Ultimate Fashion Advice To Give To Your Man

Let’s face it, if you have a boyfriend, fiancee, or husband, you know they struggle to ‘get’ fashion. They might think they know how to dress smart, but do they really know the right colour combinations or the right way to accessorise an outfit?

No, they don’t. In fact, a lot of the time they just chuck on whatever’s comfortable and don’t really care about their outfit. You know this is perfectly fine if they’re just going to the shops or you’re not really doing anything. But, when the two of you go out as a couple and go on a date or go somewhere nice, you want both of you to look good. After all, you spent a lot of time making sure you look great, so shouldn’t they?

So, it’s time to sit them down and give them a few fashion pointers that will help them pick out the right outfits and look good all the time.


Learn What Matches

Guys have a real struggle when it comes to learning what colours match each other. This often causes them to wear clothes that look nice on their own, but don’t combine well together at all. Like, yeah, those jeans are nice, and I like that top too, but that doesn’t mean they look good as an outfit because the colours completely clash. Show them articles like this one here https://theidleman.com/manual/advice/how-match-clothing-colours/ that pretty much explain how to match colours. If they learn how to get this right, then they’ll definitely be able to put together good outfits from here on in.

Men Can Accessorise Too

It’s rare that a guy will buy accessories for their outfits, but they really should. Something like a nice watch on their wrist can add to an outfit. Or, as seen here https://www.frostnyc.com/collections/diamond-combo, a diamond necklace to completely amp up their look and give them that celebrity style. Even something simple like a pair of sunglasses or a hat can go well with different outfits, particularly in the summer. The bottom line is, they need to know that accessories can help bring their outfits together, and shouldn’t be neglected.

Dress For Occasions

Finally, you have to teach them to dress for different occasions. I recently posted an article on the popular athleisure trend, and most guys are hugely into this. The problem is, they wear this type of clothing when it’s just not suitable. We’re going out on a date, you need to change out of your gym sweatpants and into something nice. Guys have to learn when to tone things up, and when to tone down. It doesn’t matter how good their outfit is, when worn in the wrong setting, it can embarrass them and you. Make sure they have different clothes that can fit different situations and don’t just fill their wardrobes up with the same things.

There you have it, this is the advice you should give to your man about fashion. They’ll act like they don’t care, but trust me, they’ll listen and love you for it.

How To Nail The Athleisure Trend

The athleisure fashion trend is sweeping the world, and everyone wants to know what to wear and how to wear it. So, read this guide, and you’ll find out how to do just that!


Understand The Trend

The first step in nailing the athleisure look is understanding what it actually is. Essentially, this trend stems from gym and athletic culture. People wear certain things to the gym, such as sweat pants, leggings, tight fitted clothing, etc. Not only do these clothes look good, but they feel good too – they’re nice to wear.

More and more people began wearing these clothes because they looked and felt so good, even when they weren’t doing any physical activities. Thus, the athleisure trend was born. These days, if you want to rock the athleisure look, then you’re going to wear clothes that are nicely fitted and extremely relaxed. Basically, you want to dress like you’re going to the gym, but you don’t actually have to get dirty and workout!

Be Picky With Brands

Normally, it doesn’t matter so much what brands you wear as part of your outfit. However, the athleisure trend is different as there are so many different brands with this type of clothing. The problem is, you can find a lot of cheap looking brands that aren’t going to help you create the look you’re going for. Instead, these brands can make you look a little bit worse for wear, almost like you’re a delinquent youth.

The key is wearing brands that have established reputations such as Nike. Nike makes a lot of clothes that are ideal for the athleisure look. You’ll have plenty of hoodies, track pants, and all the other items you need to complete this look. Sure, the clothes might be on the expensive side, but you might get lucky and find a Nike promo code that reduces the price. Plus, you pay for what you get. If you want a good look that nails the athleisure trend, then I’m afraid you’ll have to pay for it.

Also, one final note on brands is to avoid mixing and matching them. If you have a Nike top try and pair it with Nike leggings and hoodies, etc.

Make Sure Everything Is Fitted

Perhaps the key to the athleisure trend is ensuring your clothes are fitted. This doesn’t mean they have to be skin tight to your body. It just means you should stay away from loose and baggy clothes – especially baggy sweatpants!

Fitted athletic clothing is the difference between creating a look that fits the trend and creating a look that makes you look like a lazy bum! That sounds a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. You can do a lot of things to make this look drift over the edge and become unfashionable.

This is a very interesting trend as it combines gym culture with fashion. It’s also interesting as there are a lot of ways your look can go wrong, so you have to be on your toes. Ensure you follow the advice above, and you’ll nail this trend every time.

