Top hair care tips


If we are to care more about hair, it would be the one on our head. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman because everybody wishes to have beautiful hair. Still, the ladies will be more interested in the topic since they are the ones growing it and styling it all the time. So, how can you take better care of your hair? With so many styling products, stress, disorganized diet, pollution and many other factors, carrying for our hair is important, if we want to enjoy it in a beautiful state. Still, if the situation requires it, a hair transplant can be performed, due to the advanced technology and knowledge in the medical world.

Hair can fall out of various reasons, being a lack of vitamins and nutrients, hormonal unbalances, excessing styling and many other. So, as much as possible, try to avoid using styling products on your hair. Anything from shampoos to hair conditions, sprays, mousse, anything you apply to your hair to make it stay in a certain way or to make it shiny, contains chemicals. All these chemicals will do some harm to the hair on a long term. When choosing the shampoo, try opting for one that natural ingredients, if possible. Also, using natural essential oils is much more efficient when it comes to hydrating your hair and making it smooth, than any hair masks you may find on store shelves. Olive oil, argan oil, coconut and tea tree oil, or shea butter, they are all great for your hair. Apply them to your hair, from middle towards the tips, to avoid oiling your scalp too much, and leave it to act. You can cover your head with a towel, for more comfort, because the more the oil stays on the hair, the better.

When drying it, try to use a low temperature, or leave it dry naturally if the weather or temperature inside your home allows it. If you want to use a curling iron or hair straightener, use a product that will protect your hair against the heat. This is also a rule for when you blow dry your hair with hot air. And try to have a balanced and healthy diet, plus consuming plenty of water, to make sure your hair is properly nourished from the inside as well.


Review: Chanel N°5 Chanel for women


Dear Chanel #5,

Thank you for being my best friend for so many years. You were with me for first dates, hot nights, job interviews, ice-skating in central park, sunning myself on warm beaches, and sustaining me on hideous international flights when I couldn’t escape the smoking section of the plane. Boy howdy, you sure helped me with that, crushing your sweet molecules into the Chanel or Hermes scarf I’d hold up to my face.

You embraced me with your feminine grace during heart-crushing breakups, you put a confident spring in my high-heeled step during blossoming romances, and you sat with a cup of tea with me to think it all over.

You’ve been my dear & admired friend since I was a young teenager, and even now, as a mom with five children, you’re there for me.

But we don’t need each other like we once did, do we? I’m seeking out new horizons, and we both know that you’re perfect just the way you are. I’ll never stop loving and respecting you, and you’re self-confident enough to know that some day I’ll be back. You don’t hold a grudge because you’re always a cool girl in the inner circle of the in-crowd.

I love you, Chanel #5. Don’t ever lose touch, ok?

Is it OK to Stop Using Botox Once You Begin?


Close-up female face with a big wrinkles on her forehead - isolated on white

It is understandable that if you are considering using Botox or you are already using it, you would be concerned about what would happen if you stopped. It may not help you to see some people who have stopped using it and they look like the age lines on their face have doubled.

There are certain things to take into consideration, for example how long you have been using Botox, what kind of lifestyle do you lead especially when it comes to eating habits and general health.

Short-term Use

If you are using Botox for a short time, you should not see much of a difference from the time you started using Botox. The effects of Botox last between 3 to 4 months and then your muscles return to their normal state. You need to understand that Botox basically paralyzes your muscles so that they do not contract and relax which is usually what will cause those lines you are trying to get rid of. So once the Botox has lost its effect in 3 to 4 months, your muscles regain their normal function and you will look like you did before.

Long-term use

If you have been using Botox for a long time, the effect is slightly different, it may take longer for the muscles to return to their normal function which means the aging lines will take longer to start showing. But again because you have been using Botox for a long time, you will have aged a bit as well so when the effect wears off, expect to look your age. For example if you are 50 and you start using Botox for 10 years and you stop, at some point your age will catch up with you and naturally the wrinkles of a 60-year-old will start to show because Botox does not stop you from aging, it only enhances your cosmetic features.

Effect of Collagen

There are some fillers also that contain collagen, this is known for rejuvenating the skin and so when you stop using Botox, the effects of collagen tend to slow down the process of the skin returning to its former state.


Many people who decide to use Botox, at say the Therapie Botox Clinic, do it to regain self-confidence because they are not psychologically prepared to handle the ageing process. If this is the reason someone starts to use Botox, it may be a big psychological blow to them when they realize that they have indeed aged and they may even begin to think that it is worse after the use of Botox, but all of that is in the mind.

There are a lot of myths

It is important to understand that you will hear a lot of myths about Botox, but that is really all they are, there is no scientific proof of what many people will claim and they are based on assumptions or just one incident, but the way someone may end up after they stop Botox use may not be as a result of effects of Botox but several factors.

By and large, it is safe to stop using Botox after whatever period of time you choose as your muscles and skin will return to normal, you just have to be prepared to look either as you did before the procedure or as you would look at whatever age you are. There, however, are no tests that can be carried out to see what you would have looked like if you had never used Botox but by using known effects, it is safe to say that there is no reason to worry about stopping.

