Penny-Pinching On Your Home Entertainment



Going out and having fun isn’t cheap for a family, even the most frugal ones. Sure, you can plan the day in advance, find coupons and pick the least expensive options. However, going out is always going to be much more expensive than staying in and making your own fun. While technology has given us all kinds of ways to entertain ourselves from the comfort of our home, this can still be very costly. Here are some of the best ways to save money on home entertainment…

Make your Entertainment More Energy-Efficient

The most obvious costs of keeping entertained at home are your broadband, subscriptions to TV services, music services, and so on. However, there’s another, less obvious factor to this that you need to be taking into account if you want to save money on home entertainment. A modern TV can cost you well over $100 a year just through standby energy. One of the best ways to fix this expensive drain on your money is getting an advanced power strip. These start at around $20, and make it easy to keep you from draining electricity by leaving things on standby. If you pay a little more, you can also get models that will allow you to put the strip on a timer, so that you won’t forget to go down and turn everything off at the outlets before bed. You can find out more here: .

Use Bundled TV and Internet Packages

With the amount of TV and internet your average family uses, these things can represent a major drain on your household finances. Most people could benefit by switching to a different provider, so start researching some bundled TV, phone and internet packages like the one here: . If you’ve been getting these kinds of services separately, or from separate providers, making this one change can save you a small fortune! Aside from that, you’ll be able to manage your services and make any queries through a single interface. You may also be able to dodge separate installation fees which a lot of companies attach to their telecommunication services. Finally, don’t overlook smaller providers, who can give you a great service at a fraction of the cost.

Consider Refurbished Electronics

As much as we try to resist it, technology is always marching on, and every now and then your current entertainment system will become too dated, and you’ll want to spruce it up. Obviously though, buying new home electronics that have just been released can get very expensive very quickly. The next time you’re adding to your entertainment system, consider going with refurbished components. “Refurbished”, despite what some people think, doesn’t necessarily mean it has been repaired. It can cover things that have been opened and returned immediately, electronics that have had their packaging damaged, and products that have had some kind of aesthetic damage, but still work perfectly fine. It can be hard to source these things and keep up with modern standards, but looking for them can open your eyes to some huge savings.


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