Changes To Your Home That Can Increase The Value

If you are a homeowner, you will always be looking to make sure that your home is not depreciating in value and there are a lot of things you can do to help it add more value.  Some of these could be considered quite large projects but others can be simple interior design improvements. We have come up with a few ideas below to help spark some ideas.

Structural Change

If you currently have 3-bedroom house, then making this into a 4-bedroom house is something that would add some value to it.  Doing this, all depends on the current structure of your home and if there is the actual space to do this. A way that people can sometimes do this immediately if they have the ability to do so is to convert a garage if it is connected to their home to another room.  The disadvantage of this is that you then do not have a garage to use, however, most homes do not use their garage to store their motor vehicle but to store objects in. Alternatives can be sought – for example by building a garden shed. Making this change to the home is not a mini-project and something that needs to be thought out correctly and it may even require permission from the authorities.  The benefits in terms of home value though could be quite significant. 


Sounds simple but flooring is far more popular nowadays than carpets.  If you were to purchase some really good oak wood flooring and lay this in different rooms then it could definitely add some value to your home.  Laying oak wood flooring is not something that is particularly difficult to do, and most people could probably attempt to do this on their own.  Online there are many different videos available that give you step by step instructions and when purchasing the flooring you can also buy and all in one toolkit that has everything you need to execute this in totality. 


If your home does not have a driveway but it has a front garden, then using some of this space to get a driveway is definitely something that will add value. Parking in different areas can be quite a luxury and the last thing that people want after working hard all day is to get home and struggle to get a space outside their home to park their car.  Building a driveway is also a bit of a project and if you are not experienced in this then it is best to call in the experts to support. Like the structural changes project, you may need permission to build a driveway, specifically as you will need to normally lower the pavement outside your home. Neighbours have the opportunity to object to this project but would need to have reasonable grounds.  Make sure you get in touch with the authorities in advance and follow the process to legalise this.

Make sure to consider making these changes to your home in 2020.


Benefits of Non-Invasive Procedures in Treating Essential Tremor

If you have a severe case of Essential Tremor then you may have considered a variety of options to alleviate your symptoms. If even medication has done little to help you, you then may turn to your doctor for a medical alternative. The latest procedure is an incisionless one called Neuravive using non-invasive focused ultrasound and your doctor may recommend that you undergo it. Read on to find out more about this treatment.

What is Neuravive?

Neuravive is an incisionless surgical treatment for Essential Tremor, using non-invasive focused ultrasound which has been improving the lives of dozens of patients over the years. It targets the Vim of the thalamus. This is the part of the brain which deals with motor and sensory feelings and it is also where the faulty signals arise that result in uncontrollable shaking.

The patient lies in an MRI scanner to ensure that the doctor has a clear picture of what is going on and then focused ultrasound waves are directed to the target in the thalamus. This causes a lesion which helps to lessen the patient’s tremors.

Why Undergo Neuravive?

If someone is unable to do basic everyday activities like take a drink or eat food because of their hand tremor from essential tremor, they may consider some sort of treatment to take back control of their life.

A patient may be advised to try various treatments such as natural remedies like yoga or mindfulness or may be prescribed medications. These treatments have had a positive effect for many with Essential Tremor but they may also not be right for some people. In these cases, a person may consider undergoing an incisionless surgical solution like Neuravive to realize tremor improvement.

Quick Recovery

One of the biggest benefits of a non-invasive treatment like Neuravive is the quick recovery time. There are no incisions which need to heal. Patients may feel slightly dizzy after treatment, but this often resolves. In fact, the majority of Neuravive treatments are performed on an outpatient basis, so there is no need for a hospital stay. The entire procedure is conducted without anaesthesia and with an awake patient to provide feedback on their tremor improvement. This is extremely impressive, medically speaking, as there are not many treatments which can be handled in such a manner.

The Best Results

The results for focused ultrasound speak for themselves. Many patients report a noticeable improvement in their hand tremor after the treatment. Just one treatment is enough to significantly improve their life and allow them to return to daily activities. Tasks which were difficult before like drinking or writing will now be much easier.

If you think that the prescribed medication or other alternatives are having little effect on your essential tremor, speak to your doctor today. Neuravive might be the remedy you are looking for.

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There’s No Such Thing As Perfect Hair…

Asian woman drinking coffee in vintage color tone

Contrary to what you might think when looking at style magazines, your favorite actors and celebrities, and pictures of supermodels on billboards, no one has perfect hair. We all have at least a couple of issues with our hair that we would love to sort out, and that goes for everyone from the Hollywood star to the stay-at-home mom with six kids. It’s how we deal with those problems that counts. Here are a few of the most common hair problems that more people have than you might think – and some suggestions on how to overcome them.

Dry hair

When you spend half your life trying to keep your hair looking clean and lustrous, it’s going to leave a mark. The reality is if you shampoo too often with the wrong type of products, you will strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils, resulting in dryness and dullness. The solution? Stop washing daily, and find a suitable shampoo with a pH number somewhere between 5 and 6. You only need to wash your hair three times a week, to allow your oil glands to stimulate themselves – and the occasional overnight moisturizer and hot oil treatment will help you defeat your dry hair problems.