4 Scent Notes to Try This Fall


Autumn has officially arrived, and with the weather finally starting to cool down, it is time to start thinking about the fall trends. While a light and floral note may be all you want or need in the summer months, it is often fun to adopt something heavier, and more edgy during the colder fall and winter seasons. One of the leaders of the edgy perfume game is, no doubt, Tokyo Milk, offering their decidedly different Femme Fatale perfume collection year round. Today we are going to talk about four fabulous scent notes to try this fall, and why they mesh so well with the season.

Scent Note Number 1: Dark Cocoa – If you are a chocolate lover, then dark cocoa is a note you will definitely want to put on your list. A perfect balance between musky and sweet, this adds just the right amount of chocolate to your signature scent.

  • Where to get it? While perfume is a fabulous place to get a delectable cocoa scent, you can also find it in you skin care products. The colder weather in the fall and winter months does more than prompt a change in our fragrance preferences; it also prompts a change in our skin care needs. Many people face a higher incidence of dry skin once the weather shifts from hot to cold, and go in search of lotions that will nourish deeply. Cocoa Butter is a great option for those looking for natural moisture, and a sweet cocoa scent.

Scent Note Number 2: Patchouli Oil This well known ingredient is best known for its earthy scent, which is either beloved or hated by many. Whether you love it or hate it in its original form, you may want to give it a chance as part of a fragrance blend, as it layers well with a number of different fragrances. The results can range anywhere from refreshing, to edgy, to earthy, and more, so be sure not to immediately write this amazing scent note off.

  • Where to get it? Again, there are many perfumes that utilize patchouli as a top, middle, or bottom scent note. You can also find this ingredient in many skin care products, as it is well known for its ability to nourish and soothe dry skin conditions, including dermatitis and eczema. While patchouli oil can easily be found at your local health food store, we donot advise applying the oil (or any essential oil) directly to your skin. Essential oils are highly concentrated, and as such can lead to skin irritation and sensitization. Look for products that already include diluted patchouli oil, or be sure to consult an expert before diving into the world of essential oils.

Scent Note Number 3: Vanilla – This scent is absolutely amazing! Like cocoa, it gives the perfect balance between musky and sweet. Another added bonus: it is a great transition scent from summer, to fall, and vice-versa. You can layer your favorite “light vanilla” with a heavier scent to add a bite of sweetness to your favorite fall scent, or you can wear it alone for a scent that is subtle and sweet.

  • Where to get it? You can find vanilla scent notes in many popular perfumes and body lotions, especially around the holiday season!

Scent Note Number 4: Sandalwood – If you appreciate muskier tones, then sandalwood may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Slightly smoky, slightly musky, and slightly spicy, this scent note works well for both men and women, and tends to bring with it an air of mystery. This particular scent is very warm, and is often described as “cozy”.

  • Where to get it? This is a hot scent note in many different fall fragrances, so if you are a lover of sandalwood, you are definitely in luck! Due to its popularity, you will often find it in lotions and other body products as well, meaning you can look forward to a host of sandalwood-infused options to suit your needs during the colder months.

Contact Lens Solutions: What You Need to Know


If you’re a contact lens wearer, one of the most important tools for keeping your eyes healthy is your contact lens solution. Whether you wear 1-2 week disposable contacts like the ultra-popular Acuvue Oasys contacts by Johnson & Johnson or monthly disposable contact lenses like Biofinity contacts by CooperVision, contact solution is vital. It is always best to follow your eye doctor’s recommendation as they test for any allergies you might have during an eye exam, but here’s an overview of the different types of solutions and why they might work for you.

Multipurpose Solutions

Multipurpose lens solutions are a popular choice since they cover many of the steps required for lens care. Not only do they clean and disinfect, but contact lenses can also be stored and kept soaking in this solution. If you follow the “rub and rinse” method for cleaning your lenses, then this solution is a good option for you. Using multipurpose solution on the lens and then gently rubbing it to remove any particles or potentially harmful irritants will help ensure that your contact lenses are safe to wear.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions

If your eye doctor finds that you have an allergy to certain types of contact solutions during your exam, then a hydrogen peroxide based solution could be an effective alternative for you. Like multipurpose solutions, this type allows you to rinse, disinfect, and store your contact lenses in it, but hydrogen peroxide solutions also require an extra step in care. The solution must be neutralized before you can actually wear your lenses. If this very crucial step is overlooked then the solution will sting or burn your eyes. In order to neutralize the solution you will also need a special case that contains a neutralizing disc that reacts with the solution, enabling you to safely insert the lenses. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that with every new bottle of hydrogen peroxide solution you should replace your lens case. Over time, the neutralizing disc will become ineffective so replacing the case with the solution will help you to avoid any risk of irritation. Consider the replacement schedule of your contact lenses; whether it be 1-2 weeks like for Acuvue Oasys or a month for Biofinity, it’s vital to stay on top of replacing your neutralizing case as well.

