Give Your Home The Comfort Factor

As far as your home goes, one thing should be paramount about its design. Style and character are, of course, important, but comfort is the real key to making a house a home. After all, if you can’t relax in comfort in your own property, where can you? So many of us spend hours every day in some discomfort, whether you work a back-breaking manual job or whether you’re sat in a cramped office all day long. After putting up with that, there isn’t anything better than coming home to somewhere that’s comfy, cozy and designed entirely for you. If you don’t get this feeling about your home at the moment, we’re sorry to break it to you, but you’re clearly doing something wrong!

It has been easier than ever in recent years to perfect the art of ‘cozy’ in the home, partially thanks to the cultural phenomenon that was ‘hygge’ – a Danish tradition that pretty much took over social media towards the latter end of 2016. But just because winter is over doesn’t mean you have to transform your property into a stark, minimalist creation. Comfort is one of those things that never goes out of fashion – here’s how you can bring it to your home.


Get the temperature right

We all know that you can’t regulate the temperature outside – when it’s humid we complain that we are too hot, and when it’s blowing a gale we moan that we want summer back. Yes, all too often it can be a case of wanting whatever we don’t currently have! But one place you can never complain about the temperature is in the home – after all, it’s you who controls it. Finding a heat level that suits everyone, however, can be easier said than done. There are quite a few things to bear in mind – the external temperature, the fact that heat rises (so your first floor is likely to be hotter than the ground floor), the size of your rooms and which way they face.

The best way to regulate the heating in your home is to make sure you have up-to-date technology at your fingertips. Smart heating systems seem to be the way forward, as they learn your household habits and adjust accordingly. You can even control some of them from your cell phone – so if you’ve spent the whole day shivering in a cold office, you can turn your heating on during your drive home, so the house is nice and toasty for your return. In the summer months, you will probably have the opposite problem: you simply cannot get cool.

 That’s why it is always worth cranking up your A/C system, and checking that it’s working. If you know you’re in for a bit of a drought, stock up on A/C Filters before the season hits. Everyone in your neighborhood will have the same idea once the weather hots up, so it’s always better to be prepared to avoid the rush!


Have somewhere to put your drink…

Is there anything more comfy than curling up on the couch with a hot mug of tea, or lounging on a deckchair on your patio with a cold G&T? Pop multiple surface options around your homes, such as side tables and coffee tables, for you to rest drinks, books, and gadgets on when you’re not using them. As well as preventing spillages (how many of us had forgotten about that drink we put on the floor and knocked it over when we stood up?), they also mean you can remain in one place comfortably.

Having everything you need for your chilled night in all in one place can save you getting up and down constantly just to retrieve things. Plus, little side tables are also great places to display lamps, so even when it gets dark, you don’t have to move from your comfy spot.


…and somewhere to sit down

When we think of seating in the home, we usually think of one room and one room only: the living room. It is true that investing in high-quality seating here is a good idea. Sure, those, chaise-lounge style leather chairs may LOOK good, but if they’re not providing the comfort factor, the novelty will soon wear off. Opt for a bigger, softer couch for you and your family, ideally one that can fit you all on.

Corner sofas are also a great option as they give you a place to stretch out on too once the kids are in bed. But, you should also consider incorporating comfortable seating into other areas of your home too. The kitchen is a great example of this; kitchen chairs don’t all have to be hardwood and rigid, you know. You could also get creative in your kitchen or dining room by installing a seating

Opt for soft floors

Hardwood floors certainly do look good – they’ve been all over interior design websites for the past few years as the industrial, minimalist trend takes hold. But if we’re speaking honestly, they aren’t really the most comfortable types of flooring. As well as being cold, they can also be rough and, if you; ve got exposed floorboards, you’re at risk of splinters too. If you couldn’t get rid of your wooden floors, at least consider investing in a few shaggy rugs, so you have something soft underfoot.

Failing that, embrace change completely and have your hardwood replaced with soft carpet. Carpet is usually purchased by the square meter, so visit a few local suppliers to make sure you get a good deal. Remember there are many different types of carpet each with slightly differing lifespans – plus, some are not advised for households with pets, so make sure you find a material and style that ticks all your boxes.

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