How to be on trend this winter

As the colder months start and your suntan fades, it’s time to turn to the beauty industry for some help and advice on maintaining that glowing look ready for the party season. Heading to the local salon is a good place to start as they get their professional products from the likes of Ellisons so you know they will be on trend. But there’s no harm in checking out the latest beauty looks yourself, so you know exactly what you want when you get there.

Nail Trends

Let us start with the winter nails – an essential thing to get right if you want to look great at the Christmas party.


Now, you could go for the festive red, green or gold, which let’s face it can look out of place any other time of the year, or you can go all out with metallic. A touch of metallic silver or gold will make you stand out and compliment almost any outfit.


Alternatively, you may prefer a more neutral colour, but you could try something a little different like a khaki shade. These colours compliment the sophisticated look perfectly ensuring you are ready to impress.

Once your nail colour is sorted it’s time to find a complimentary lip colour…

Lip Trends

Although, red is a key lip colour for this season why not try something a little different. From dark shades to barley there, you will find a colour that is right for you.

Blood Red_Lips

Red with a difference, make Halloween last a little longer with a dark red shade for a seductive look. You may even want to add a little glitter and make your lips sparkle ready for the nightlife.


If you’re set on a neutral nail shade, then this is the perfect partner. Nude lips have always been popular but with a little pink colour you’ll add a bit of blush to that pout. According to the latest Ellisons style guides a little colour in the centre of the lip will be stylish this winter.

Don’t stop there complete the look with the perfect eye colour.

Eye Trends

Getting the perfect eye colour can be tricky, especially if you don’t usually use eye shadow. One top tip would be to stick to one colour and make it simple for you, or for those of you who are more experienced try a mixture of shades.


Great news, metallic eyes are bang on trend to match those metallic nails. But as this colour is such a bold statement stick to the natural lip shade – you don’t want to overdo it! When applying the metallic colours try to create a smoky eye look, which will have a better effect than a full colour.

If a smoky eye is not for you, then the graphic style may be the way to go. With full colour and luminous eyeliner, this look really stands out. The colours work best when taken around the eye and complimented by flicked eyeliner.

Like what you see, check out the #AWBeautyTrends guides from Ellisons for more inspiration.

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