Oily/greasy hair

People with oily and greasy hair have an overproducing oil gland, which pumps way too much sebum from the sebaceous glands. If you have dank and oily hair, it can be difficult to keep your hair looking clean and lustrous, so try some formulated shampoo that targets sebum production, and you will find things will settle down.

Thin hair

Some people have thin hair thanks to their genetics, while others might lose it during times of stress, hormonal changes, or illness. Either way, when you have thin or thinning hair, it can be incredibly difficult to try out different styles and looks. There are a few solutions. In the short-term, why not look around for some of the best hair extensions for people with thinning hair? Then it’s a case of using specialized hair loss shampoo that adds nutrition and cleans up to the residues that can often cause female hair loss. You should also avoid using heated hair products – including hot hair dryers – which can worsen your hair loss.

Frizzy hair

Frizzy hair can be a nightmare to control, style, and care for – but it’s far from impossible once you understand what products you need to use. Frizzy hair happens when your hair lacks moisture, and some people are born with it. Let’s be clear – frizzy hair isn’t always a problem – and can look incredible. But if you are looking for ways to tame your unruly frizzes, make sure you talk to your stylist about getting hair products specifically for your hair type. There are mild relaxing serums available, for instance, which will help flatten things out for a night out.

Gray hair

Finally, you can’t stop the passing of time. And while gray hair is something to be embraced – we like to call it silver – it can often be more brittle and unruly than younger, full-colored hair. Avoid using permanent dyes, as they tend to cause more problems than they are worth. Instead, stick to softer, semi or demi-permanent dyes.

Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Scent for Your Wedding Day

Have you ever smelled a particular scent that vividly reminded you of an important event in your life? It’s because fragrance triggers memories. Scents can transport you back to one of the best memories you have in your life. Now that you’re getting closer to your big day, splurge on a signature fragrance that will always be associated with your wedding day. Can’t decide what to pick among countless scents? Why not match your fragrance to the theme of your wedding and the venue itself? Here are several women’s perfume options you may consider for your special day.

For a Beach-Themed Wedding 

Picture this: the ocean waves touching your toes, the picturesque view of the horizon as the light blue sky touches the dark blue sea, the cool breeze passing through your long locks as you walk down the sandy aisle — store all these happy moments in your mind with a classic scent that will make you remember your special day. Try Dior J’Ador InJoy for a refreshing and citrusy fragrance. 

For a Classic Church Wedding 

If you are dreaming of walking down the aisle of a solemn cathedral with Beautiful in White playing in the background, then Bvlgari Rose Essentielle is the perfect scent for you. This perfume has a very feminine and sweet smell that will make you think of your wedding bouquet and the crisp floral arrangements along the aisle. 

For a Garden-Themed Wedding

Wear Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton when you say “I do” while being surrounded by blooms in a relaxing and vibrant garden. The scent has subtle sweetness with notes of blooming flowers and vanilla cream. This fragrance also has a hint of peach along with roses and is sure to make you smell fresh.

For a Wedding in a Grand Hall

Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence is perfect for the on-the-go bride who is ready to hit the dance floor with her dashing man and their spirited squad. With sparkling champagne as its top scent, you will rock the entire reception. This fragrance screams luxury and glamour that will definitely make your wedding a night to remember.

For a Small, Intimate Indoor Wedding

Not all brides prefer a grand and loud celebration—some settle for a small wedding with the family of the bride and groom and close friends as the sole guests. Small weddings are usually the most intimate ones—as a bride, you’ll get to personally interact with the ones closest to you. Try Premiere by Gucci for that musky aroma.

Feel extra special on your wedding and choose from these staples of scents that will take you back to that remarkable day by triggering happy memories. Whatever theme you have, these scents will definitely do their magic.

Everything You Need To Know About The Culture Of Bali


Bali is a magical place to go on holiday. It is said to have been first inhabited around 2000 BC, and because of that, its cultural roots run very deep. If you’d like to know about them, here’s the most important things to be learned about this incredible island, otherwise known as “The Island of the Gods.”

Hindu Influence

The Indonesian Archipelago was touched by Hindu influences dating right back to the first century. Now, although we can’t know the true answer, there are two theories about the arrival of Hinduism. One says that South Indian sea traders brought Hinduism to the people. While the second belief says that Indonesian royalty were the first people to grasp onto the Indian religion and culture, and because of that, so did everyone else.

Balinese Dance

Bali is very famous for leaving westerners with their mouths wide open by their dramatic dances. There is nothing random or accidental by the moves that they create though, they all tell a story of drama by using the whole body to convey emotion. At times it can be very serious and heavy, filled with pain and history. While other times it can be to put on a show of entertainment. The Balinese learn the dances from a very young age, being taught the moves with their hands before they’re even able to walk.

