Thinking Of Selling Your Home? Before You Do, Prioritize Curb Appeal!

So the time has come to sell your home. If you are currently considering putting your home on the market and moving to somewhere new, then you most probably want to ensure that your home sells quickly and also that it sells for a good price. Of course, there are never any guarantees when it comes to property. However that being said, by focusing on the curb appeal of your property, you can improve the chance that your home will sell quickly and for a good price.

Did you know that people make their opinions about a property within the first 15 seconds of seeing it? That’s right, from when they park up outside, opinions are already being made. It’s always difficult to change people’s perceptions of something once they had formed an opinion. So it is important that when potential buyers pull up outside of your home, the first impression that they form of the property is a positive one.

With that in mind, below is a guide to how you can prioritize your home’s curb appeal to help increase your chances of a quick sale and a high price. For everything that you need to know, read on.


Pressure wash or repaint

There is nothing worse, or more off-putting, than seeing a property that is stained. That’s why, unless you recently redecorated the outside of your home, before you put it up for sale you need to think about how its paintwork looks. Perhaps pressure washing the building could be the answer to removing any dirt that has accumulated over time? This should always be the first step that you take, as this is the most cost-effective option. However, if after being pressure washed the property still doesn’t look as clean or smart as it could do, then you may need to hire a contractor to repaint your property. If this is the case, make sure to stick to cream or white, as neutral colors tend to be more popular with buyers.

Landscape your garden

If your home comes with a front garden, as well as a back one, it is vital that you take the time to have it professionally landscaped. A garden that is messy and out of control can instantly put buyers off because if you don’t take care of your garden, they will wonder what else you don’t take care of. The last thing that you want is potential buyers thinking that your home is not well taken care of, as this can be an instant turn off. So landscaping your garden in a smart way is important. If you’re blessed with a green thumb, you can do this yourself, but if gardening isn’t your thing, you might want to hire a contractor to deal with this for you. Ask them what they would recommend doing to enhance the space and go with whatever they recommend – within reason, of course.

Decorate your porch

Your front porch is the focal point of your home, which is why it is crucial to ensure that it looks the part. Take the time to look at your front porch objectively and determine what you need to change and improve to make it look more appealing, and your home feel more welcoming. If the door’s paint is old or peeling, repaint it. If the steps are dirty, pressure wash them. If there aren’t already a couple of potted plants or shrubs by your front door, invest in some. Is there an outdoor light by the porch that is in working order? If there isn’t, replace it or have one fitted. Need inspiration for ensuring that your porch looks its best? Take inspiration from Pinterest – you are sure to find some gorgeous porch ideas on here.

Enhance your garage

If your home has a garage, the same thing applies as above – you need to find ways to enhance your garage door. A visible garage door is a focal point of the front of your property and a large part of your home’s curb appeal, so it is vital that you take care of this feature. If your garage door is old or in a state of disrepair, it is important that you contact specialists in garage door repairs to restore your garage door to its former glory. If the door is in too much of a state of disrepair, then another option could be to replace it altogether. You can also choose to add potted plants to the exterior of your garage to help increase its curb appeal further. The smarter you can make this feature of your home look, the better.

Focus on the little things

One of the most important things when it comes to a property’s curb appeal is the little things. Often it’s the smaller details that can be construed as being insignificant that actually make the biggest impact on the appearance of your home. These include things like your property’s exterior lighting, the plants that are dotted around, and the smartness of any walkways or paving. For instance, cracked or stained paving is a sign that a home hasn’t been taken care of properly and can put buyers off or impact the value of your home. When it comes to your home’s curb appeal, little things like the paintwork of your porch handrail, for instance, are key factors in ensuring that your home makes a good first impression on potential buyers.

When it comes to selling your home, naturally you want to ensure that it sells for the best price, and is sold as quickly as possible, which is why it is so crucial to take curb appeal seriously. A property that is not well taken care of won’t sell as quickly or for such a high price. Don’t compromise your chances of making a quick sale and getting a good price for your home, take the time to improve its curb appeal before putting it up for sale. This might take time to do, but that fact is if you make the effort, you will reap some fantastic rewards.

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