How To Look Beautiful This Summer

Summer is finally here, the sun is shining, and you are raring to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. You need to look and feel good as you set foot outside, and here are some great ways to achieve it.

Fashion sense

The summer is a great time to replace your old clothes with some fantastic new looks. Whether you buy a collection, such as Alfred Dunner from Anthony’s or mix and match your own style, wear clothing that looks and feels good on you.

Buy clothes in a range of styles and colors to match your activities during the day. A new swimsuit is essential while spending time in the pool, and t-shirts and shorts will give your body the freedom it needs during the stifling heat. At the moment, the 1980’s styles are back in fashion with bright, bold colors and jumbo frills. Fuschia colored pinks were popular on this year’s catwalks, and pinstripes were the design style of choice.

You may want to accessorize with a cool new hat, and a trendy bag to complement your summer outfit. At the moment Audrey Hepburn style sunglasses are in fashion, giving you that cool, chic look as you walk around town.

Skin care

You may be wearing the latest fashion in color and design, but if you don’t look after your skin, you may end up walking around town with your face looking like a tomato and blistering like bubble wrap! Not good when you are trying to look beautiful, so you need to take care of yourself.

As awesome as the sun is, you need to stay in the shade when possible to protect yourself from the intense heat. Always wear sunscreen on any exposed areas of your skin, and when lounging in your garden buy a large umbrella to shield you from the sun.

Moisturize your face to keep it soft and supple. There are ways to do this naturally using coconut water or milk, giving you a fresh, healthy glow. Exfoliate daily as well, removing the impurities that have gathered under your skin.

Our bodies lose a lot of water every day, especially in the warmer months, so it is important to rehydrate ourselves by drinking plenty of water. Not only will this hydrate our skin but it will remove harmful toxins as well.

You may prefer the natural look but if you do wear make-up to look beautiful find the right shades to suit your eye coloring and the tone of your skin. You will be sweating a lot, and possibly spending time in the pool, so apply waterproof mascara, to avoid those ugly black streaks running down your face. Curling your lashes will make your eye color pop, and applying bronzer to your forehead and cheeks will give your skin a beautiful glow. However, make sure you wash it off before you go to bed as it will irritate your skin, and make it look blotchy, not helpful to the fabulous new look you are keen to show off.

Having The Confidence To Go Au Naturale

If the thought of going out without a scrap of makeup fills you with dread, you’re not alone. The average woman is thought to spend £140,000 on hair and cosmetics during her lifetime. It’s clear that we love makeup. It can help us to feel more confident and can enhance and disguise areas we love and loathe. Similarly, it’s become easier than even to change our hair color and zap any fat. But has this left us feeling that our natural appearance isn’t good enough? If you want to have the confidence to go au naturale take a look at these suggestions. From boosting your body confidence to sorting out your skincare routine, this guide’s got you covered…



Lots of us complain that our natural hair color is too dull, our hair is too dry, and the texture just isn’t right. Instead of reaching for the oil and serums it can be easier to dye and style our hair instead. All this does is damage hair further and exacerbate the existing problem. Hair can become damaged for a huge number of reasons. Colouring hair is one of the most common reasons hair becomes dehydrated and lacklustre. The process of colouring sucks a lot of moisture out of hair, which leads to the dry damaged look. You may find that your hair breaks and splits easier than before too.

There are a few ways to look after your hair so that you’re confident to leave it au natural. Firstly, stop colouring your hair. If you absolutely must (really?) then make sure you’re at least conditioning and using hair masks. Secondly, go for regular haircuts. Even if you don’t want to change your hairstyle a haircut is important for removing split ends. If they are left unchecked split ends can start to cause problems for your healthy hair. Lastly, try not to use heat on your hair too often, this will strip hair of its natural nutrients. These nutrients are needed to keep hair strong and looking shiny.


Our smile has the ability to affect our self-confidence massively. We often become preoccupied about the look of our smile and how white are teeth are. Our smiles are often our best accessories when we’re going au naturale so it makes sense to look after them. Of course, regular brushing, twice a day, is the first step. Sometimes this isn’t enough to reverse staining and it certainly won’t help align our teeth. Porcelain dental veneers are a good solution. These thin ‘shells’ are bonded to our teeth to give the appearance of whiter and evener teeth. Porcelain veneers are a little more expensive but they are durable and more difficult to stain.


