My skin and Me


Achieving the perfect skin complexion is easier said than done when it can take a lot of abuse from other elements such as sun and smoking. Skin neglect can cause dryness, dullness, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and slackening skin. So if you think your skin is in need of some improvement then keep reading and follow the conversation using the hashtag #MySkinAndMe.

Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin can be pain when it is not treated in the correct manner. It can cause tight, flaky patches of skin that can be quite uncomfortable. The reason behind dry skin is the lack of oil that keeps it moisturized. So here are a few tips to prevent this from happening.

  • Wash your face every night with warm water. It is important the temperature of the water is lukewarm because if it is too hot then it can remove necessary oils from your skin and cause dryness.
  • Use a gentle cleanser that can be found from places such as the Sarah chapman skin care range.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin- the recommended glasses of water to drink a day would be between 6 and 8.
  • Eat lots of water based foods such as berries, water melons, cucumbers and tomatoes to achieve a healthy glow.
  • Apply honey to your skin to remove any dry areas. The perfect way to achieve this is by leaving the honey on your face for 5 minutes and rinsing it off with warm water. This natural remedy is great for holding and maintaining moisture.

Dull skin

Have you ever felt like your skin isn’t looking bright and radiant instead grey and flat? Then this could mean you are experiencing dull skin. It is important that you take the necessary steps to help recover a radiant glow.

  • Use an exfoliator as it is an important part to a good skin routine. The reason being is that it makes your skin smoother because the old skin cells are removed from the top. It helps stop signs of aging because when the dead skin cells are removed it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Also, its scrubs away flaky skin to enable your skin to look and feel fresh and bright.
  • Stress is a part of life everyone has to face but it is important that we learn to manage it. The reason being is that is can affect the appearance of your skin because it causes your body to make more hormones which makes your skin produce more oil. Oily skin is more prone to achne and other skin related problems. So it always important to think of ways to reduce pressure if you’re feeling particularly tense.
  • Sleep deprivation can affect the moisture levels in your skin which can make your completion look less growly and youthful. Therefore it is always important to get 8 hours of sleep every night to keep a healthy glow.


Wrinkles happen when the skin gets thinner, less elastic and drier. It is a part of growing older but how can we manage it from happening earlier in life? Here are a few tips on how to do so.

  • Avoid excessive amounts of sunlight and always use sun screen when you’re out and about. This is because too much sun light on the skin can allow UV rays to damage and kill skin cells.
  • Smoking contains carbon monoxide and this can block the blood supply that keeps skin tissue from looking healthy. It is important to give up this habit because it not only poorly affects your skin but your health also.  

Slackening skin

Slackening skin is when the skins structure breaks down and starts to sag and hang. So here are a few tips to prevent skin from stretching and handing out of place.

  • Sticking to a balanced diet so you don’t have an excessive amount of weight gain which will cause the skin to stretch.
  • Have enough vitamin C as this produces collagen and elastin which gives your skin strength to stretch and bounce back.
  • Exercise regularly to keep muscles tight so it can help skin be more firm and taught.

Feeling Your Best: Budget Busting Ways To Do It

Let’s face it, we all want to look and feel our best, don’t we? However, some would think that to look our best we need to spend and invest in our appearance, but often this isn’t the case at all. There are ways that you can look your best without the need for a brand new wardrobe or spending copious amounts of money on the latest beauty trends. I wanted to share with you some of the budget busting ways you can do it.


It’s not about the clothes but what is underneath

Sometimes when it comes to the clothes you wear, they can often not look as good as you imagine them when they are on the hanger, or on the model when they are being advertised. This scenario is true for many people, but the issue isn’t necessarily the clothing and more to do with what you are wearing underneath. Having the right underwear that is fitted correctly can really make the difference. While you may not want to spend a lot of money you can pick up some cheap bras online easily enough, just make sure you get your sizing right so that they fit your perfectly. Being held in all the right places means that clothing will fit your body shape better.

