4 Scent Notes to Try This Fall


Autumn has officially arrived, and with the weather finally starting to cool down, it is time to start thinking about the fall trends. While a light and floral note may be all you want or need in the summer months, it is often fun to adopt something heavier, and more edgy during the colder fall and winter seasons. One of the leaders of the edgy perfume game is, no doubt, Tokyo Milk, offering their decidedly different Femme Fatale perfume collection year round. Today we are going to talk about four fabulous scent notes to try this fall, and why they mesh so well with the season.

Scent Note Number 1: Dark Cocoa – If you are a chocolate lover, then dark cocoa is a note you will definitely want to put on your list. A perfect balance between musky and sweet, this adds just the right amount of chocolate to your signature scent.

  • Where to get it? While perfume is a fabulous place to get a delectable cocoa scent, you can also find it in you skin care products. The colder weather in the fall and winter months does more than prompt a change in our fragrance preferences; it also prompts a change in our skin care needs. Many people face a higher incidence of dry skin once the weather shifts from hot to cold, and go in search of lotions that will nourish deeply. Cocoa Butter is a great option for those looking for natural moisture, and a sweet cocoa scent.

Scent Note Number 2: Patchouli Oil This well known ingredient is best known for its earthy scent, which is either beloved or hated by many. Whether you love it or hate it in its original form, you may want to give it a chance as part of a fragrance blend, as it layers well with a number of different fragrances. The results can range anywhere from refreshing, to edgy, to earthy, and more, so be sure not to immediately write this amazing scent note off.

  • Where to get it? Again, there are many perfumes that utilize patchouli as a top, middle, or bottom scent note. You can also find this ingredient in many skin care products, as it is well known for its ability to nourish and soothe dry skin conditions, including dermatitis and eczema. While patchouli oil can easily be found at your local health food store, we donot advise applying the oil (or any essential oil) directly to your skin. Essential oils are highly concentrated, and as such can lead to skin irritation and sensitization. Look for products that already include diluted patchouli oil, or be sure to consult an expert before diving into the world of essential oils.

Scent Note Number 3: Vanilla – This scent is absolutely amazing! Like cocoa, it gives the perfect balance between musky and sweet. Another added bonus: it is a great transition scent from summer, to fall, and vice-versa. You can layer your favorite “light vanilla” with a heavier scent to add a bite of sweetness to your favorite fall scent, or you can wear it alone for a scent that is subtle and sweet.

  • Where to get it? You can find vanilla scent notes in many popular perfumes and body lotions, especially around the holiday season!

Scent Note Number 4: Sandalwood – If you appreciate muskier tones, then sandalwood may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Slightly smoky, slightly musky, and slightly spicy, this scent note works well for both men and women, and tends to bring with it an air of mystery. This particular scent is very warm, and is often described as “cozy”.

  • Where to get it? This is a hot scent note in many different fall fragrances, so if you are a lover of sandalwood, you are definitely in luck! Due to its popularity, you will often find it in lotions and other body products as well, meaning you can look forward to a host of sandalwood-infused options to suit your needs during the colder months.

A Brit’s Guide to Getting Married Abroad

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When getting married abroad, there are imperative things to ponder.There are some exclusive rules and regulations for wedding in particular foreign countries so have your wedding abroad fully covered for your protection, if you want your wedding to be smooth and successful as possible.

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Review: Dior Addict Eau Delice Christian Dior for women

dior-addict-eau-delice-2 Dior-addict-eau-delice-3 Dior-addict-eau-delice-4

Eau Delice starts off very musky and fruity at the same time, but it’s one of the few perfumes I’ve tried that doesn’t have that harsh chemical note if you sniff it right after spraying. Eau Delice just becomes delicious right away. The orange and cranberry notes are the most prominent as first, I usually think that orange in perfume is harsh, but in Eau Delice, the orange note is combined with the other fruity notes which makes it tamer.