Your skin is the foundation for any makeup look, and if you’re going out sans makeup it’s important that your skin fills you with confidence. Go back to basics and take a long hard look at your skincare routine. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising are a must. Be sure that you also treat your skin for any specific problems. This could be a treatment for acne, serum for dryness, or cooling cream for redness. Stick to your routine religiously and start to take notice of the ingredients in your skincare. Work out which are helping and which are harming your skin, this will help you to update your routine.

Are You Looking After Your Pearly Whites?


You might think that you take care of your teeth, but a recent poll would suggest otherwise. For instance, let’s think about flossing. How often do you floss your teeth? The correct answer should be after every meal, but we think we can safely say hardly anyone does this. Despite that, if you’re not flossing after each meal you’re giving more than enough time for plaque to build up around your teeth and damage your gums. Not a pleasant idea, we’re sure you’ll agree. However, that still doesn’t change the fact that twenty-five percent of people say they only floss a couple of times each week. That’s not enough and if you’re worried about this here are a few other things you should be doing to keep your teeth healthy.

Brush The Right Way

You should be brushing at a thirty-degree angle and spend about one minute on each of the four sections of your mouth. That’s right, it should take you about four minutes to brush your teeth. So anyone breezing through in thirty seconds isn’t spending long enough at all. You should also make sure that you are using an electric brush if you can. Research shows that electric brushes are far more effective for cleaning teeth compared to your typical standard brush. You need to make sure you’re getting as close to the gumline as possible too. Don’t shy away from brushing if you see a little bleeding. This might just mean you’re brushing more effectively than usual.

Use A Straw

You should make sure that you are drinking any iquids that include sugar through a straw. If you don’t do this, then you will be dousing your teeth in sugary drinks that will a damage your teeth. You don’t even want to see what happens to a tooth if you leave it in a glass of coke overnight. Needless to say, there’s not much left of it in the morning. That’s why you should be minimizing any exposure like this as much as possible.

Don’t Leave Problems To Fester

If you have an issue with your teeth, you shouldn’t just leave it. Do that, and it will quickly get worse to the point where it’s causing plenty of damage inside your mouth. If, for instance, your teeth start to hurt, make sure that you get an emergency dentist. Emergency dentists operate just like the ER. They’ll fix up your teeth quickly and ensure that no serious complications arise.

Don’t Bleach Your Teeth

Finally, you might want white teeth like the stars but let’s be honest here. Bleaching your teeth actually, weakens them so you could end up with more problems if you do this. They won’t start falling out but they will feel weaker, and you might find they don’t handle hard foods that well. That’s why it’s best to try a natural whitening treatment instead. A little lemon juice and baking soda whitens your teeth too and doesn’t result in the dangers from bleaching.

Do you still think you’re looking after your teeth, or could you take better care of your gnashers?


Get the Perfect Hollywood Smile


If you’re like most people, you probably dream of having a healthy mouth with perfectly straight white teeth – the Hollywood smile. The good news is, that unless your teeth are completely rotten, or have already fallen from your head, there are lots of simple things you can do to get a smile that the A-listers would be proud of.

Check out these neat tricks for perfecting your smile now:

Make Your Own Toothpaste

One of the simplest things you can do to whiten your teeth naturally is to make your own toothpaste by mixing 1 tsp of turmeric with 1 tsp of coconut oil and three drops of mint oil. Alternatively, you could try making your own baking soda toothpaste, which many people have also found to be good at whitening their teeth to some degree.

Rinse with Tea Tree Oil

Mix 5-8 drops of tea tree oil into 4 ounces of water and use it to rinse your mouth out after brushing. It should only take two weeks for you to see a difference in the cleanliness of your mouth and the whiteness of your teeth. It works in part because tea tree oil is great for killing off bacteria.