Makeup and hair can drastically change your appearance

Sometime sit isn’t just about the clothes that you wear and more about how you present yourself. You could be in a plain white t-shirt and ripped jeans but if your hair looks fabulous and your makeup is on point then you will look amazing. Take the time to work on things like your hair and makeup, it doesn’t take much investment but it can make all of the difference to your overall appearance.

Wearing the right colours for your skin tone

Could you be wearing the right colours for your skin tone? The truth is, whether we love a colour or not, if it doesn’t suit our skin tone then it can have the opposition effect that we are hoping to achieve. This is when researching the best colours that suit you can really enhance your features. Warmer or cooler tones suit different people, so a little research online could help you find the right ones for you.

Having a capsule wardrobe

Finally, too much choice in your wardrobe can cause you dramas and actually have you reaching for the same outfit instead of trying new combinations. This is when a capsule wardrobe can really help. It gives you limited choice for items that can easily be mixed and matched together. It can then give you the creativity to try and recreate different outfits. Whether you match bold colours with textures, or go with simple combinations a capsule wardrobe can help you rediscover your style, and it is much cheaper than buying into the latest trends every week.

I hope that these tips help you to feel your best even when you are on a budget.

Get the Royal look on your wedding day


With the excitement from the Royal wedding of Meghan and Harry still present, thoughts from the big day turn to the bride herself, from the beautifully sleek dress, to the carefully crafted but relaxed up-do, and her effortlessly natural make-up, Meghan’s look epitomised the perfect bride.

So, how can you replicate Meghan’s look on your big day? Here are some hints and tips to help you achieve the perfect bridal glow.

Prepare your skin with facials

It is rumoured that Meghan herself enlisted the help of celebrity go-to facilist, Sarah Chapman. With a salon based in Chelsea, Meghan has been reportedly visiting Sarah on her visits to England after meeting Harry.

For those that don’t receive regular facials, there are many things that you can do to ensure your skin is at its best on your big day:

Exfoliate: Exfoliation, one of the most frequently forgotten about steps, is the best start to creating your perfect canvas for products and make-up. Before you head for the expensive facial products, stop, if you don’t exfoliate beforehand those ingredients won’t make a difference.

Diet: When it comes to the skin, beauty starts from within. A selection of mixed peppers and green fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants which are known for being good for the face and body. Increase your water intake to at least 3 litres a day while avoiding drinks such as tea or coffee.

Get the natural glow

Meghan’s makeup, much like her dress, was simple yet flawless. Opting for a natural look, Meghan’s sun-kissed glow was matched with a nude lip and subtle blusher. To get this look you need:

Foundation: Stay away from heavy foundation and opt for a medium coverage, apply with a Beautyblender to keep your complexion looking fresh, if like Meghan, you want to show off your freckles, then only apply foundation where needed, with minimal powder to allow your freckles to shine through.

Blusher: Meghan opted for a peachy flush on her cheeks; this was complimented by her defined brows and soft smoky eye along with natural-looking false lashes. Try a cream blush applied to cheeks for a healthy finish.

Try an up-do to show off your natural look.

When choosing a hairstyle to go with your new natural look, don’t over complicate it. Opt for a classic up-do as seen on the Royal bride herself.

This look, with her subtle middle parting allowed her natural look make-up to take centre stage, all-in-all creating the magnificent look that transformed Meghan into the effortlessly beautiful bride.

Getting Dental Implants: Everything You Need To Know


If you are at a pint in your life where you simply are not happy with your smile anymore, it can be tempting to see what dental procedures you could get for yourself. Whether you have been in an accident and chipped a tooth or simply have lost some of your shine, there is always something that can be done to give you that bright smile you have always wanted.

If there is a lot of damage to your teeth, an option you could consider is Dental Implants. Dental implants involve giving you a new set of teeth over the top of your existing teeth. It will either fill in the gap where a tooth should be, cover up a chip or even just act as a veneer. If you are looking into this procedure this year here are some things to think about.

General dentists can do it

You don’t have to go to a specialist in order to get dental implants inserted into your mouth. In fact, your regular dentist probably already knows how to complete this procedure themselves. Of course the big plus side of this is that you can stay with someone you already trust to have your implants put in and you will also be able to spend less money than if you went to a private clinic. Your dentist will know your teeth better than anyone so they will be able to give your advice based on your dental history on which options are best for you.

