Save Your Life: Not-So-Obvious Items You Need At Home

Disaster can strike when we least expect it. And then we have to wait for ages for the ambulance to arrive. In some cases, the help can come too late. And then we have to live with regret that there wasn’t more we could have done from the comfort of our own home. However, there are some things you can buy which could be lifesaving in an emergency. In fact, here are some not-so-obvious items you need at home.

A heart rate monitor

A lot of us are clueless when it comes to our heart rate. But we need to be in the know if our heart rate does take an unexpected turn. After all, if you spot early that it’s going extremely fast or slow, you could potentially save your life. Therefore, it’s worth getting some form of heart rate monitor to keep in your home.

That way, if you start feeling palpitations or chest pain, you can quickly check what’s going on with your heart. And then get help if you require it. And a heart rate monitor will come in useful when it comes to exercise anyway! After all, if you monitor the speed, you can then alter your exercise accordingly for the sake of your ticker!


A defibrillator

Heart attacks are one of the biggest killers when it comes to our health. After all, a cardiac arrest can happen at any time, and if you don’t get the help you need, it could be the end of the road. However, it doesn’t have to be if you have the right items in your home. For one thing, if a family member has a heart attack, you could save their life if you have a portable defibrillator at your humble abode. After all, with one of these, it sends an electric current to the heart which could potentially save their life. And it can keep them going until medical assistance arrives. If you or a family member has an irregular rhythm, it’s worth getting one of these just in case the worst does occur. And that way, you can ensure your heart stays in good form for longer.

A fire extinguisher

A lot of people have a fire alarm in their home which can alert them that a fire is occurring in their home. But most people don’t think about what the next step is. After all, you might not be able to make an easy escape from your home. And you don’t want to wait for the fire service to arrive if your lungs are already filling up with smoke. Therefore, if you have a handy fire extinguisher, you could potentially remove the fire from your path so you can make an escape. And it could end up saving your life! Therefore, get one of these for your home and keep it in the bedroom. That way, you can get to it quickly if a fire does occur in your property.

And make sure you get a wealth of bandages to keep in a first aid box. After all, if someone is bleeding uncontrollably, you don’t want to have to use tissues or toilet paper to save them. Therefore, look into getting some roller bandages which could potentially stop the bleeding and save their life!

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