Have them Professionally Cleaned

Visiting a dentist that specializes in the cosmetic look of the teeth, as well as teeth health, like Dental SCV and having them professionally clean, scale and polish your teeth will have the most immediate impact on your smile. Do this at regular intervals, as recommended by your dentist, and you will be going a long way to protecting your smile in the long-term.

Cut Down on Sugar

Nothing damages teeth more quickly and effectively than sugar, so if you’re serious about having that perfect Hollywood smile, you might want to consider giving up, or seriously curbing, your sugar consumption, and particularly sodas, which will cause cavities and rot your teeth if you aren’t really careful.

Oil Pulling

Many people have had success brightening their smiles with oil pulling. This technique requires you to roll a teaspoon of coconut oil around your mouth for a few minutes each day. This helps to get rid of the bacteria that causes plaque, which yellows the teeth, It can also help to protect from gingivitis and mouth infections.

Try Hydrogen Peroxide

Yes, the chemical that you use to clean wounds and color your hair can also be used to kill bacteria and protect your smile, when swished around the mouth. Just make sure that you buy food grade peroxide and do not swallow it!

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Some studies have noticed a correlation between high fruit and veg consumption and healthy teeth. The more raw, crunchy fruits and veg you eat, the more you chew, which h helps to remove plaque. Not only that, but pineapples and strawberries are believed to have tooth-whitening properties too, so eat healthily and you’ll have a healthy smile.

Using some of the above tips, along with regular, thorough brushing and flossing, and regular trips to the dentist should be enough to safeguard your teeth and give you that perfect Hollywood smile.

Giving Age A Real Fight

Time comes for us all. We can’t remain eternally young, unfortunately. What we can do, if we’re lucky and smart about it, is make sure that we age with our health and our grace. These tips aren’t just about looking a little more youthful as we grow up. It’s about the important steps we should take to improve our health so that we can stay vital and independent well into the twilight of our lives.

pexels-photo-48663 (1)

Your skin

When we think of aging, it’s easy for our minds to immediately go to our skin and think about how it will look twenty, thirty or forty years from now. The right skin care treatment is essential to keeping skin vital but just as important is ensuring you’re not sabotaging it. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are just some of the habits that will see your skin maturing a lot faster than the rest of you.

Your heart

It’s a lot more important than your skin, so we should focus more on improving our heart health. Exercise and diet are important, but there are other factors that will impact heart health, too. For instance, stress and loneliness are two mental health dangers that increase blood pressure in the long run. Meanwhile, driving with the car window open invites the pollutants of the city into the car which decreases your heart rate variability. If your heart rate can’t change enough to accommodate your body when you need more or less oxygen through it, it puts you at an early risk of heart disease.

Your bones

We need to focus more on nutrition for our bones. Beyond calcium, some supplements contain essential minerals to ensure that we’re able to properly absorb and use calcium to keep bones stronger for longer, as shown in the AlgaeCal reviews on Supplement Police. Exercise is important for muscle health and maintaining a healthy weight, but it’s just as crucial to your bones. In most cases, we need to focus on improving our bone’s strength through weight-bearing exercises like running and jumping, but if you get joint pain, it’s time to look for low-impact exercises instead.

Your gut

As we get older, it becomes a lot easier to put on weight. Most of us know this by now. It’s because of metabolic syndrome, but the good news is that the said syndrome can be combatted. Becoming more physically active makes your body a lot better at controlling blood sugar, for one.

Your eyes and ears

The senses that help us interact with the world are at just as much risk as we get older and the only way to really protect ourselves from them is by getting regular checks from the doctor as we get older. Any changes in eyesight, for instance, from double vision to blurred sight, should be reported as soon as they happen, even if they’re temporary.

We deserve a happier, more pain-free life as we get older. But we have to work for it now and then to make sure that we can keep it. Stop yourself from becoming entirely dependent on others in the future by working on yourself now.

Are These Body Features Killing Your Confidence?

If you can look at yourself in the mirror for five minutes without starting to pick out flaws, you’re doing well. You must have quite a lot of confidence in the way you look and who you are. Most people who look too closely start to think that their nose is too big or that their teeth aren’t straight enough. They might even notice wrinkles that they’d never spotted before and perhaps even start to think of themselves as fat. These are things that you pick up on yourself. But what about how others see you? There are certain features that other people might pick up on, and it could completely kill your confidence. You don’t want that so we’ve got the issues as well as the fixes.

