Summer Livin’


It might still be spring, but now is the perfect time to prepare your home for free and easy summer livin’. Check out these great tips for getting your home organized for the sunniest, most relaxed month of the year:

Wave Winter Goodbye

Now is the perfect time to clear away all of those winter essentials which will soon be summer clutter. Pack up your heavy blankets, comforters and winter coats and replace them with lighter fabrics for an instant boost.

Clear out the Freezer

Popsicles and ice cream are summer essentials, but if your freezer is packed with the remainders of those hearty winter soups and stews, you won’t have much room for all those warm weather treats, so try to spend some time at the weekend going through your freezer. You don’t have to waste the food in there if it’s still good – try to eat as much of it those spring as possible and by summer, you’ll have all the space you need.

Check the Air Conditioner is Working

There’s nothing like the first hint of summer sun to delight, but it’s a different story when you’re stuck inside with a broken air con and a sticky, sweaty body. So, go and check your unit is working and call in a good A C Repair service to get it going again if it isn’t working properly. Don’t wait until you need one, and everyone else needs one, to call in a repairman or you could be sitting in the hot sun with no relief for days!

Spruce up the Garden

With the warmer weather comes barbecues, cocktails on the patio and picnics on the lawn, so you will want to ensure that your garden is looking as good as possible. Powerwash, the paving stones, pull up the weeds, mow the lawn and clean up the barbecue and you’ll be ready to host guests any time the weather is good.

Clean the Windows

When the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, you can enjoy summer even when you’re indoors by ensuring that your windows are crystal clear, giving you great views of the world on your doorstep. Mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water to give your windows a spring spruce up every week from now until summer is over.

Stock Up on Summer Essentials

If you want to be prepared the second summer shows her beautiful face, now is the time to stock up on sunscreen, new bath towels to dry off after you’ve taken a dip in the pool, ice machines, picnic blankets, fresh, crisp linens and everything else that will increase your enjoyment of the season when you’re home.

Flip Your Fan

When the weather is warmer, you will want your fan to blow air down into the room, making it cooler in the process, whereas, in winter, you need the fan to take air upwards. So, now is the time to change the direction of your fan and benefit from a blast of lovely, refreshing cool air on demand. Just remember to switch it back again in the Autumn.

What are your tips for making summer livin’ easy?

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