Benefits of Non-Invasive Procedures in Treating Essential Tremor

If you have a severe case of Essential Tremor then you may have considered a variety of options to alleviate your symptoms. If even medication has done little to help you, you then may turn to your doctor for a medical alternative. The latest procedure is an incisionless one called Neuravive using non-invasive focused ultrasound and your doctor may recommend that you undergo it. Read on to find out more about this treatment.

What is Neuravive?

Neuravive is an incisionless surgical treatment for Essential Tremor, using non-invasive focused ultrasound which has been improving the lives of dozens of patients over the years. It targets the Vim of the thalamus. This is the part of the brain which deals with motor and sensory feelings and it is also where the faulty signals arise that result in uncontrollable shaking.

The patient lies in an MRI scanner to ensure that the doctor has a clear picture of what is going on and then focused ultrasound waves are directed to the target in the thalamus. This causes a lesion which helps to lessen the patient’s tremors.

Why Undergo Neuravive?

If someone is unable to do basic everyday activities like take a drink or eat food because of their hand tremor from essential tremor, they may consider some sort of treatment to take back control of their life.

A patient may be advised to try various treatments such as natural remedies like yoga or mindfulness or may be prescribed medications. These treatments have had a positive effect for many with Essential Tremor but they may also not be right for some people. In these cases, a person may consider undergoing an incisionless surgical solution like Neuravive to realize tremor improvement.

Quick Recovery

One of the biggest benefits of a non-invasive treatment like Neuravive is the quick recovery time. There are no incisions which need to heal. Patients may feel slightly dizzy after treatment, but this often resolves. In fact, the majority of Neuravive treatments are performed on an outpatient basis, so there is no need for a hospital stay. The entire procedure is conducted without anaesthesia and with an awake patient to provide feedback on their tremor improvement. This is extremely impressive, medically speaking, as there are not many treatments which can be handled in such a manner.

The Best Results

The results for focused ultrasound speak for themselves. Many patients report a noticeable improvement in their hand tremor after the treatment. Just one treatment is enough to significantly improve their life and allow them to return to daily activities. Tasks which were difficult before like drinking or writing will now be much easier.

If you think that the prescribed medication or other alternatives are having little effect on your essential tremor, speak to your doctor today. Neuravive might be the remedy you are looking for.

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