Thinning Hair


This is mainly an issue for guys, but it can affect girls too. If you think that your hair parting has started to grow or that you’ve developed a peak in your hairline, your hair might be thinning. Or, you could be experiencing balding. If there is an issue with your hair, it will probably be falling out a lot more than it used to. You’ll notice clumps of it in the shower or on your brush. Don’t panic if you see a few loose strands. Hair does fall out naturally, and if you have more, you’ll lose more. However, if you do notice your hair actually thinning you can think about changing your diet. A poor diet really can cause your hair to fall out. You might also want to think about investing in bamboo oil shampoo. This is a natural way of making your hair thicker and stronger.

Yellow Teeth

Are you constantly worried about your pearly whites? Perhaps they are looking are more yellow than they used to. If that’s the case, there is a natural treatment you can try. You can think about using baking soda mixed with lemon juice. Using this as a paste, you can spread it across your teeth. Doing this a few times each month will quickly get the natural white color pack. Just be careful you don’t leave it on too long. Otherwise, the natural sugar in the lemon can damage your teeth. You can also try a professional treatment. You’ll find that most dental services such as also offer cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening. The benefit of a pro treatment is that it takes hours for an effect rather than months.

Flab And Fat

Short of wearing a girdle, it’s difficult to cover the belly flab and additional body fat. So perhaps it’s time to start thinking about working it off instead. You can do this by changing your diet to include less rubbish and more veg. All you need to do is balance your diet with things that are good for you packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Do this, and you’ll soon discover that the fat disappears. Have a look online at some of the most popular diets on site such as

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Your Ultimate Hair Care Guide

For many people, their hair is their crowning glory. It is one of the easiest parts of our body to style exactly how we want, as we can chop it and dye it however we please! So there is no wonder why hair is important to so many people and want to look after their hair. If you don’t give your hair all the love and care that it needs, it could get very unhealthy, which will result in either greasy roots or extremely dry ends. Want to know how you can look after your hair as best you can? Read on for my ultimate guide to hair care!


Understand Your Hair Type

Each one of us has a different hair type. The best way to understand your hair and figure out which kind of type you have is to wash it so that it is completely clean and leave it to dry naturally without any products. First of all, you need to figure out the shape of your hair. You will either have straight, curly, or wavy hair. This shape will affect the overall health of your hair. For instance, straight hair often gets greasy and limp very quickly. However, curly hair can frizz very easily and is often very dry. As you can see, your type of hair is going to impact how you clean and style your mane. Those with straight hair will need to use shampoo suitable for oily hair that isn’t going to add too much moisture to the hair. However, those with curly hair should use shampoo and conditioner that helps the hair to repair itself, as this kind of hair is very fragile.

Use Protective Products

There are lots of styling tools that use heat to style hair. For instance, hair straighteners, curling tongs, and hair dryers all heat up the hair in order to create certain looks. However, there is one major downside to this – your hair can’t deal with all this heat, and it can strip the strands of moisture and damage them quite severely. So, if you regularly use these kinds of methods to style your hair, you need to find some productive products that can guard your hair from the heat. There are lots of serums and heat-protective sprays that you should apply to your hair before using these kinds of styling tools. If you don’t, then you should expect to see a lot of damage to your hair such as split ends.

Use Silk Pillows

Did you know that the type of pillow on which you sleep can also have a big effect on your hair? Cotton pillows can be very rough on your hair as they can cause it to tangle and get very roughed up. In some extreme cases, you could even wake up to find you have lost quite a few strands of hair! So, if you don’t want to have to think about hair transplant options after a bad night’s sleep, you should switch to a silk pillow. This will provide a slippery surface which your hair can simply glide off without too much friction.

