The Key To Turning Your House Into A Home

There is a big difference between a house and a home. A house can be beautiful, clean, modern and impressive, but still a little lifeless. A home is cosy, comfortable, welcoming and warm. Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new house and you’re not quite feeling those homely, cosy vibes just yet. The place might be modern, but it doesn’t quite feel like it’s your home, yet.

The key to turning your house into a home is to find that fine blend between modern, colourful and clean contemporary design and the creature comforts which are personal to your taste. It’s about making the place your own, whilst retaining that chic and sleek modernity which was present when you first moved into the house. Here are some tips for turning your house into a home.


Don’t worry about trends.

Trends change all the time, and there’s no point designing your home in a certain way only to find that it becomes outdated a few years later. That’s why minimalism is a good look for any property, as you’ll resist trends and create a timeless feel for your home. Better yet, you’ll open up lots of space in which you can add your own personal touches, ideas and quirky aesthetic concepts to really turn this house into your personal zone.

It’s so important that your home simply reflects your trends. You’ll likely change its appearance over time, but this should be in line with the changing tastes and interests of you and your family. Making your home look aesthetically pleasing is one thing, but if it simply looks nice and doesn’t feel nice, then you’ll have created a showhome rather than your own home.

The bedroom.

Your bedroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in the house, on a personal level, as this is the place in which you escape the stresses and worries of the world to unwind and rest after a long day. If you can’t feel comfortable or ‘at home’ in your own bedroom, then it’s hard to call your house a home at all. You should focus on vivid colours which match your personality and add some paintings, family photos or other artwork which reflect the things which either interest or most matter to you.

You could also check out companies such as Vaulia for unique and vibrantly coloured duvet covers to help add a little spark to your bedding. However, comfort is the most important thing, of course. You need to ensure the mattress, pillows and bedding are suited to your needs in terms of comfort, as many people end up keeping mattresses for many more years than they should and suffering from aches and pains as a result.

Retro design.

The best way to turn your house into a home is to use your creativity and passion for interior design to go for the unique, retro route. If you invest in a few antique pieces of furniture, you could really add an intimate, worn feel to your sleek, modern house. Perhaps it’s a family heirloom, which would be even better, as the problem with new homes is often that they feel a little lifeless; there’s no history there. Of course, there will be memories made over time, but bringing a few of your old memories and intriguing furnishings with you could really help create a homely vibe in your new house.

The garden.

You should be working towards making the entirety of your new house feel like home, and that includes the outdoor space. You don’t need to cough up even more money to transform the entirety of your garden landscape after you’ve already spent a lot buying your new house, but you could get stuck in with a little gardening and sort out the weeds or even plant a brand new flowerbed. Just adding a little life to your garden might help to remind you that this is your home and you’re responsible for taking care of it. You could even get a few comfortable loungers or chairs out there to create a cosy, homely feel for your garden.

Just make memories.

At the end of the day, you can never really force a new place to feel like home straight away. This has to come with time after you’ve made some memories there with friends, family and all the people you love. You can work hard to make your new abode cosier and bring some of your old family items with you, but it’ll be after living in your new house for a few years and have many great birthdays, Christmases or gatherings with friends that you start to truly see this place as your home.

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