This Is The Reason You’re Not Reaching Your Health & Fitness Goals

I’m sure many of you reading this are all in the same situation. You’re working out as often as you can, trying to eat well, but just can’t seem to reach your goals. No matter what, that stubborn layer of body fat won’t go away, and you just can’t improve your fitness.

So, what’s the reason behind this? Well, it turns out that the reason you’re not reaching your health & fitness goals is due to alcohol. Alcohol is a drug, and something most of us consume far too regularly. If you’re a student, then a lot of your hard work probably gets undone by frequent partying and alcohol consumption.


The fact is, alcohol has a direct effect on our health and fitness. It can cause weight gain because many alcoholic drinks are highly calorific. What’s more, all the calories are empty calories as alcohol gives no nutritional value to our bodies at all.

To add to this, alcohol dehydrates our bodies, robbing us of something we duly need; water. This is why we wake up hungover after nights out. The alcohol in our systems has dehydrated us, which causes headaches, feelings of weakness, and sometimes sickness too. This then means that if we go to the gym the day after going out, we’re not working to our full potential. We’re hydrated which means we simply don’t have the ideal energy levels, and our workouts are poor compared to normal. If you go out drinking a couple of times a week, that means two possible scenarios. One; you workout the next day at half capacity and don’t get as good a workout in. Two; you skip your workout altogether!

So, how can you overcome this issue and start reaching your health & fitness goals? Here are a couple of ideas:

Give Up Alcohol

All you have to do is stop drinking, and you’ll see so many benefits. You’ll be fitter, healthier, and start seeing gains. Of course, quitting is easier for some that others. A lot of people have minor alcohol addictions without even knowing it, particularly students. But, there are solutions out there such as Beachway’s holistic treatment that can help you get over an addiction and swear off alcohol for life. Give it a go if you struggle to give it up on your own.

Restrict Your Drinking Habits

If you don’t want to give up on alcohol completely, then you can just restrict your drinking habits. Only drink once or twice a month, there’s nothing wrong with going out and not getting drunk! You’ll keep yourself nice and healthy, and probably save a lot of money too.

Low-Calorie Drinks

In the instances where you do go out and drink, you can alter what you drink to be as healthy as possible. Stay away from calorie drinks like beers and ciders, and switch to low-calorie drinks like spirits. So, if you do get drunk, you’ll do so without consuming loads of empty calories.

Don’t let alcohol be the reason you fail to reach your health & fitness goals. Try and give it up completely if you want, it’ll definitely be a good decision. But, if you don’t feel the need to give it up completely, make a few subtle changes and start seeing results.

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