Magnificent Home Improvements For Every Room In Your House

I’ve read a lot of articles about home improvements, and I’ve written a fair share myself too! What interests me is that most home improvement ideas focus on one room in the home. Normally, it’s something big like remodeling a bathroom or bedroom, etc. Now, this will only improve one area of your home so you might be a bit iffy about going through with it. Similarly, a lot of massive home improvements cost a lot of money and are very intrusive as you have builders coming in and out of your house for weeks. Again, this can put people off these ideas, leaving you with seemingly no way of improving your home.

Well, I want you to stop thinking of home improvements as colossal tasks that cost a lot of money. Instead of saving up to remodel one room in your home, why don’t you spend your cash on many little home improvements for every single room instead? For me, this is a great idea as your whole home can enjoy the benefits, with every room getting a new lease of life.

Want to know some ideas? Okay, here are some magnificent home improvements for all your rooms:


Living Room: A Contemporary Fireplace

I’ll begin my list of ideas in your living room – the place where your family will probably spend the most time together. It’s normally the main room of your house, so there are some pretty big things you can do here. A lot of simple ideas are great, such as buying new furniture, putting down some new carpet, or changing the drapes. Personally, my favorite idea is to install a contemporary fireplace. This is a beautiful thing that becomes a focal point of your living room. Guests will be amazed by it, and it acts as an additional heater too. A lot of homes are built with fireplaces in the living room anyway, so it’s just a case of getting a modern one installed. There are quite literally tons of fireplace designs out there for you to have a look at. Sites like HomeBNC have loads of cool ideas to take a look at if you’re interested. Now, I know what you’re thinking; what if you don’t have a real fireplace in your living room. Does this mean you can’t attempt this idea at all? Nope, you can get a fake fireplace installed if you want. These look like modern fireplaces, but they’re fully electric instead of having space for a real fire. So, there’s no need for a chimney, meaning anyone can install one!

Dining Room: Extendable Dining Room Table

Dining rooms are quite a weird place because they only really serve one purpose. The sole reason you go into your dining room is to eat dinner as a family. Some people might not even have a dining room and could eat in the kitchen. Or, they have an open-plan setting where the dining area is almost part of the living room. Regardless, there is one simple home improvement you can make here; upgrade your dining room table! You’ve probably had yours for years, and it’s getting a little bit creaky and out of fashion. Not only that, but the chairs are starting to wear down too, so you may as well replace the lot. I won’t zero in on a particular style here as it depends on what the rest of your room looks like. Some people love wooden dining room tables, others want metal ones, and some even like glass. My suggestion is this; get an extendable one. An extendable dining room table will provide you with extra space when you need it, but fold away neatly when you don’t. This saves space and makes the whole room look a lot bigger.

Kitchen: Quartz Countertops

Moving into your kitchen and there are a million and one different things you could do to improve it. However, my idea is to replace your countertops with something new and fresh. Get quartz countertops installed, then stand back and marvel at how gorgeous your kitchen now looks. You don’t realize how important the countertops are to the overall design of your kitchen until you change them. Now, you’ll see how old and dirty the other ones are! Why a quartz one? Two reasons. One; it’s the modern trend right now, everyone is installing quartz counters because they’re so exceedingly beautiful. Two; they’re very strong and durable, meaning they last an extremely long time. You won’t struggle to find a supplier, loads of companies like World Stone Group are selling quartz nowadays. It used to be hard to find a good supplier, but now that this material has become much more popular, it’s a lot easier to get your hands on. There are plenty of different designs and styles to choose from, pick one that will liven up your kitchen!


Bedroom: Ambient Lighting

Naturally, you may have multiple bedrooms in your home. There’s the master one where you reside, then the other bedrooms for children, and possibly a guest one too. Obviously, it’s hard to choose home improvements for the other rooms because you don’t really use them, and kids bedrooms are designed to their tastes. So, this suggestion is for your bedroom. My idea is to get ambient lighting installed in your bedroom. You’ll find loads of options, but I particularly like the look of the Philips LightStrip. Basically, this is a strip you can attach to your walls or ceiling, and turn it on. It will glow different colors depending on what mood you want to set and creates amazing lighting in your bedroom. Trust me, a simple change to the way your room is lit will improve it dramatically. Watching movies in bed just got a lot more atmospheric, lying in bed relaxing with a book just became more peaceful, and date night just got a lot more romantic.

Bathroom: Heated Floor/Toilet Seat

As we continue our journey around your house, we reach the bathroom. Some say this is the most sacred room in the house, a place where you can relax in the bath for hours – or just sit on the toilet reading a book. This is probably the most popular room when it comes to remodeling jobs. Loads of people spend masses of money redesigning their bathroom because there are simply so many things you can do. However, we’re all about relatively small ideas that make a big impact. So, instead of doing anything crazy and completely changing the design of your bathroom, we’ll focus on making it a little bit more cozy and comfortable. Yes, heated flooring is such a wonderful addition to every bathroom. It makes the whole place warmer, which sets the mood if you’re trying to relax in the bath. Not only that, but what’s the worst thing about stepping out of the bath/shower? Cold feet! Your warm feet touch the cold tiles, and it sends a massive wave of coldness throughout your body. With a heated floor, you no longer get this problem! Seeing as you need to install the heating mechanisms under the flooring, you could also decide to change the floor tiles in your bathroom if you want to jazz things up.

Those of you with a keen eye will notice I’ve written heated floor/toilet seat as my idea for the bathroom. Why? Because some people don’t have their toilet in their bathroom. If you do, then this sounds incredibly weird to you! But, some have their toilet in a standalone room, so, I thought I’d give a mini suggestion for that room too. A heated toilet seat is exactly what you think it is, and provide maximum comfort while you get the job done.

(Bonus) Spare Room: Turn It Into Whatever You Want!

I thought I’d end things with a little bonus idea for a spare room – if you have one. Not everyone has the luxury of a spare room, but you can kind of apply this idea to your attic, basement, or even your garage. Essentially, improve this room that you don’t use by turning it into something you will use! I know, this sounds like a big renovation project, but it’s not. Get a cheap desk and an office chair, and you’ve got a home office instead of a spare room. Buy a bookcase, fill it with books, get some comfy beanbags, and you have a library in your home. My point is, multiple ideas require very little effort, hardly any money, yet completely improve this room.

Wow, that seemed like a massive article to me, but if you’ve made it this far then thank you very much for reading! Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas that will help you improve your home from top to bottom. Sometimes, it can feel like a waste of money to splash the cash on a big remodeling job just to change one room in your house. Instead, think about my ideas, and you can improve every single room.

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