What Are The Benefits Of A Wooden Kitchen Worktop? 


Although there are so many materials from which we can choose when decorating and finishing our home, the classic and traditional wood still has what it takes to make a room be practical while looking welcoming. This is why a wooden kitchen worktop would be an ideal choice, making you want to spend more time in the kitchen while enjoying the sturdiness of this amazing materials. Do you need more reasons to take wooden worktops into consideration? Just take a look below. 

  • You get a one-of-a-kind design 

The beauty of going for wooden kitchen worktops is the fact that you will never find two with the same design. Each piece of wood has its own natural pattern, the way nature design it, so you can be sure that no one will have the same type of worktop you have in the kitchen. 

  • It will never go out of fashion 

Wood was, is, and will continue to be a highly appreciated and fashionable material. Everybody loves the warm colors of wood and the cozy feeling this natural material provides when used in any part of your house. So most certainly the demand for wood will remain the same, making wood worktops stay on trends for years to come.  

  • It looks even better as it ages 

Wood is probably the only material out there that looks better as it ages. It manages to get a distinct patina and unique character that will make it even more special. So you should not worry about it looking worn and torn. 

  • There are no imperfections to bother you 

The best part when opting for solid wood worktops is that they can always be refreshed by sandblasting. This is recommended in case dents, stains, and scuffs appear, due to the activities unrolled in the kitchen. So, after a good polish, a sealing layer must be applied and the worktop is good to go, looking in the same manner as it did when you bought it. 

  • No bacteria will dwell on its surface 

Did you know that wood has anti-bacterial properties? Yes, bacteria won’t dwell on wood so it will be an extremely safe surface to use in the kitchen. 

  • It will last for years 

You really have to try very hard to break or crack wooden kitchen worktops. They are extremely sturdy and, if maintained properly, they will preserve their impeccable state for an unlimited period. Wood can really withstand a lot of weight, hits, pressure, and a high number of accidents and still remain intact, so this is definitely not the kind of surface you have to worry about. 

  • It is sound-proof 

Unlike marble or granite, when you drop something on wood the sound that will be produced will be muffled. Wood absorbs sound very well, so you will enjoy a quiet environment in the kitchen, no matter what you place or drop on your wooden worktop. 

  • It is not an expensive option 

Many people are tempted to think that wood is an expensive option. Well, it is not, as it has the best price-quality ratio out there. Wooden kitchen worktops have price tags that are higher than laminate ones but lower than granite ones, so they are somewhere in the middle. Of course, do expect the price tag to fluctuate, as it depends on the type of wood that was used to make the worktop. For example, oak worktops will be slightly pricier than beech worktops, but cheaper than bamboo worktops. So, it is a matter of personal preference and budget when it comes to choosing the ideal worktop for your kitchen. 

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