Growing in The Garden: Could This Be Why Your Plants are Failing?


Gardening is a fantastic hobby to have- it’s productive, keeps you fit, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor come harvest time. You might even save yourself a bit of cash on your grocery bill. However, gardening can be incredibly frustrating, and if you’ve not had much luck, it’s tempting to want to throw in the towel. But stick with it, there are a few minor things that could be affecting your success so make sure all of these are right.

Your Soil

Peat or clay soils are heavy and retain a lot of moisture. Sandy soils are much lighter and faster to drain. Different plants will require different types of soil- this being wrong could lead to them becoming waterlogged or not getting enough moisture. Before sowing seeds or planting up flowers and shrubs, do some research first. Work out what kind of soil they thrive in, you could even go a step further and test the pH level too. According to when you’re planting trees, the soil should be no deeper than the pot it was grown in. Trees are resilient but they’re not indestructible, the last thing you want is to invest in a beautiful young tree and for it to die where it wasn’t planted correctly, Get the soil right and whatever you plant stands a far better chance.

You’re Over or Under Watering

Even with the correct soil type, it’s very easy to over or under water plants. This can lead to them shriveling and drying up, or the roots becoming waterlogged and rotten leading to the demise of the plant. Don’t neglect your garden but don’t kill it with kindness either. Usually just watering to keep the soil lightly moist is enough- if you’ve not had any rainfall in a while then pop out with a sprinkler or watering can.

It’s Not The Right Temperature

It’s important to know what climate zone you’re in when it comes to planting. Certain plants simply won’t grow if the temperature isn’t right, meaning if you want to grow more tropical crops you will need a greenhouse if you’re in a colder area. For example, it’s all very well thinking you’ll save money on avocados by growing an avocado tree (and tutorials and videos online show you how to do this using an avocado stone) but it will only tolerate subtropical and tropical climates. Again, do your research before deciding what you want to plant and grow.

Your Plants are Competing

Certain plants shouldn’t be put next to each other as they compete for the same nutrients in the soil. Therefore and planning out your plot beforehand is advisable. If you’re planting things willy nilly, this could well be the reason much of your garden is failing. Brush up on which plants are natural ‘friends’ and work well planted together. And which will compete for the same nutrients?

Have you ever considered that any of these could be causing your garden to fail? Do you have much luck when it comes to gardening?


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