Pencak Silat (Martial Arts)

This is a type of martial arts that originated in Indonesia, and it was used by the freedom fighters when they were battling through their struggles against the Dutch colonists. While it was extremely popular at the time, when Indonesia gained its independence, the art then got lost, and the youth replaced it with commercial styles like taekwondo and karate.

Pencak silat wasn’t only used as a form of physical defense. It was actually said that it was a way of reaching a higher psychological power. Although weaponry was used alongside it, it was a full body battle which incorporated many different strikes and techniques.

Every single part of the body was allowed to be attacked, and you could also use any part of your body to attack with.

Indonesian Customs

If you plan on traveling to Bali, then it’s essential that you learn some simple rules of etiquette, so you are able to show your respect for the culture.

You want to avoid anger in Indonesia, as they will lose all the respect that they had of you if you are seen losing control of yourself.

It’s also important to remember that while they may speak English, it may not be up to the standard you’re used to, so staff may say ‘yes’ to different things you ask them, while not actually understanding what the question was, as not to lose face. So be patient, take your time, speak slowly, and use light hand gestures to make sure you are understood correctly.

Another thing to take note of is that physical contact isn’t looked at the same way as it is for us. So refrain from touching someone’s arm or shoulder when conversing them.

Getting Fit Isn’t Easy, But It’s Never Been Easier!

Just about everyone is aware that, when you really get down to it, getting fit can be pretty hard. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and commitment. Anyone who tries to tell you that they’ve found a way to make exercise quick and easy is either lying or selling you something, or both! However, just because exercise is never going to be easy doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do in order to make it just that little bit easier. In fact, it’s never been easier to stay fit than it is right now. The end result may still be in your hands and will always come back to the level of work that you’re willing to put in, but here are some of the reasons why working out and staying in shape are just that little bit easier than ever.

New techniques

pexels-photo (1)

As with just about anything else, there is a lot of research constantly going into finding new ways to exercise and get the most of out any physical activity. This research means that you have never had more ways to achieve the specific body that you really want. Where you might previously have had to work out your body in a general way and hope that it had the desired effect, now you can do some very specific types of exercise designed to work out a single part of your body in a very specific way. Of course, general workouts are always going to be important, but everyone’s body and needs are different, so it only makes sense that having more personalized workouts will make things a lot easier.


There isn’t really anything in the world that technology hasn’t made easier for the vast majority of people. It’s easier than ever to work, to shop, to communicate. Of course, that means there are also plenty of ways that technology has made exercise easier. From advanced exercise machines that the vast majority of gyms are equipped with, to highly sensitive wearable monitors like the Fitbit that help you carefully track your diet and workout routines. Things are so advanced that you can now pick up a smart water bottle that syncs with Fitbit which allows you to be as informed about your workout hydration as possible. While no technology in the world is going to do your workout for you, keeping track of your workouts and making sure that you’re exercising properly is easier than it has ever been before.


There was a time when gyms were exclusively the preserve of relatively wealthy people. The same went for home exercise machines as well. Everyone else had to make do with taking a job around the neighborhood or converting a corner of their home into a workout space. However, both gyms and exercise machines are far cheaper now than they were even a few years ago. This means that just about everyone can afford to have a much more efficient, well-tailored workout. Not only that but a lot of the technology for monitoring your workouts is available on your phone, meaning that you may well already have it in your pocket, no extra cost required.

Wardrobes choices for your interior and design


Interiors are an important aspect of any home and lifestyle and we all adhere by the recent trends and style to keep our homes special. We all like to design our houses in a way that reflects our personality and brings out the best of the house structure. And in this need there are multiple options we gather and study before finalizing our ideas.

There are interior designers who give their professional guidance on making the house space utilized as well as reflect the dreams you have inside you with the help of furniture and fixtures. But the biggest hurdle comes when you have to decide about the important furniture like fitted wardrobes, bespoke fitted bookcases or reception wall units.

One has to set their choices right to come into terms with the right kind of furniture choices. There are so many designs and variants available that anyone would love to hoard each. Let’s just have a better understanding of the wardrobe options you might want to consider.

Bespoke walk in wardrobes are always a bucket list of many people there. The perfect set up of the places molded in the form of a room is the ultimate pleasure one wants while dressing up. Walk-in wardrobe designs are very simple yet intricately designed to give one the ability to arrange all that is needed for styling and fashion in a small room-like set up. It makes finding, sorting and keeping everything in a confined place which is easy to pick and use and at the same time very stylish. After all who does not want to hoard a classic collection of shoes or bags and feel it every single day.

One of the most unique concepts developed and still prevalent in all parts of the world are the fitted loft wardrobes which is a perfect savior of space in the house. These wardrobes accompany and fit anywhere in the house walls and makes for the utilized spaces. Even if you are short of space in your room or hall and need to curb out some for keeping your belongings or important things, this is the perfect option to go for. Some houses have unattended and unusually shaped corners which are never able to serve their purpose by adjusting with the right furniture or decorative items, fitted loft wardrobes can be a huge space saver there and immediately change the look of those corners by filling in the space.