Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Scent for Your Wedding Day

Have you ever smelled a particular scent that vividly reminded you of an important event in your life? It’s because fragrance triggers memories. Scents can transport you back to one of the best memories you have in your life. Now that you’re getting closer to your big day, splurge on a signature fragrance that will always be associated with your wedding day. Can’t decide what to pick among countless scents? Why not match your fragrance to the theme of your wedding and the venue itself? Here are several women’s perfume options you may consider for your special day.

For a Beach-Themed Wedding 

Picture this: the ocean waves touching your toes, the picturesque view of the horizon as the light blue sky touches the dark blue sea, the cool breeze passing through your long locks as you walk down the sandy aisle — store all these happy moments in your mind with a classic scent that will make you remember your special day. Try Dior J’Ador InJoy for a refreshing and citrusy fragrance. 

For a Classic Church Wedding 

If you are dreaming of walking down the aisle of a solemn cathedral with Beautiful in White playing in the background, then Bvlgari Rose Essentielle is the perfect scent for you. This perfume has a very feminine and sweet smell that will make you think of your wedding bouquet and the crisp floral arrangements along the aisle. 

For a Garden-Themed Wedding

Wear Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton when you say “I do” while being surrounded by blooms in a relaxing and vibrant garden. The scent has subtle sweetness with notes of blooming flowers and vanilla cream. This fragrance also has a hint of peach along with roses and is sure to make you smell fresh.

For a Wedding in a Grand Hall

Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence is perfect for the on-the-go bride who is ready to hit the dance floor with her dashing man and their spirited squad. With sparkling champagne as its top scent, you will rock the entire reception. This fragrance screams luxury and glamour that will definitely make your wedding a night to remember.

For a Small, Intimate Indoor Wedding

Not all brides prefer a grand and loud celebration—some settle for a small wedding with the family of the bride and groom and close friends as the sole guests. Small weddings are usually the most intimate ones—as a bride, you’ll get to personally interact with the ones closest to you. Try Premiere by Gucci for that musky aroma.

Feel extra special on your wedding and choose from these staples of scents that will take you back to that remarkable day by triggering happy memories. Whatever theme you have, these scents will definitely do their magic.

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