At about the 10 minute mark, the floral notes took over. I’m a huge fan of Ylang-ylang and jasmine in general, and those notes are so well represented in Eau Delice. The fruity notes are still there, but now the perfume has transitioned into another stage, this one more fresh. At the 15th minute, the musk and vanilla appear, I hardly detect the cedar in this at all.

Eau Delice on my skin lasts about 6-7 hours, which is pretty great for an EDT. I think this perfume is perfect for everyday occasions in all seasons, it’s floral and fruity but with a a lot of depth from the woody notes. It’s a shame it’s been discontinued by Dior though, when this came out I thought that it would be a permanent addition since it’s really great.

Review: Dior Addict Eau De Toilette


Are you familiar with the Dior Addict family? They come in all kind of shapes and sizes and I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you love. Very typical to this line is the design of the packaging. We also see this coming back in the make-up line, we have lipsticks and even mascaras and eyeliners shaped like it! But today is about the scents, a review of the new mascara and liners will come up soon though!

So about the Dior Addict fragrances. I remember when I ventured into make-up there were two versions of this scent: the blue bottle (eau de parfum) and another version that I can’t recall. Later I learned that Dior frequently adds a new edt to the line as a limited edition for like a year or maybe longer. The same story goes for this year. Last year we had the original edp, the eau fraiche, eau sensuelle and eau delice. This year the eau sensuelle and eau delice will be discontinued and replaced by the eau de toilette.


Dior decided to revamp the line and went back to it’s roots. We say goodbye to the playful ombre bottles and are welcoming the new more simple but elegant bottles. Instead of the shiny built in perfume spray we get a transparent removable cap. The bottle got skinnier too. The whole look is more grown-up and feminine and I think that’s what they had in mind when they created the newest fragrance to this range.


So let’s go straight to the notes. Top notes is sicilian mandarin. Middle notes are jasmine sambac and Tunisian neroli.Base notes are vanilla and sandalwood. When I read this fragrance description before ever smelling it, it reminded me a bit of a more simple version of Dior J’Adore, my first perfume ever. I think it’s the mandarin, neroli, jasmine, vanilla and the woodsy notes. J’Adore has more depth though and it develops slightly differently. Dior Addict EDT starts out as a burst of citrus blended in with the neroli and jasmine. The mandarin quickly fades to the background and the jasmine starts to play the leading part. The sandalwood slowly comes through to give it a more smoky touch. The vanilla is always on the background as a subtle note but it becomes more stronger when you wear it for a while.

The whole fragrance gives a very feminine sophisticated feel. At the start it’s quite transparant with some watery touches but it evolves into something with more body. At times the mandarin comes back to the foreground and it becomes stronger with a kick. I wouldn’t call this an oriental scent on me but I can see how on some people the sandalwood comes more out giving it that vibe. To me this is quite fresh because of the mandarin yet classy because of the neroli and jasmine. The scent is quite light, it’s never heavy or intoxicating on me. Like I already said: it really reminds me of a lighter/more simple version of J’Adore!

Review: Jo Malone Peony&Blush Suede Cologne


This was love at first sniff; a light, soft, and feminine beauty that I can’t tear myself away from. The apple note, while strong on paper, fades almost immediately on my skin and I am left with light, airy peony dancing about and undertones of delicious suede. The rose is lipstick, which blends beautifully with the other notes. I don’t detect any carnation.

Deep into the drydown it turns into a perfect “like skin, but better” scent on me. I don’t understand the reviews likening this to a celebrity scent. It seems that anything with a fruit note draws that comparison nowadays, but if you stick around for the drydown you’ll be rewarded with something beautiful.

This is one of the few fragrances in this price category that I would say is worth the price tag. It’s soft and romantic, and a fairly safe blind buy (particularly if you enjoy suede/leather notes or are looking for an easy-to-love suede as an introduction to the scent). While this does not smell like Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Tiare Mimosa, it is clearly in the same vein and has a similar feel. By the way, the longevity is incredible- about 12 hours with just 2 sprays on me! I could see this becoming my signature for the spring!