Saline Solution

Another option is using a saline solution that can be used to rinse and store your contact lenses. This type of solution, however, does not cover all of the bases when it comes to fully cleansing and preparing your lenses for insertion. If you decide to go with a saline solution, then you will also need a disinfectant to sanitize the lens. While this may not be the most convenient choice, it is still an option if you are unable to use a multipurpose or hydrogen peroxide solution.

When using contact solution, remember that your lenses require three main steps for a proper cleaning: rinsing, disinfecting, and correct storing. If the solution that you choose only hits a couple of those steps, then you will need to supplement it. With the proper care and contact solution, lenses are an easy and convenient way to comfortably correct your vision.

Pool Season Is Here! Get Rid Of Love Handles And Cellulite With Body Contouring Treatments

It’s the peak of summer, which means trips to the beach, poolside barbeques, and tanning on the dock. If you have sagging skin, wrinkles, or unsightly blemishes, this can be the hardest time of the year. When you’re uncomfortable with the way you look, it can be difficult to feel excited about shedding the layers. One option is to stay covered head-to-toe in fabric, but when the temperatures skyrocket, that’s just not feasible. To prepare your body (and mind) for the pool, visit a medical clinic to see what treatments can get you into shape.


A medical clinic can provide a quick consultation to determine which of their procedures would provide the best solution for your wrinkles, cellulite, and otherwise undesirable skin. During this meeting, there’s no pressure or obligation; you’re merely exploring your options. You’ll get to talk with a certified professional who can explain the details of the treatments you’re interested in. If you don’t have time to visit in person, the very best clinics can offer an easy (and quick) online consultation.

To start your own online consultation, visit Skin Vitality online today. A friendly representative is waiting to answer any of your questions, receive any of your comments, and make an appointment with a medical professional. They’re there to ease your worries and help you outline your goals. To get started on your journey, you can schedule an appointment for one of their non-invasive treatments. As the leading provider of Botox (a safe way to reduce wrinkles), they have administered many treatments; however, they also provide such treatments as Skin Tightening, Fraxel Skin Resurfacing, Venus Freeze Nonsurgical Body Contouring, Medical Grade Peels, and VelaShape™ Inch Loss & Cellulite Reduction. Requiring no surgery and little downtime, you can see real results in a very short amount of time – which, with less than a month of summer left, is great news.

Whichever treatment (or combination of treatments) that you choose only the best will be involved in your skin care. Skin Vitality is staffed by licensed doctors and registered nurses who are experienced and trained in the procedures that they provide. With a medical expert on your side, you’ll see the results that you need, just in time for your next poolside barbeque; so the next time you don your bathing suit you won’t be worried about the look of your body. Love handles and cellulite will be a thing of the past, while your future will be full of confidence.

Tips For Amazing Hair This Summer, No Matter What The Occasion

Summer is the season for weddings, parties and many other celebrations and events. From fabulous summer BBQs to days out at the races, summer is the season where you will be invited to the most celebrations, parties and events.

nature-sunset-person-womanImage credit

While you have most probably already got your summer fashion sorted, you may not have managed to get your hair just right yet. Summer is a difficult time when it comes to hair – the humidity can cause it to frizz, it can split, and too much sun can damage it.

To ensure that your hair stays looking good all summer long, including at the various parties and events you will be going to, follow my tip, below:

Protect your hair from the sun

Just like the sun can damage your skin, it can also cause problems for your hair. Many people don’t realise this and end up with sun damaged hair – dry, brittle and faded. If you want your hair to stay healthy all summer long, make sure to invest in a good hair protection spray.

You can pick these up from most pharmacies at affordable prices, or you can also find them online. Make sure to choose a spray that not only protects your hair from the sun’s rays but also conditions it at the same time.

Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all shampoos and conditioners are made the same, because they’re not. You might think that buying a budget brand of shampoo is okay, as it still gets the job done, but that’s not the case.

You see, when you spend a little more and invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner, your hair will be healthier. The ingredients in good quality shampoos and conditioners are of a higher quality, and so your hair will be healthier. This is especially important during the summer when your hair can be easily damaged by the sun.

Be careful when styling

If you like to style your hair for celebrations and events, you most probably use a hair straightener or curling iron. Did you know that better quality curling irons and straighteners are better for your hair, as they take less time to style it. This means that you hair is subjected to less heat, and so, is likely to be damaged by it.

If you like to curl or straighten your hair, make sure that you choose the best styling equipment that you can afford. Before investing in a new curling iron or straightener, read up on straightener and curling iron reviews.

Brush your hair

Make sure that your brush your hair at least twice a day, as this will help to keep it in good condition. Not only does brushing your hair stop knots and tangles from occurring, but it also helps the roots to stay healthy.

When you brush your hair, your stimulate your scalp, which means that more blood flows into the roots of your hair. This helps to keep your hair and roots healthier.

Achieving fabulous summer hair isn’t hard, all you need to do is follow the tips and advice in this guide.