Why So Serious? Because That’s The Look You’re Aiming For!

To a certain extent, we all want to be taken seriously. Be it in our personal, or business lives; we want to know that people consider us together and reliable people. But, being taken seriously isn’t as easy as we may think. In fact, it often requires conscious effort. People aren’t going to respect you if you don’t try. Very few people can convey the calm and efficient air we would all like to achieve. And, the people who do manage it have likely worked hard.

Instead of considering the way you’re perceived in individual aspects, look at the whole picture. To achieve the right attitude in one area, a complete shift may be necessary. Consider how you act, and which are the main areas you would like to change. Are you disorganized? Do you find you rub people up the wrong way? Once you know the main changes you need to make, it’ll be easier to achieve your goal.


Let’s start with the first thing people see; your appearance. We all know that it’s what’s inside that counts. But, there’s no getting around the fact that first impressions are made on appearance alone. And, first impressions are notoriously difficult to change. Instead, make sure you look the part straight off. Be sure you dress right for each event you attend. This is especially important in a business setting. It’s important you look smart at all times.. But, it’s also important in social situations. You don’t want to turn up to a smart dinner in a hoodie and jeans. Pre-planning will ensure you wear the right outfit for every occasion.

And, it’s not only your outfit that matters in those crucial first moments. It should go without saying that your personal hygiene is also important. Stained teeth, for example, will make an instant wrong impression. If you suffer from staining, visit a hygienist. Then, find out everything possible about caring for your teeth so the same thing doesn’t happen again. And, it goes without saying that you need to ensure your hair and clothes are clean! Holding a business meeting with a stain on your blouse is sure to get your name known in the office. But, not in the way you want.

Of course, looks aren’t everything. It’s also important that you backup the correct image with the right attitude. Confidence plays a major part in how people perceive you. It’s okay if you don’t feel confident. All you have to do is fake it until you make it. Do this by engaging in topics that you know a lot about. If people are talking about something you’re not aware of, it’s no wonder you don’t feel confident to voice an opinion. But, if you have a lot of background knowledge about a subject, it shouldn’t take confidence to voice opinions you can back. And, that backing will also help in your quest. People aren’t going to respect you if you make unfounded statements that aren’t based in fact!

Reinventing Yourself for Spring 2016


Spring is finally here, meaning it’s time to ditch the dark colours of winter and find a new look that suits the new life and freshness that comes each year. Spring is a great time of year to reinvent yourself and create a new look, especially if you’ve been growing bored with the same old outfits and accessories.

Here are some easy ways to keep on trend for Spring this year whilst creating a look that leaves you feeling fresh and fabulous.

Wardrobe – The 90s is Making a Comeback

Fashion is cyclical, and trends from decades past have a habit of coming back in a big way. Over the last decade, it was 80s fashion (along with everything else), but now it’s time for the 90s to make a comeback just in time for Spring 2016. So, if you want to get a new wardrobe in time for spring, think clashing colours, patterns and, of course, plenty of neon.

It sounds garish, but we’re not talking about the fashions of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, here. Rather, it’s a chance to be bold, experimental and colourful. Sometimes the best thing you can do is be brave!

Hair and Beauty – Light and Breezy

Spring is a great time for experimenting with new hairstyles, colour schemes and makeup. While dark, heavier colours tend to be popular during the winter months, whereas spring and summer is associated with whites, pastels and light colour schemes. It makes sense; spring is associated with birth and youth, and so many people like to emulate that look when the sun finally reappears.

For example, if you’re getting tired of your hair then why not go for a new light and breezy style using accessories from Capital Hair and Beauty? You could also review your makeup bag and make some replacements, swapping out your dark eye shadows and lipsticks for pale pinks and pastels for a fresh and youthful look.

Take Care of Yourself

You only look as good as you feel, as the saying goes, and with spring representing fresh starts there’s no better time to review the way you live and see if you can boost your energy and get yourself feeling better than ever. Making simple changes to your daily routine can do wonders for the way you feel and look; for example, making an effort to drink more water or simply getting a few more hours of sleep a night will get you noticeable results in a short amount of time.

Even making a bit of effort to get more exercise into your routine will be a great boost to your energy and attitude.

Vintage clothing trend


You may have noticed that trends appeared to be going back in time, with items that look like being brought from the days when our grandparents were young. Well, yes, the vintage trend is coming strong, being the fashion tendency for this year. So if you have something in your closet that is rather old, perhaps something left by your mother from her youth years, or even from your grandmother, wipe the dust of it because it is going to be hot. The greatest designers already embraced this trend, so anything that has as inspirations the 20’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s is highly appreciated both of the fashion podiums and in stores as well. If you missed the days when you were young, regardless of your age today, you should check Rokit for one of a kind pieces and more vintage inspiration.

Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel, Gucci, Salvadore Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen are all designers that wanted to bring back the shine of the 1920’s. Men suits are created to look like being taken from the Great Gatsby’s. And for women, light colors, floral prints, glamorous boas made out of feathers, they all remind us of the soirees presented in black and white movies. For the 1950’s inspiration, styles made renowned by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are in the flashlight. For instance, Luis Vuitton brought back the beehive hair style and candy colors in the created clothes. Still, large flower prints and letterman jackets are in trends as well, together with short prom dresses.

To bring back the nostalgia of the 1960’s, Stella McCartney uses as inspiration the style started by The Beatles, using retro prints and those large oval sunglasses. Fendi used the grace of a Milanese woman, presenting A-lin lab coats and bouffant hairdos on their podium. Valentino marched on bright pink tops with matching skits, long to the floor, for a feminine and bohemian look.  The 1970’s are revived by creations like ones presented by Mulberry, which matched tulle dresses with leather jackets. Jimmy Choo is bringing back the platforms but in bright shades of orange, violet and fuchsia. Jumpsuits are also back in trends, long-sleeved or halter jumpsuits, like the ones present in the Mulberry and Kenzo.  Allow yourself to be fascinated by the vintage trend, and look fabulous.

Spring/Summer 2016 Shoe Trends


Even if the winter is not completely gone, hovering around with its sharp and cold teeth, it doesn’t mean we cannot start planning our spring/summer wardrobe. And since shoes are one of the most important parts of a wardrobe, it is highly understandable that you are interested in the latest trends and what new pieces you can add to your existing collection. The good news is that you will have plenty to choose from this warm season, the ankle boots being the piece of resistance. You can find a great range of ankle boots at M and M Direct, with peep-toe, laces, embroidery, electric colours, and many more. But, there are other types of shoes that are worthy of our attention as well.

The coming spring/summer season is so plentiful when it comes to shoes that it is entirely up to your imagination and style to pick the best pieces. Do you love sneakers? That’s great because casual sneakers are in trends this season. So are the well-known gladiator sandals. Much appreciated a couple of while ago, it seems that they are in high demand again, which is easy to understand why. If you like platforms, the creeper platform is very fashionable, regardless of the shoe’s style. Pointy toes and very flat flats made it to the runway, so you can easily pick one of these two or a combination of them, why not.

Heels were always considered feminine, and during this warm season, they come in all shapes and sizes, and even in various materials. Thus, the transparent Lucite will be used for the creation of the heel. But the sculptural heels, stilettos, square heels, and the kitten heels, are all charming and trendy. And because we mentioned ankle boots earlier, you should know that the stylists were not afraid to experiment with new styles and designs. So, you will find a great range of boots, casual or with a heel, with glitter, lace-ups, and buckles, made out of suede or coloured leather, almost anything is permitted. If you like studs and chains, very well, because you will see such decorated shoes on the podiums, so there is no reason you shouldn’t wear them.

The message is clear for the coming shoe trends of the 2016 spring/summer season, and that is the release of creativity and imagination in your wardrobe. If you never liked dull shoes, now is the moment to experiment and try something new, because the trends show that you will have plenty to choose from, so enjoy.

Tricks to make your winter outfits interesting

I often struggle the hardest with my winter style and most of the time the first things I’m thinking about when it comes to winter style are skinny jeans, heavy boots and lots of knitwear, but let’s face it, such combos are boring.

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean we have to collectively resign ourselves to giving up on style, it just means we all have to think a bit more creatively when getting dressed in the morning.

I’ve drawn up a small list of tricks I’m using to make my winter outfits less boring, when I’m in the mood for it. Are you using any of these? How do you spice up your winter outfits?

Check out my favourite picks from Lyst, a platform that aggregates different fashion commerce sites in a single place with a “universal shopping cart”.

1. Ponchos and capes

Just throw a long poncho over your average winter outfit or replace the usual scarf and you immediately look like someone rushing to a fashion show!


2. Over knee boots

They protect your legs from the cold and are extremely trendy right now.



3. Coloured fur

Patchwork fur and multi-coloured fur is extremely hot this winter plus it’s the one of the warmest things you can wear.




4. Maxi coats

Go for the long coat this winter for a chic and trendy vibe.



5. Midi or mini-length dresses

Stick to midi or mini-length dresses; extra long dresses are not functional for skipping over slush or scaling snow mounds.