Use Coconut Oil

No matter what type of hair you have, coconut oil will be a remarkable product for it! There are various ways you can use it on your locks. Firstly, you can try using it as a deep conditioner. To do this, you should cover all your hair with the coconut oil and leave it for at least twenty minutes. However, for the best results, you should wear a shower cap and sleep in the oil. Then you just need to wash it all out with your regular shampoo. The oil can stick to your hair quite a bit so it might take two washes to get it all out. You will find that using the oil like this will deeply nourish your hair, leaving it silky smooth. You can also use your coconut oil as a daily detangler. To do this, you just need to massage a small amount of coconut oil into your tresses before you brush and style it. As you are leaving the oil in your hair, you will find that it continues to nourish your locks throughout the day!

Don’t Dye Your Hair Too Often

Do you wish your locks were a completely different color? If so, you may be tempted to dye them. But no matter how great this looks, it just won’t do your hair’s health any good at all. This is especially the case for people whose hair is naturally very dry. Dying it will only dry it out even more, and could irritate your scalp. You should also think carefully about dying, as you may never get your natural color back as it once was. Even if you let the dye grow out, you may be surprised that your natural color comes back a lot duller than it once was. If you are desperate to color your hair, though, be sure to use natural dyes that do not contain ammonia, which can cause a lot of damage to your natural hair color.  

Go No Poo

Did you know that your shampoo might actually be damaging your hair, even if it seems to be leaving it in good condition? That’s because many shampoos contain sulfates and other artificial chemicals. Even though these leave your hair looking silky smooth, they are actually stripping your tresses of their natural nutrients. There is a growing trend for going “no-poo” which means using shampoos that contain no sulfates. In fact, some girls are turning their back on shampoo completely as, over time, hair gets used to not being washed and will keep itself healthy and shiny on its own! So if you have always wanted to save a lot of cash on your hair products, then this is certainly one option to consider! It can be very daunting going a long time without washing your hair, but there are lots of online guides aimed at helping no-poo beginners.

The Five Best Nail Colors for Fall



Finally, my favourite season is here. Don’t get me wrong, I love the long summer days, but there’s something magical about fall. The colours, the atmosphere, the cosy feeling that it gives me. Of course, it’s time to get out f the closet the warm clothes, golden accessories and rain boots, but today I’m talking about nail polish.

It’s time to say goodbye to the bright neon colours and to the delicate summer pastels and make way for the rich autumn shades and boy, I love those shades. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect fall shades, take a look at these 5 nail polishes that I’ve picked for you and get inspired.

Zoya Blaze is a gorgeous red with a burgundy feel to it. The holographic sparkles make it so special, it’s like they spice up the manicure a bit.

Zoya Payton, a dark and rich burgundy that comes to life thanks to the holographic sparkles.

Essence More than a feeling is a new shade from Essence that I fell in love it with. It’s the perfect fall shade without any doubt.

Butter London Brick Lane, a beautiful orange with golden hues that makes me think of the coloured fall leaves.

Last, but not least, the stunning Color Club – We’ll never be royals. With this polish, you have multiple colours at the same time. It’s a real stunner and a must have in my opinion.
Of course, you can wear these shades all year round, but I believe that they have a fall feel to them and I love to wear them in this season.

What are your favourite fall nail polish shades?


These Are The Essentials Every Makeup Bag Should Contain

For us girls, our makeup bags are one of our most prized possessions. We spend years building up an impressive collection of makeup products. And so, our makeup bags tend to be something that if we had to, we’d guard with our lives. (That’s a big overdramatic, but you get the point – we love our makeup!)

The only problem that we have when it comes to our makeup bags is overfilling them. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too many makeup products. Well, too many makeup products in our makeup bags, that is. At home, you can have as many products as you like, but the makeup bag that you cart around everywhere with you should only hold the essentials. And FYI, your makeup bag should not be bulging at the seams or unable to do up – that’s how makeup ends up squished all over your lovely handbag.


Want to know what essentials your makeup bag should actually contain? Then keep reading below, as all is about to be revealed.


Let’s start with tools. If you’re going to be doing your makeup while not at home, you need to ensure that you have a few makeup tools on you at all times. These should include a Beauty Blender – if you use one, a selection of makeup brushes, and a mini pack of makeup wipes – just in case. For your brushes, if you’re able to get an on-the-go pack of quality brushes, this is ideal.

