Old Age Shouldn’t Be A Burden

Times are changing and, thankfully, so is our attitude to old age. As we get older our bodies start to function less successfully. Our bodies, brain, skin, and overall health can suffer. But with cutting-edge scientific discoveries and advancements in skincare, it’s easier than even to turn back the clock. Not just this, but were being taught a new message. Old doesn’t mean haggard and decrepit, it means laughter lines, confidence, and knowledge. Old age is no longer considered the burden it once was. Here’s how you can stay in great nick as the years tick by and get the most out of life…


Keeping The Brain In Tip Top Condition

The brain is a hugely vital organ. It’s importance in term of our overall health and performance as we age cannot be underestimated. A combination of the right diet, sleep pattern, exercise, and stimulation are what’s needed to keep the brain working to the best of its ability.

We often don’t link a healthy balanced diet to brainpower, instead, we think of our bodies. However, the right diet is imperative to fuel the brain and keep it working effectively. The best foods to eat are those which aren’t processed and are fresh. Vegetables and fruits are good, as are oats, eggs, and pasta too. Sleep is important too, specifically the right balance of sleep. We should all be striving for not too much but not too little sleep. Sleep can affect our concentration, stress levels, and even our memory. Exercise is another key component in keeping our brain’s functioning to the best of their ability for longer. Keeping active increases the blood flow to the brain and can even make us feel more alert and happy. Finally, stimulating our brains is a must. No matter what our age we should be challenging and testing our brains each day. This could be by doing puzzles or word challenges like sudoku, or even a hobby like knitting. Brain teasers have even been said to help sharpen the mind and prevent cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Keeping Our Bodies Moving

Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t stop being important the older we get if anything it is more important than ever. Exercising is a great way to socialize and lower the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone in our bodies. Regular exercise can help our muscles and joints to function better for longer.

The main problem with aging, in terms of our bodies, is that we lose so much muscle mass. This is a perfectly natural part of aging and it slows down our metabolisms causing us to gain weight. Obviously less muscle mass also makes us weaker. There are so many benefits of continuing to exercise well past our 50’s. Our joint mobility improves as does our physical strength and energy. We could also find out sleep and cognitive function improving. Not too mention, exercise has been credited with preventing chronic illnesses and diseases.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you exercise as you get older. Warmups become more important than ever. Our muscles can take a little while longer to start working properly the older we get. So warming up is crucial.

Keeping Senior Skin Supple

Looking after skin is important at any age and as we age this is no exception. The teenage years are characterized by outbreaks of spots, as we age saggy skin is the obvious skin problem. We produce less collagen and elastin as we age. Elastin is an elastic protein which allows tissues in the body to retain their shape even after stretching. As we age we produce less and our skin sags as a result. The first step in looking after older skin is to stick to a skin care regime. Older skin can tend to get drier quicker. Be sure to use a hydrating moisturizer as part of your routine. Follow up any cleansing, toning, and moisturizing with a serum that targets your skin concerns. Be it brown spots or sagging skin, there’s a serum for it!

Keeping Bad Habits In Check

As we get older it becomes a little more difficult to indulge in bad habits. The problem is the older we get, the longer we tend to have been involved in these bad habits- so it can be difficult to quit. Aspire e-cigs are a better alternative to smoking. It’s worth using these as an aid to quitting if you’re finding it challenging. Similarly, we should try cutting down on the amount of junk food we eat and sugary drinks we consume as we age. It can make us put on weight very quickly.

Not taking enough time for ourselves in another bad habit. As we get older, and children move away, or we retire, we can find ourselves with more time on our hands. It’s good to take up a new hobby or throw ourselves into a dormant passion. Alternatively, try learning a new skill. It could be a language, a sport, or even how to knit! This makes our free time productive and relaxing as we age. We should listen to our bodies too, if we need to take breaks that’s okay too!

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