Control The Mold Before It Controls You!

We’re in the part of the year where the temperatures plummet and ice and snow are prevalent. We may be rid of the summer time bugs, but there’s other nasties out there that are present in the winter months and one of those nasties is mold. Dark nights, cold and damp weather and the formation of ice outside means the heating goes on and we no longer open the windows. Not doing this means that the quality of the air in the home drops and mold has the chance to creep right in.

Mold loves humidity, and with the heating being on and the windows being closed, you couldn’t get more humid if you tried! Proper ventilation is exactly what your home needs to avoid mold, and where you may have already installed flooring like DMX 1-STEP, which maximises air circulation for a healthier home, you need to consider other ventilation options. Obviously, you don’t want to leave windows open all the time when the temperatures are below zero, but there are plenty of preventative measures that you can take to stop the growth of mold in your living space.


  1. Where you can, dry your clothes outside. It’s not going to happen in the winter; all you’ll achieve is frozen trousers! But drying clothes inside can cause condensation to form if the place you are hanging wet clothes is not properly ventilated. Make sure your washer and dryer are both properly ventilated, and try to keep clothes in a specific space, like a conservatory. This way, you can throw open the windows to that room while keeping your house closed off and warm.
  2. If you have family members who smoke, ban smoking from inside the house. Those toxins in the smoke clouds rise and reduce the air quality in the house, which also linger and can cause mold in the walls. Smoking shouldn’t be happening anyway, but if possible, smokers should always be outside.
  3. Regularly having your carpets shampooed could be a cause of mold in the flooring, but if you are getting them dried properly, you shouldn’t have a problem. There are plenty of nasties that live in the carpets and if you have ensured that your carpets are shampooed correctly, you can get rid of them far easier. Try and avoid the installation of carpets in rooms that have sinks like bathrooms and kitchens. Laminate flooring is a far better idea if you can, as you can avoid the floors becoming wet.
  4. Using mold removal products on a regular basis is a smart plan for keeping mold out of your home. You may not even see mold, but prevention is better than a cure and if you can input mold cleaners into your regular cleaning schedule, then you can see the differences in your home all the time.

You’ll always notice if coloured mold sets into your home, because you’re preventing it from occurring in the first place. Control the mold in your home, so that it doesn’t overtake and control you.

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