It can be done in one day

If you are thinking that a dental implant is going to take multiple days to fit, then you don’t need to worry at all. A dental implant is a simple job which can be done in one single visit to the dentist and this means that you can come out feeling much more confident about yourself right away. If you have a missing tooth, a dental implant will be out in and then the goal is for your bone to grow around it to form a new tooth. The procedure will only take a day, but bone growth can take a few months. Make sure you eat plenty of protein and calcium dur night these few months to speed up the process for better bone growth.

Cheaper at a dentist

As we have already touched on, private dentists are incredibly expensive and will try to get you to spend with them rather than a regular dentist. If you want to save yourself some money when you are getting this done you will be able to ask your retailer dentist to carry it out instead.

It’s a minor procedure

The beauty about science is that it is constantly changing and evolving for the better. When dental implants were first being used, they involved a very long and very invasive procedure which was uncomfortable and took a long time to recover from. These days though, the procedure is pretty quick, painless and you will be back to your normal self with a week or so as far as aches and pains go. It is not a scary procedure and when to get out you can just carry in with the rest of your day as normal.

It’s easier than pulling a tooth

If you have ever has braces as a child, you may have needed to have a few teeth pulled out for it to work. Having your tooth pulled it is pretty painful and it can take a while to heal. A dental implant is nowhere near as stressful on your mouth and it is virtually painless.  

Mind-Bogglingly Brilliant Beauty Hacks You Need In Your Life Right Now

Women all over the world have their own beauty regime that they go through pretty much every day. We wake up at the same time, and we carefully go through every step in our specific process. I think it’s fair to say that most of us end up doing similar things, meaning our routines don’t really differ too much. I could spend ages talking about all the parts that make your beauty routine come to life, but instead, I want to think about certain things hardly anyone is doing.


Yes, welcome to my article that’s packed full of little-known beauty tips and hacks that you need in your life right now. They’ll blow your mind when you try them, and they just might help you add a little extra to your looks. Take a look at these ideas here:


Body Contour

We’re no strangers to a bit of contour in our beauty routine. Plenty of us use contour on our face to bring out our cheekbones and jawlines. It’s a staple in many beauty regimes, with a lot of women claiming they can’t leave the house without it. I find contour to be a fantastic solution if you just naturally don’t have a very defined face. It helps bring more lines to it, so you don’t just feel like a round ball on a body!

Speaking of contour, did you know you don’t have to only use it on your face? That’s right, a very popular trick these days is to use it on your body. There are loads of different places and body parts that can be accentuated with some contouring. Your arms are a popular choice, as a slight bit of contour in the right places can make them appear more toned and defined. This is fantastic news as the hot weather is closing in, meaning sleeveless tops are back! But, I’ve also heard of it being used on your chest area, to help make your breasts seem more defined if you’re wearing a low-cut top. Again, a great way to tackle an area of your body that’s often a cause of confidence issues!

Facial Yoga & Massages

I’ve slipped this idea in here because I think it can save a lot of you loads of money. What’s the main concern for everyone during a beauty routine? Your face. We want to do everything we can to make our face look its best, and get rid of blemishes and wrinkles. Wrinkles are easily the biggest cause for concern, along with bags under the eyes. We often see both very vividly when we wake up after a rough night or sleep. So, we apply different creams and solutions religiously, to try and banish the wrinkles and dark circles. It sometimes works, but it costs a lot of money at the same time.

Instead, why don’t you cure both these issues for free? All you have to do is give yourself a face massage, and practice facial yoga. The massage element is great for your dark circles. Give a little massage using your fingers, and you slowly boost circulation in that area. This helps the darkness fade away over time. Facial yoga is actually a real thing before any of you question me! It’s like normal yoga, but….for your face…obviously. The aim is to do various facial exercises to gradually help tighten your skin and banish things like forehead lines and visible wrinkles. Two great things to add to your routine and both cost no money at all!

