Important Things To Consider When Going Camping

There’s something majestic about the great outdoors and living among nature is something that is deep-seated in human beings. We all came from the wilderness, where once cavemen harbored their settlements around cave complexes, during the Masonic Stone Age Period, communities began to form around structures made from wood. Camping out in the woods or mountainous regions is a welcome escape from the urban and suburban lifestyle. Being totally self-reliant among the trees, wild animals, the harshness of the elements, is incredibly therapeutic. It’s also a mark of competence and pride, to embark on a rugged adventure, and prove to yourself; you can unplug from the world and leave your smartphone and central heating behind and still survive.


Before you set off

There’s some key survival preparations you need to make before you set off on your adventure of a lifetime. You need to know how much room you need in your main accommodation. If you’re going in a small posse, it’s best to buy small tents that provide room for two. However, if you’re going on an ambitious trip with family or with a group of friends, a large tent are the only sensible choice. Both sizes are about to be fitted onto the top of a car, and contrary to popular comedy sketches that lament the chore of erecting a tent, high-quality large tents don’t have to be difficult to set up. Modern materials and designs are incorporated into products to limit the difficulty for the average person, which also combats the hesitation novices may have which stops them from going camping. Travel light, only take the things you need, and leave behind the unnecessary things like portable gaming consoles.

Taking compact, energy-rich food

MREs are packs of food which have been pre-cooked, dried and vacuum sealed. They’re surprisingly compact and take up very little space in your rucksack. Short for meals-ready-to-eat, MRE packs were purpose made for militaries out in the field who need, energy-rich food while taking up a minimal amount of space in their backpacks. Almost no utensils are needed as everything from the heating equipment, spoons, knives, and forks are included in the packs; all except a cup of coffee and energy drinks.

However, as you’ll be hiking and enjoying some of the mountain ranges and awesome views from towering heights, you also need nuts, berries, and chocolate for stimulation. If you’re going camping in a large group, you could take with you a freezer with some meat in. Alternatively, you could bring along cured and smoked meats such as beef jerky, bacon, sausages such as chorizo as they won’t go bad without refrigeration.

Taking the proper tools

Crucially think about the night time, and what you’ll need to function and keep yourself safe. Hanging a lantern from the center pole in your tent will provide ample lighting for a tent of two, but you’ll need many to place on the floor beside roll-up beds in a larger family-sized tent. Take with you a reliable flare gun, hand flares to wave for signaling, and smoke bombs in case you get lost. The unnatural color of the smoke bombs can alert aircraft above and direct them to your location. Always, take a first aid kit as the first line of defense against an injury or wound.

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