Three Coping Strategies For Unexpected Life Events

In our everyday lives, we will come across some unexpected events or some small surprises (both good and bad), that we weren’t expecting to happen. A lot of them can be quite small and don’t impact our lives in any particular big way. But on some occasions, there are some big unexpected events or circumstances that do impact our lives. With things in the world as they are today, then it could easily be something that is unpleasant, and that does lead to difficulties and problems in our life.

So can we cope with these unexpected and surprise things that can happen in our life at any moment? Are you someone that will start to pain, perhaps resulting in a panic attack or anxiety? Do you get angry and stressed? All of these reactions are immediate and natural. However, they can all have even more of a detrimental effect. A loved one might pass away, or you might get a life-changing injury in a car accident, for instance. But adding anger, stress or anxiety on top of it all will only make things worse, especially for your mental and physical health. So here are some coping strategies for when things in your life happen that are unexpected. You want to be able to cope with them well, and not impact your life more than they should.



The key to any situation in life is your attitude towards it. You can just get bitter and angry and spend your life like that, but to what end? If you can live life with a positive outlook, then unexpected or surprise things don’t always have to be a negative. You never know, something like getting fired from work might give you that boost that you’ve needed to get your own business started, for example. A failure or a loss can make you reevaluate and change things if you let it.

Make Backup Plans

If you don’t want to have too many unexpected or surprise events in your life, then having a backup plan is a good way to deal with it. You might have one plan or idea of how things will turn out. But thinking of a few more eventualities will help to you cope with anything that might come your way. It can help you to prepare, both mentally and physically. So have a backup plan in mind. The ideal thing is ever needing to use it. But as long as you have it, it eliminates the element of surprise and stress from unexpected events.


If you can learn and practice meditation, then it can be a good habit to get into. Just doing it for ten minutes each day can make a big difference in your life and your approach to things. It can help you to feel calm and relaxed. Plus, it gives you a coping strategy when something unexpected happens, as you can immediately go into yourself and start this practice. Is meditation something you have considered before?

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