What You Should Know About Shaping Up Your Legs And Glutes

If you really want to shape up your legs and glutes, there are a few things you should know. Getting your legs to look exactly how you want them to look can take time, but it can definitely happen! Here are some tips:

Using Heavy Weights
Using heavy weights is key if you want to build muscle tone in your legs. If you just want to slim down your legs, you can potentially do plyometric, HIIT, and circuit training. However, if you want more shapely legs, then using heavy weights is a must. By ‘heavy’, it means you should lift weights where you feel challenged the last few reps. A rep range of 8-15 is best!

Eating A Nutritious Diet
A nutritious diet is also key. Having balance is important, so don’t deprive yourself of a treat here and there. However, you will always get the best results from exercise when eating lots of nutrient dense foods. Bear in mind that how much you eat will make an impact on your results. If you really want to grow muscle, you’ll need to eat more than maintenance. If you want to lose a little fat, you’ll need to eat just below.

Targeting Specific Muscle Groups
Let’s say you want your glutes to grow but not your quads. You will need to spend time activating the glutes before a workout with bodyweight exercises and resistance bands. Also, make sure you focus on exercises you can really feel in the glute but not the quad. Alongside your healthy diet and exercise routine, there are a few other things you can try. Take a look at the infographic below!

credit to Glutimax

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