Changes To Your Home That Can Increase The Value

If you are a homeowner, you will always be looking to make sure that your home is not depreciating in value and there are a lot of things you can do to help it add more value.  Some of these could be considered quite large projects but others can be simple interior design improvements. We have come up with a few ideas below to help spark some ideas.

Structural Change

If you currently have 3-bedroom house, then making this into a 4-bedroom house is something that would add some value to it.  Doing this, all depends on the current structure of your home and if there is the actual space to do this. A way that people can sometimes do this immediately if they have the ability to do so is to convert a garage if it is connected to their home to another room.  The disadvantage of this is that you then do not have a garage to use, however, most homes do not use their garage to store their motor vehicle but to store objects in. Alternatives can be sought – for example by building a garden shed. Making this change to the home is not a mini-project and something that needs to be thought out correctly and it may even require permission from the authorities.  The benefits in terms of home value though could be quite significant. 


Sounds simple but flooring is far more popular nowadays than carpets.  If you were to purchase some really good oak wood flooring and lay this in different rooms then it could definitely add some value to your home.  Laying oak wood flooring is not something that is particularly difficult to do, and most people could probably attempt to do this on their own.  Online there are many different videos available that give you step by step instructions and when purchasing the flooring you can also buy and all in one toolkit that has everything you need to execute this in totality. 


If your home does not have a driveway but it has a front garden, then using some of this space to get a driveway is definitely something that will add value. Parking in different areas can be quite a luxury and the last thing that people want after working hard all day is to get home and struggle to get a space outside their home to park their car.  Building a driveway is also a bit of a project and if you are not experienced in this then it is best to call in the experts to support. Like the structural changes project, you may need permission to build a driveway, specifically as you will need to normally lower the pavement outside your home. Neighbours have the opportunity to object to this project but would need to have reasonable grounds.  Make sure you get in touch with the authorities in advance and follow the process to legalise this.

Make sure to consider making these changes to your home in 2020.


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