Building A Home Gym? Read This First!


If you’ve got the space and the money, and you’re dead-set on creating your own home gym, then some congratulations are in order! Even if it’s rooted in not wanting to go to a public gym, taking this step shows great dedication to your fitness goals. Here, we’ve listed a few handy tips for making sure you get the most from your home gym…

Fitness Feng-Shui

The environment we’re in when we work out makes a big difference to how effective our exercises are. To keep yourself nice and energised during your workouts, try to make the space you’ll be using for your home gym as airy and light as possible. The best gyms have a huge amount of natural light streaming through the windows. While installing a new window in the room you’re going to use may not be practical, you can still add a few more light sources to your home gym. It’s also a good idea to get some plants for the space to boost the oxygen levels. Bamboo palms, ferns, and spider plants are all great for purifying the air in a room. Read more at  Most importantly of all, make sure the space you’re going to use is completely free of distractions and clutter. All your little gadgets and devices, work papers, and similar things that will divert your attention, should all be moved somewhere else.

Stock It Up

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on fitness equipment to make sure it’s going to suit your needs. In fact, a lot of the best home gym equipment you can ask for is relatively cheap. Sure, if you’re making cardio a priority, you may want to some sites like this: and see what’s on the market. Generally though, stocking your home gym doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. Foam rollers, for example, are incredibly versatile, and can be used for kneading out your muscles, strengthening your core, and supporting your yoga poses. Rather than buying cable and weight machines, you can pick up a set of dumbbells that you can adjust the weight on. The other important thing to remember is that there’s usually no need to buy all the equipment you want to use at once. Start with a few necessities, and then build up gradually from there.

Keep it Organised

As you build up your stock of equipment, you’ll need somewhere to keep it all. This is especially true if your home gym is doubling as another space. Try dedicating some storage bins or shelves to your equipment, and keep it arranged in a way that’s fairly conducive to your workout routine. There are countless ways to get creative with the way you store your equipment. As long as your system keeps everything neat, free of dust, and out of reach for your children, you can be confident that it’s working. Corner shelf units and storage benches can both be exceedingly useful storage solutions in a home gym.

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