Home Design Trends that are “IN” in 2020

Whether you’re looking to get a new home, redecorate your current home, or make improvements that will change the way you live, checking out this year’s trends is a good way to go. Keeping an eye on the trends is a good way to find inspiration and see how to get the most out of our projects. So, here are the trends that are “IN” this year.

  • Monochromatic in bold colors

If you are the kind of person that enjoys opting for one color, it’s worth knowing that pale monochromatic are out in 2020. Instead, bold colors took their place. Thus, if you like cobalt blue or any other bold color, don’t be afraid to decorate an entire room this way. This also means the walls, ceiling, and floor as well.

  • Layering modern with vintage

If everybody was chasing perfection until recently, in 2020 you should start relaxing and enjoying your time. Perfect rooms are no longer in trends, as layering modern elements with vintage and old items is the way to do this year. So, think twice before throwing that old vase you have from your grandmother and other similar items.

  • Earthy colors

No matter what we do, earth-toned colors will always be in trend when it comes to home design. There’s something soothing and calming about these colors, which can also make our home warmer and more welcoming. So, if bold colors are not the thing for you, go for earthy tones, like chocolate brown, yellow ochre, and olive green.

  • Multi-functional spaces

The old rule that the rooms within a house should be separated by doors, based on their functionality, is off. Instead, multi-functional spaces took their place, allowing homeowners to enjoy a higher degree of versatility. Having this in mind, how about having a room that offers more natural light and gives you the feeling of being outside while being protected against the weather? How is this even possible? With the help of lantern roofs, you can turn any room into a gorgeous, airy, relaxing, and full of light space. These roofs can also be the ideal solution if you want a conservatory, which is the kind of structure that keeps you safe from all types of weather.

  • Nature-inspired designs

If you want your home to be an oasis where you can rewind and chase away stress, you have to use elements that will take you back to your origins. What does this mean? It means to use wood and other natural materials, real plants, and even vertical gardens. The idea is to keep decorations to a minimum and underline the beauty of natural materials and their genuine colors.

  • Faux marble

Speaking of natural materials, there are cases when faux versions are better than genuine materials. The same goes for marble. Marble is gorgeous, without a doubt, but the thought of staining it and then spending loads of money to regain its initial beauty can truly haunt you. Instead, people opt for faux marble, which offers the same visual impact, with a lower degree of maintenance and fewer worries.

  • Classic designs for interior spaces

Contrary to what you may believe, futuristic interiors are not in trend. On the contrary, classic interiors made a significant comeback this year. In case you enjoy them as well, nothing will stop you from having them in 2020.

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