7 Genius Ways To Organize Your Closet

If you often find that you struggle to come up with ways to keep your belongings organized, then it is time to change. When everything has a home, the whole space can be clean, tidy, less stressful, and much more user-friendly. Closets and drawers are some of the worst things for things. We just stuff them full of so much stuff, right? So here are some genius ways to get your closet and drawers organized. You can thank me for it later.


  • Shoe boxes are great for organizing. You often won’t need to use them for your actual shoes (unless they’re a fancy pair that need to be kept pristine). You can put them in drawers to use as a drawer organizer, specially for sock and underwear drawers. 
  • Pool noodles are a great way to help shoes and boots to keep their shape. They can be super cheap to buy which is handy; then just chop them up to fit your shoes or boots. It can stop your boots from getting squashed and damaged, especially as they aren’t used all year round. 
  • Shoe racks are your new best friend when it comes to being organized. You can display all of your shoes and keep pairs of shoes and sandals together. You can also use shoe racks that hang on doors as a nifty way to store things like jewellery and toiletries. So if you need some organization in your life, then you could find shoe racks for sale and stock up. They are pretty versatile which is great. 
  • At this time of year, you are going to need your scarves and pashminas. But what can be half of the problem is having to iron it before you need to wear it. So hang your scarves on a pants hanger. They be draped over and piled up which is good for seeing what you have. Then when you need one, you can just grab it and it will be crease-free. 
  • Shower curtain rings can be a great way to hang things like shorts and pants, if you have quite a lot. Folded, they take up quite a lot of room. But if you use the shower curtain rings, it can mean displaying them easily and making your closet feel like your own designer store. 
  • You don’t need to spend a lot to get organized. You can make a good jewelry organizer by simply using something like an ice cube tray. It works well for rings and earrings, and it will fit well in a drawer. Simple, but it works. 
  • Having a declutter is a great way to get organized. You could go through your closet and ask yourself ‘if I was shopping right now, would I buy this?’ If the answer is no, then you probably have your answer of if you need it or not. You could sell or give to charity if they are in good condition. It will help keep things organized, as well as fill your closet with on the things that you want to wear.

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