Stuck In A Dead End Job? Here’s How To Make A Change


You may come to a point in your life where the job you once loved just doesn’t give you that same spark of passion anymore, or maybe you have never truly found your calling and stuck with the practical option for you family. Being stuck in a job you no longer thrive in can be debilitating to your health, mental state and happiness. We spend on average 70% of our time at our job, so it is crucial that we find a job that makes us happy. Life is too short to work somewhere you hate.

But how do you go about taking that step and changing your career path?

Step Back And See Yourself From A Different Perspective

Before you rush into making crazy changes to your life. Take a moment to understand the reasons for why you feel the way you do. Is it the morning commute which puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the day? A boss who you struggle to get along with? Or is it just the job role itself? Once you have answered all of these questions you will be able to see where the changes need to be made and how you will rectify your situation.

Let Go Of Your Worries

There is clearly something standing in the way of your success and progression in your professional life. What is it? Finding the root cause of your issues will help you to change the situation and change your life for the better. Look at the patterns of behaviour which stop you from reaching your full potential and this will allow you to work your way around it and solve your issues.

Say Yes To Your Dreams

Close your eyes and imagine the one thing you wish you were doing right now. Once you have the image in your mind, hold onto it and work out what you need to do to achieve it. Research online and write down every qualification, skill and step you need to complete to reach that goal. Even if it is a big dream like earning a Doctorate of Nursing Practice or becoming a scientist: it shouldn’t stop you from working towards your dream career. The biggest hurdle you will have to overcome in your path to success is your own self-doubt. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it, and start working towards it. Take an online course to earn a degree alongside your full-time job, start a blog, offer your photography services… whatever the dream, it won’t make itself.

Explore it and try it on

You might think that what you want is what you want, but you don’t truly know if it’s right for you until you try it. Narrow down the top three things you would love to pursue and try each of them if you can. For example, if you have a passion for photography, writing and social media: try out becoming a blogger for a while to learn about social media management and content creation, and offer your photography services for weddings and birthdays to see what it’s really like be a professional photographer. You may find that after a while of trying out these things for yourself, that they are too hard or don’t satisfy your professional cravings.

It’s ok to try things and admit that it’s not right, if you are a creative person, it can take you years to find that perfect career path which encapsulates everything you want in life. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Eventually you will find something that makes you want to wake up at the crack of dawn each day and never have a day off sick. When you find that one thing, hold onto it with all your strength and never let go.

Create it S.M.A.R.T.

Be realistic with yourself. If you are starting at the bottom step of the ladder, you won’t reach the top within a few months. Make a realistic set of milestones and goals for yourself to follow in order to reach that ultimate place at the end. If you want to become a published writer and a New York Times’ bestseller, it’s not going to happen straight away. You will have to plan out your novel, develop the plotlines, make your characters come to life, edit the book, get your family to proofread it, and then you’ll need to get in touch with a literary agent to publish your book. Even then, you might not be accepted for publication, meaning that you will have to self-publish your novel instead. It might take weeks for you to earn money from your masterpiece, but eventually you could be the next JK Rowling and become renowned across the world for your stories.

It’s a long process which could take you well over a year to produce the book, and then another year to get it published and start making sales of your creation. So don’t expect yourself to magically be a best-selling author right away. Give yourself the time to develop your skills and your writing to that standard. You might even take a course on creative writing to improve your vocabulary and the standard of your grammar within the book.

The point is that you can’t ask too much from yourself. It will stress you out and cause you to work overtime on achieving a goal which is unachievable. Be smart with the way you plan, split things up into manageable sections and allow yourself extra time in case things go wrong. Reaching out for your dream career will take a lot of hard graft, tears, tantrums and gallons of coffee. But once you split your goals up into small chunks, every time you reach a milestone you will feel a boost in confidence and one step closer to that aim. You need to be ready to put in all of your spare hours into getting that job you love, otherwise you will never reach that goal.

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