Overnight Neck Lift

Be honest, how many of you actually pay attention to your neck during your beauty regime? Hardly anyone does, but you’ll be amazed at how different your entire look will be if you have the perfect neck. Immediately, this sounds really stupid; how can you have a good or bad neck for goodness sake?! But, when you think about it, some people have loose skin on their neck that makes them self-conscious, others have wrinkles, and it actually does play a role in how you look and feel.

Normally, your neck loses its perkiness due to age, but poor posture also plays a role, which is why a lot of younger people are seeing the turkey neck effect these days. Typically, the only solution is a neck lift. But, you don’t have to go under the knife anymore, as there are things like the SiO NeckLift that can be done at home. Essentially, things like this are strips that you place on your neck before you sleep. They help tighten the skin, get rid of wrinkles, and make your neck firm once more. So, you wake up and look like a new person. This is a great little hack for anyone that’s self-conscious about their neck and can no longer hide it with a scarf due to winter being over.

Coconut Oil Conditioner

I’m sure many of you have heard about the power of coconut oil by now. It’s one of the go-to natural ingredients in the beauty industry and is fantastic for your hair. How many of you have woken up with really frizzy hair, or hair that just seems dry? No matter how well you do your makeup, you feel like your hair lets you down.

Don’t worry, all you have to do is add some coconut oil to your hair before you go out. Melt it down so you can apply it, and then leave it in with a shower cap on for around half an hour. Wash it out, let your hair dry, and your mind will be blown. Your hair will immediately feel softer, be less frizzy, and have a lovely glow to it. This brings your entire look together, making you feel a lot better about yourself.

I can almost guarantee you’re not using all of these ideas in your regular routine! If you feel like any of them will help with a particular problem you have, then give them a try. They’re easy to slip into your routine, and don’t require much additional effort either.

Those Important Aspects Of Your Look – And How To Get Them Right

If you want to look your best, you will probably agree that it is necessary to focus on a number of different elements of your overall look. It can be hard to know exactly what areas to focus on primarily, but as long as you are doing so you should find that you can look your best as often as you like. In this article, we are going to look at some of the most important aspects of your overall look, and discuss what you might be able to do to ensure that those elements are properly looked after. Let’s take a look now and see what can be done.


The Hair

If you don’t pay any attention to the hair, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to be truly happy with your overall appearance, sao it’s worth focusing on the hair first and foremost. It is entirely up to you what you actually do with your hair, of course, but it’s worth remembering that certain styles are likely to suit your particular head size and shape. If you want to play it safe, but still go for something that looks good, you might want to try something like a choppy lob. This happens to be ideal for both social and professional settings, and as such is a particularly useful one to have in your arsenal. However, it is of course entirely up to you, and only yourself can know what is best for your own look. But one thing is a certain: get the hair right, and you will be well on your way to looking your absolute best.

The Skin

The more you look after your skin, the more likely it is that you will be looking your best as regularly as you like. If you find your skincare regime has gone downhill somewhat – as can happen to the best of us from time to time – you might want to step back and re approach it again from a new angle. For instance, you might choose to treat yourself to a spa day and give your skin the opportunity to refresh and revive. Or you might just resolve to take better care of it through better cleansing and moisturising on a daily basis. It’s worth it; it makes a huge difference to your look on the whole, and you will find that it is a necessary early step to take.

The Wardrobe

It goes without saying that the way you dress is going to have a huge impact here, so make sure that you are genuinely going to be happy with your own wardrobe first of all. If you are, you can be sure of your appearance being improved, as it is very often the feeling that it gives you more than anything which makes it work in this way. Spend some time perfecting your wardrobe, and you will find that this really helps with your look on the whole.

How to be on trend this winter

As the colder months start and your suntan fades, it’s time to turn to the beauty industry for some help and advice on maintaining that glowing look ready for the party season. Heading to the local salon is a good place to start as they get their professional products from the likes of Ellisons so you know they will be on trend. But there’s no harm in checking out the latest beauty looks yourself, so you know exactly what you want when you get there.

