at the same time, but it’s one of the few perfumes I’ve tried that doesn’t have that harsh chemical note if you sniff it right after spraying. Eau Delice just becomes delicious right away. The orange and cranberry notes are the most prominent as first, I usually think that orange in perfume is harsh, but in Eau Delice, the orange note is combined with the other fruity notes which makes it tamer.

At about the 10 minute mark, the floral notes took over. I’m a huge fan of Ylang-ylang and jasmine in general, and those notes are so well represented in Eau Delice. The fruity notes are still there, but now the perfume has transitioned into another stage, this one more fresh. At the 15th minute, the musk and vanilla appear, I hardly detect the cedar in this at all.

Eau Delice on my skin lasts about 6-7 hours, which is pretty great for an EDT. I think this perfume is perfect for everyday occasions in all seasons, it’s floral and fruity but with a a lot of depth from the woody notes. It’s a shame it’s been discontinued by Dior though, when this came out I thought that it would be a permanent addition since it’s really great.