Throwing a memorable event isn’t always the easiest task, and that rings twice as true if you’re trying to throw an event in the winter, when the lousy weather outside sets people’s baseline moods lower than in the warmer months. You really have to work to make a winter event stunning – you have to cultivate an atmosphere that mixes cozy-ness and conviviality, without sacrificing the kind of open-air freshness of a summer party. Luckily, with these few tips, you’ll be able to throw an awesome event in the depths of January or February, and guarantee that people will be talking about it well in July and August.


Embrace The Season

When attending a party, people often look for a counterpoint to the weather. For instance, if it’s warm outside, people look to be refreshed, perhaps by a pool. In the winter, people want to be warm and cozy. Embracing the winter season means gearing your décor towards warmth and good cheer – you can accomplish this by ensuring that there is a bar at the event (perhaps two or more bars, depending on the size) and that it is well stocked with seasonally appropriate drinks. You don’t want a bar that’s just stocked with Coronas and tequila; you want a wide variety from which to choose. This seasonality goes for the food as well. Make sure your venue has a relationship with a good quality caterer, one who can work with you to create the perfect winter menu (think hearty and rib-sticking), like the kind of venue you’ll find at online, who are able to help in all aspects of the event planning.

A Little Fresh Air

As important as it is to be cozy at a winter party, people need access to some fresh air as well (whatever their reason might be). Check to see if the venue you’re booking has much in the way of an outdoor space, and, if they do, check if they have space heaters, just in case your outdoorsy partygoers get a little chilly. Having a mix of indoor and outdoor space allows for more free movement, and less of a feeling of constraint amongst guests. Also, the air in winter, as well as the stars, can be particularly breathtaking.

Put On A Bit Of A Show

Once you’re done dealing with the décor, which should be both festive and restrained, and the food and drink, which should be both comforting and varied; and once you’ve secured a space that has a good mix of inside warmth and outside freshness, you can turn your attention to the razzmatazz. LED lights, a stage for speeches or performances, projectors, TVs, surround sound audio – these are all great features, and if you’re lucky enough to find somewhere that can offer all of this, without you having to shop around privately for each component of your event’s production, you should snatch it up. One of the key things that sets a memorable event apart from a forgettable one, is the quality of the sights and sounds.

Whether you’re throwing an event for the holidays, where the pep and buzz of excitement is palpable, or you’re throwing an event in the new year when people tend to be a little more buttoned-up and reserved, you want to make sure that your event is the highlight of their week (if not their year). Why let summer have all the fun – try throwing a winter party this year!