How To Eco-vate Your Home


Eco-vating is a means of renovating your home in order to make it more eco-friendly. On top of saving the planet, choosing more eco-friendly methods can help save you a lot of money. It could lower your energy bills and up the value of your home. Here are just a few ecovation methods to consider.

Insulate your home

Uninsulated homes lose heat faster. This results in having to turn on the heating more often, using up more gas or electricity (depending on you heating source).

The loft is the most common place where people lose heat. In fact, as much as 30% of a home’s heat can be lost through an uninsulated roof. You can install your own insulation by buying a thermal wool material such as fibreglass or using insulating panels. Alternatively, you could hire a professional to blow foam insulation into the walls of your loft.

Windows and doors are another place where can easily be lost. Replacing your windows and doors with more energy-efficient versions could help to contain heat. Alternatively, you could use simple DIY methods such as using draft excluders on doors and applying window insulating film to windows.

Other modes of insulation include cavity wall insulation, pipe insulation and floor insulation. Newer properties may already be insulated enough that they don’t need these upgrades, whilst older properties may have little insulation at all.

Switch to sustainable energy sources

Mains electricity and gas is commonly produced by burning fossil fuels, although providers are more commonly using sustainable energy sources. Going off-grid and providing your own gas and electricity could make your home greener and cheaper to run in some cases. Installing solar panels could allow you to generate your own electricity from the power of the sun. Those in windy locations meanwhile may benefit from home wind turbines. Biomass boilers meanwhile are an energy-efficient method of heating that could allow you to do away with gas. All of these sustainable energy upgrades can be costly to implement, but could prevent you having to pay bills in the future.

Improve your water heating

If you still use an old water heating system, it could be time to upgrade to an electric tankless water heater. Rather than heating up gallons of water in a tank, these water heaters only heat up water when a hot water faucet is in use. These water heaters could help you to reduce your heating costs by as much 50%. It’s worth shopping around for water heaters to get the most effective one.

Recycle your water

Another way of making your home more eco-friendly could be to start recycling water. When it comes to gardening, most households can benefit by buying a rain barrel. This could allow you to use rainwater to sprinkle on your garden rather than using a hose connected to the water mains. You can also install a water recycling system in your home, which recycles wastewater from your sinks and shower to use for toilet flushing. This could help you to reduce your water consumption.

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