Nail Trends

Let us start with the winter nails – an essential thing to get right if you want to look great at the Christmas party.


Now, you could go for the festive red, green or gold, which let’s face it can look out of place any other time of the year, or you can go all out with metallic. A touch of metallic silver or gold will make you stand out and compliment almost any outfit.


Alternatively, you may prefer a more neutral colour, but you could try something a little different like a khaki shade. These colours compliment the sophisticated look perfectly ensuring you are ready to impress.

Once your nail colour is sorted it’s time to find a complimentary lip colour…

Lip Trends

Although, red is a key lip colour for this season why not try something a little different. From dark shades to barley there, you will find a colour that is right for you.

Blood Red_Lips

Red with a difference, make Halloween last a little longer with a dark red shade for a seductive look. You may even want to add a little glitter and make your lips sparkle ready for the nightlife.


If you’re set on a neutral nail shade, then this is the perfect partner. Nude lips have always been popular but with a little pink colour you’ll add a bit of blush to that pout. According to the latest Ellisons style guides a little colour in the centre of the lip will be stylish this winter.

Don’t stop there complete the look with the perfect eye colour.

Eye Trends

Getting the perfect eye colour can be tricky, especially if you don’t usually use eye shadow. One top tip would be to stick to one colour and make it simple for you, or for those of you who are more experienced try a mixture of shades.


Great news, metallic eyes are bang on trend to match those metallic nails. But as this colour is such a bold statement stick to the natural lip shade – you don’t want to overdo it! When applying the metallic colours try to create a smoky eye look, which will have a better effect than a full colour.

If a smoky eye is not for you, then the graphic style may be the way to go. With full colour and luminous eyeliner, this look really stands out. The colours work best when taken around the eye and complimented by flicked eyeliner.

Like what you see, check out the #AWBeautyTrends guides from Ellisons for more inspiration.

The Things Us Girls Do To Look Good!


There’s that phrase that says “Beauty is pain”. But have you ever wondered why that seemed to only apply to girls and not guys? It’s crazy if you sit and have a think about all the things we do in order to make sure we look good. Let alone the money that we spend along the way. But you’ll never hear us complain – at least not to the boys, because we want to give off the impression that it’s easy and natural. Like Beyonce once said, “I woke up like this – we flawless” At least, that’s what we want everyone to believe.

Here are the top three things we do in order to look (and feel) beautiful.


For some reason, we only feel like a real girl when we have the pretty nails on. But if you don’t already have long, well-kept nails, then you’re going to have to pay for some. And that isn’t a cheap investment – not when you’re required to do it every month. The plus side is being able to choose beautiful colours and pattern and shapes and lengths. This isn’t really a chore, it’s actually rather enjoyable, but it does cost money, and it isn’t a one-off thing. So technically, that’s still a tough job to maintain. No matter how pretty the outcome is. You can find some of the best ideas for this fall on

Hair Removal

It hurts, it’s a regular job, it’s time-consuming – but we do it. Whether it be shaving, waxing, plucking, threading, or zapping, our need to be soft and smooth is the main priority. But sometimes it’s not as simple as that, there can be issues along the way, like ingrow hair, cuts, and bumps, and they’re never fun to try and deal with – but there is a way. You can find out how to get rid of razor bumps from, as well as figuring out how to avoid those nasty ingrown hairs. In fact, even introducing exfoliating into your routine can greatly make a difference. So do the research, not just the action – you could learn a lot and make the experience an easier one.


Do you have any idea about how much money you spend on your makeup every year? No? Well, you probably won’t want to find out, because it’ll be a lot. Remember that you’re supposed to throw out your makeup if you’ve had it for three months, and while no one really does that – imagine that extra cost if you did. Regardless of where you shop, whether that be the drugstore or the high-end beauty stores, it still all adds up. Mascara dry up quickly, eyeshadows run out rapidly, foundations disappear dramatically, and our brushes – our brushes should all be put in the bin and replaced. Like, now. You don’t want to know what’s crawling around in there. Not even kidding.

