Optimize Your Home

Your home is most likely the centre of your life. It’s your pride and joy. All of you with have specific things that you love about your home. Mom’s, it’s usually the kitchen. Teenage boys, it’s usually their bedroom. But one thing most people lack is making the most of every room. Whether that be with tech, furniture, or accessories. Check out these ways you can add a little snazzyness to your home.



There’s so much tech out there that can help you with things such as reducing energy bills, or just generally making home life easier. For the bedroom, invest in something such as the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link. It’s a little device that does what it says on the tin. There’s nothing worse than being to hot or to cold in the night, this will solve all of your issues. It doesn’t have any fan blades either, so you could easily put one in your children’s bedroom.

Why not try something like a smart meter. They’re a relatively new piece of technology, but are so efficient for saving you some pennies. You can control it from your phone, and do thing such as put the heating on a few minutes before you get back to the home, switch the water on etc. All of this can be done from a remote location. Check this out and see which one you prefer. You definitely won’t be disappointed with the money it saves.

You could even look to put something such as mood lighting in either the bedroom, or the living room. If it’s in the bedroom, the dim light can help you naturally fall asleep. Using soothing colours such as blue’s, oranges, and greens to have you drift off. If it’s in the lounge, you can get tech that’ll change the colour of the lights to the sounds being played on the TV. A novelty feature that is bound to amaze all of your guests.


The comfiest part of your home. In the bedroom, try optimising your space with a different bed frame. You can either get ones that pull up and reveal a large under bed space. Or there are plenty out there that have a few pull out compartments underneath. It’s so hard to find space in the smallest room in the house, so make use of what you have!

One cool idea for the longue is footstools that open up, and have a lot of storage room inside them. A lot of people don’t have recliner sofas, so this one is a win win. It’ll give you a place to rest your feet, and storage space for things such as toys if you have kids. Or it can be a place to put accessories such as remotes, maybe even magazines and books so they’re out the way but easily accessible.

Optimising your home really isn’t hard, it can either save you a lot of pennies, or just make your home generally more aesthetically pleasing. If you have anymore tips, leave a comment below!

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