Listen Up to Protect Your Hearing


In today’s noisy world, we often don’t do enough to make sure our hearing is fully protected. And as the old saying goes, “you don’t know what you have got until it is gone.” That is why you need to take steps to ensure that your hearing stays sharp for as long as possible. As you get older, the number of potential problems start to add up so that it why it is so important that you act as soon as possible. Here are a few simple healthy lifestyle adjustments that you can make to protect your hearing for as long as possible.

Use Earplugs

The risk of your hearing becoming damaged is down to two main factors: how loud and for how long. Most experts agree that sustained exposure to noise at or above 80-85dB can cause permanent damage. If you are exposed to loud noise on a regular basis, it is a good idea to use earplugs or earmuffs. Remember, as well as using this protection, you should also be ready to take regular breaks from the noise is this is possible.

Turn Down the Music

Avoid listening to music in your headphones at a loud volume, and never use them to drown out background noise as it is much more difficult to tell how loud it actually. A good rule of thumb to use is 60:60. Don’t use your personal music device for more than 60 minutes a day and don’t listen to it at more than 60% volume. If the person next to you can hear music blasting from your headphones, then you know it is too loud (and probably very annoying!).

Have a Hearing Detox

After your ears have been exposed to loud volumes, it is important that they are given time to recover. The organisation, Action on Hearing Loss suggest that you need a minimum of 16 hours rest for your ears after they have been exposed to around two hours of 100dB sound. If you are looking for a reference point, this is roughly the volume of a motorbike or loud nightclub. Reducing this exposure can reduce the risk of permanent deftness.

Avoid Using Cotton Swabs

For many people, it has become common practice to use cotton swabs to clean wax out of their ear canal. A little bit of wax is normal and can stop dust or other harmful particles from entering. You also risk causing harm to your ear drums. As an alternative, you could try to use these home treatments when your ear feels clogged. Otherwise, a damp towel can be used to gently clean around the canal.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Exposure to excess moisture can encourage bacteria to enter and attack your ear canal. Make sure to gently dry your ears with a towel after bathing or swimming. If you feel that water has entered your ear, tilt your head to the side and gently pull your earlobe to clear it out. Investing in some swimmers’ earplugs may also be a good idea.     

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