Is Your Job Causing Long Term Damage To Your Health?


No job should compromise your health. Whilst many jobs have health and safety precautions in place, there are still many forms of long-term damage that we ourselves can take action against. Here are a few ways to keep yourself safe at work.

Take a stand

Do you spend most of your job sat behind a desk? A sedentary lifestyle can come with many long-term health problems. Bending over a desk can damage your posture. Constantly relaxing the muscles in the stomach meanwhile can cause these muscles to wear and promote weight gain. The knees meanwhile can also suffer damage from being bent for long periods. An easy way to prevent all this long-term damage is to regularly take a break from sitting down and stretch your legs. Walking around for five minutes at a time every hour could be enough. Some people have even taken the option to buy a stand-up desk.

Save your breath

Various chemicals when breathed in can cause respiratory problems later in life. These include industrial chemicals and flour, as well as more dangerous substances such as asbestos. In such jobs, a safety mask will generally be supplied – be sure to wear this to avoid long term damage to your lungs.

Turn down the volume

Similarly, many jobs can involve exposure to loud noise. This can cause hearing loss later on in life. Common careers that result in hearing loss involve construction, airport work and music venue work. Always wear ear protection where supplied to protect your ears against damage. If you start to experience hearing loss, it could be worth visiting a specialist who may be able to fit a hearing aid and return your hearing to normal.

Kick up your heels

Do you regularly wear high heels to work? When worn on a daily basis, heels can cause many joint problems as well as back problems. This can negatively affect mobility later in life. Take a break from heels and try to wearing them only on special occasions. You can also take actions such as lowering the size of your heel.

Rest your eyes

Most of us spend our jobs looking at computer screens or tills. Whilst there is still growing research into the damage that this can cause, it’s been shown that reading in poor light can cause long-sightedness later on in life. Make sure that your office desk or premises is well lit so that you’re not straining your eyes. If you do require reading glasses, make sure that you’re wearing them as straining your eyes will cause further damage.


Stress is indeed the biggest killer. Cortisol released during stress causes heightened blood pressure and overproduction of white blood cells, which can then lead to heart attacks and strokes. If you work a high-pressure job, make sure that you are getting a break at home. There are many ways to reduce stress including getting a healthy amount of sleep and exercise. Meditation, music and laughter have all been found to reduce stress.  

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