Leaving Your Home For A Vacation: Avoid Unexpected Guests On Your Return

It’s time to start thinking about the holiday season. After all, with summer only a few months away, we are all booking our summer holiday. We all want a relaxing break where we can spend some quality time with our family. But while there a wealth of benefits to going away on vacation, there is one downfall of leaving your home. After all, with you not at the premises, it’s easy for things to occur. And then you might end up coming home to find that you are not alone! In fact, when you are leaving your home for a vacation, here is how you can avoid unexpected guests on your return.


Lock all the doors and windows

When we are rushing to get the car all set for our holiday, it’s so easy to make errors when it comes to checking the home. After all, we are so busy worrying about getting to the airport on time, that we make silly errors when it comes to our home. But to ensure it’s still in a good state when you return, you need to make sure you do some checks before leaving the house. The top thing you should do is check all the doors and windows are shut. A lot of people make the mistake of leaving a window or two open in their home. They might do it on purpose to let some air in while they are away. Or they might forget to check those rooms before leaving the property. But if there are windows open, it could mean people could easily get into your home. After all, if the space is wide enough, they could easily push themselves through. And then take your belongings before leaving in a hurry.

And as the windows were open, it might make it harder to claim on the home insurance. Also, as well as human visitors, if you have windows open, you might find bugs will get into your home. And then you will have to deal with mosquitoes and ants inside your home when you return. Also, it’s so vital that you check the front and back door before you leave your vacation. It’s so easy to make the mistake of thinking it’s shut when you didn’t lock it. And then someone will easily be able to enter your home without making the scene. And you might also have your neighbor’s pets making shelter in your property too if they can push the door open. Therefore, triple check the doors before you leave home!

Leave a key with a trusted friend or family member

It can be unnerving when you do head away on your vacation. After all, you worry what might happen when you leave your property alone for a week or two. And if anything does occur while you are away on your holiday, you won’t know about it until you get back. And by then, a lot of damage might have been done to your property. Therefore, to ensure you don’t have to worry about what’s happening at home, you should always leave a key with a trusted friend or family member. That way, they can pop over once or twice while you are away. And they could stop a potential burglar in their tracks. Also, they will be able to check to ensure everything is shut property so that you don’t have to worry about break-ins too while you are on vacation. It’s also worth leaving a number for the friend or family member with the key with one of your neighbors. That way, if they see any suspicious behavior, or notice any worrying signs like smoke, they can contact your friend or family member quickly! And telling them you are away will alert them if they see anyone going inside your property.

Clean your home

It’s so important that you clean up the house before you go on your holiday. It’s likely the last thing you want to do in the run up to your break. After all, you are probably in vacation mode already! But unless you fancy returning to a load of mess after your break, it’s so important to give it a clean all over before you go. After all, if you leave things like piles of clothes on the floor, they could become a good hiding place for dust mites. And if you haven’t given the whole house a good hoover, you might end up leaving with crumbs on the floor. And with bits of food on the ground, you are more likely to come home to find unexpected guests. And rather than the human kind, we mean pests. And once you have pests like ants in your home, it can be a nightmare to get rid of them. In fact, you will have to try a lot of methods to get them to leave. In fact, a lot of people end up having to call a local exterminator who will get rid of them swiftly. Therefore, to ensure you avoid these arriving in your home, you need to make sure the whole home is clean before you go on vacation. And make sure that the kids clean their rooms too. That way, you can come back to a pest-free property after your vacation.

Empty the fridge

A lot of people forget to empty their fridge before they leave for their vacation. After all, it’s often the last thing on your mind to sort through your food before you head on holiday. But if you are going for a week or two, it’s vital that you go through your fridge before closing the door on your home. After all, if food is left in the fridge, it’s likely to start rotting after a few days. And then it could end up turning into mold. And not only will it then be a nightmare to clean, but it will also contaminate the whole fridge. Therefore, if there was anything left in there which had a longer date, it’s going to need to be thrown too. In fact, you will spend ages trying to clean out the whole thing before you can go and get some new food and drink. Therefore, always empty the fridge before your holiday to ensure your family can avoid mold on your return!

Set up a burglar alarm and security camera

It’s always good to be safe than sorry when you are on your holiday. Therefore, even if you are going away for a week, you need to make sure your home is safe before you leave. After all, you don’t want to come home to find you have had a burglary while you were away. And all your precious and expensive items are now missing! After all, it might take ages for the police to find the culprits. And in some cases, they might never find them. You will also have to make a claim on your home insurance. And if you had no safety features installed, it might make it harder to get money back for your missing items. Therefore, to ensure your home is safe, you should set up a burglar alarm which will deter burglars from breaking in. After all, they don’t want your neighbors to be alerted while they are breaking into your home. So they are more likely to avoid your home if there is an alarm. Just make sure you give someone the code so that if it goes off while you are away, they can quickly go and turn it off and check for the culprit. It’s also worth going for some form of security camera you can install at your home. After all, these will capture anyone attempting to break into your property. Therefore, the police will be able to hunt down the perpetrator quickly. Not only this but like the burglar alarm, if the intruder sees there is a security camera, they are less likely to even attempt to get into your home. Therefore, hunt one of these down at the store which will be perfect for your property.

Make the home look lived in

There are several easy-to-spot signs that burglars look out for to see if you are on holiday. For one thing, they look to see if there are any lights on at night. After all, if your home is in complete darkness, it’s likely no one is there. Therefore, to stop them in their tracks, you should get an automatic light which will turn on in the evenings. That way, they will think someone is home. Also, they look for a garden which looks like it hasn’t been touched in several weeks. After all, you won’t be doing it if you are on holiday. However, you can stop this being a telltale sign by hiring someone to cut it while you are away. Even if it’s a teen from your neighborhood, it will ensure it looks like someone is in your home. And make sure someone moves your mail for you. That way, it will stop them knowing no one is at your property.

And once you return from holiday, here are some ways to cheer yourself up. After all, it’s easy to feel downbeat after an amazing break!

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