Base products:

A mini moisturizer is a must-have for any makeup bag. Ideally, this should be a cream that includes SPF protection, especially for during the summer months. A primer is also worth having to hand, as this will help your makeup stay in place for longer. For an on-the-go makeup bag, a stick foundation is a great option as it’s quick and easy to use and apply. A concealer – ideally a cream formula, is also a must-have. As is a setting powder for mattifying and setting your base products in place.

Contouring and strobing:

To add a little color and shape to your face, a few contouring products are essential. A mini contouring and strobing palette could be ideal. As this should include everything that you need, from your blush to your highlighter. If not, once again stick products – blush, bronzer, and highlighter, can be a great option. This is because of how compact they tend to be, and also because of how easy to use and apply they are.

Eye makeup:

Of course, an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner is a must, as is a mini mascara, but what about your eyeshadow and brows? Your makeup bag should contain a few eyeshadow choices – ideally a mini neutral palette and a colorful mini palette. That way, whatever mood you’re in or whatever the occasion, you’re covered. For your brows, an eyebrow pencil, powder or gel is the best option. There are lots of compact version of all the best brow products, so you have plenty of choices.

Makeup setting:

Last but not least, it’s essential that your makeup bag contains a makeup setting spray, especially in this warm summer weather. There are lots of makeup sprays to choose from, most of which come in normal and compact sizes. To keep your makeup bag lightweight, it’s best to opt for a compact option.

So there you have it, a guide to the essentials that every on-the-go makeup bag should contain. Have I missed anything, what does your makeup bag consist of?

Tips for Recovering from Abdominoplasty


Plan time off

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is a major operation and you must plan enough time off work, and make arrangements for childcare, pet care, housework, shopping and any other commitments. You won’t be able to return to work for at least two weeks and you won’t be able to lift anything heavy or stand for long periods for up to three weeks.

Draft in help

You’ll need help getting out of bed, caring for children and cooking. If your children are still quite young, you’ll need two adults around so that they’re not left unsupervised if you need help. By day three you’ll be more mobile and independent, so only one person will be enough.

Do nothing for at least two weeks

No laundry, no cooking, no childcare! Too many patients worry they’re neglecting their home and family, but you need to focus on. Women have had abdominoplasty surgery using Gary Ross are told in no uncertain terms that they are allowed to be selfish for the first three weeks.

By the second week you should be mobile and able to look after children, but there should still be another adult about just in case sudden pain or fatigue takes over.

Expect to be tired for up to six weeks

After a couple of weeks you may be back at work, but find you’re in bed at 7.30pm! You’ll be OK during the day, pain and energy-wise, but you’ll need extra sleep to help you recover. Don’t fight it, it’s important if you’re to get better quickly.

Food is important

Up your protein intake and eat regularly. Add extra fruit and vegetables as well, as this can help to combat constipation as well adding vitamins.

It can take a year to heal fully

Although the majority of the pain, swelling and tiredness is gone by six weeks, there’s still a lot going on internally and externally. Your surgery site might feel numb, and you may have swelling and pain at the end of the day and the scars will be prominent and itchy. You’ll notice this all diminishing, though, so don’t worry.

The first three days are the worst

It’ll seem like the longest three days ever, but it’s over soon, as long as you rest! Just live by the clock and take your meds.

The pain meds don’t remove the pain altogether, they simply lessen it

You’ll start off on opiate painkillers, which will make you groggy, but you should be OK to come off them and go onto ibuprofen after three days.

You’ll need surgical drains for a week at least

It’s easy for your carers to learn how to empty these drains, but you’ll have to return to hospital to have them removed. You won’t be able to bathe or shower until they’re out, as the drain sites must stay dry.

You won’t be able to drive for ten days or so

You can’t drive while on opiates, and after that, you need to be able to perform an emergency stop without pain or the fear of pain. This varies from patient to patient, so take advice.

You need to avoid exercise and heavy lifting

Whatever your exercise regime was, start it off again slowly. You’ll know if you’re overdoing it, so listen to your body and avoid abdominal workouts for at least two months.