So as you can see, us women have it hard. And that’s without even mentioning that time of the month…

Blemish-Prone Skin? Banish These Habits For A Healthier Complexion


As women, our skin always seems to drive us a little bit crazy. Whether you’ve got ageing concerns, or you’re battling dry patches, we always seem to be trying to get our skin looking good. But of all the different skin concerns that you can have, it’s safe to say, that suffering from blemish-prone skin can be one of the worst to suffer from. When your skin is partial to breakouts, it can really drive you nuts. There’s not a lot that you can do to keep it under control, or is there? If you have oily or combination acne-prone skin, this is what you should avoid to keep it under control.

Touching Your Face

First up, stop touching your face! Whether you realize it or not, our hands carry germs. So when you touch your face, you’re spreading them! What’s more (and what’s even worse), if you do have blemishes and you’re touching them, not only could they become infected and get worse, but your fingers can then spread those germs across the rest of your face too. And this can make your acne significantly worse. It is a hard habit to break, but if you really want your skin to clear up, you need to keep your hands to yourself.

Sleeping With Your Makeup On

Whether you’ve got blemish-prone skin or not, this really is the cardinal sin of skin care. But throw in the excess oil production that you’ve got going on and you really do have a recipe for disaster. So ensure that you take your makeup every single night without fail. You may find that acne-specific cleansers such as these will also help you here. Getting the makeup off is crucial, but you should also be deep cleaning your skin to keep it clear too.

Eating Junk Food

Fries taste good, but when you want to keep your skin clear, you should be definitely looking at your bad diet habits a little bit closer. Because some foods will make your skin worse. So if you want to be able to clear up your complexion, you need to be working on a balanced diet rich in skin-feeding foods.

Sipping Sodas

If you’re a fan of fries, then you’re probably used to sipping on sodas too. But they’re not the best drink for your skin. In fact, when you have acne-prone skin, you should think about drinking your way to clearer skin as this post shows us Juices, smoothies, and making sure your drink enough water each day is the best way to keep your skin in check.

Skipping Moisturizer

When your skin is blemish-prone, it’s often oily too. And when you have oily skin, you can believe that drying it out and avoiding moisturizer is the best thing to do. But it’s actually the worst! Your skin may be over producing oil because it’s actually dry (and therefore combination). So to counteract that dehydration, you have to use a moisturizer that will keep your skin happy and healthy.

5 Top Tips for Stunning Press On Nails


Forget all you thought you knew about drugstore press-on nails. The new breed of press-on nails benefit from a hot new makeover – and they look fabulous. Just follow a few simple steps for fast, fabulous new nails. Here’s how to get the best from your press-on nails.

  1. Clean Your Nails

You don’t have to go overboard – press-on nails require very little prep, after all – but you do need to get rid of any excess oil and dirt on the surface of the nails so that the press-on nails will stick properly. You don’t need to buff your nails or carry out any other extensive preparation. Wash your hands and dry them – and you’re ready to go.

  1. Get in Shape

One of the keys to getting your press-on nails just perfect is choosing the right size of nail for your natural nail. Check the sizing with the packet of press-on nails you purchased. There will be different sizes in the pack. If you find you are between sizes then use the smaller, since you want a tight fit.

  1. Fix It Right

A lot of the press-on nails you find now are ready to use without any strong glue so you can enjoy fixing your nails without ending up covered in sticky gloop. That has to be a bonus. imPRESS Manicure has a glue free adhesive that stays put all day. Align the nail with the cuticle, and press down. Start pressing in the middle and move to the edges. To remove the nail you just gently peel off from the edges.

  1. Filing Systems

You don’t have to wear your nails long just because they came like that in the pack. You can file or even clip press-on nails once they are fixed. Form the shape and length you like by gently filing the edges or by clipping the nail to form a square tip.

  1. Get Creative

Press-on nails are just as creative and impressive to look at as a manicure. Check out Nail Designs  by imPRESS Manicure. Most press-on nails come in a pack with added decoration so you can add accents to the top of the nails – or you can use these accents on your regular nails. The best thing about press-on nails is they’re really easy to use so you can simply change your look whatever the occasion with just a few seconds effort.