Healthy Over 50!

It may seem like a natural progression to expect your health to decline when you hit the big five-O. But there are a lot of actions we can take to slow down the process of aging and the decline of our health. Read on to find out more.

Eye Sight

One of the most common complaints folks have as they approach and then go over the 50 mark, was that their eyesight starts to become problematic.

In particular, its known that as we age our eyes tend to become more long sighted. Which means that it’s a lot easier to see things that are far away in focus than it is to see things close up. That is why you will often see older folks using glasses or magnifiers to read or watch the television.

Then there are other conditions such as glaucoma that affect the eyes as well, and can result in blindness that gets more common with age.


But what can we do about these things? Well it’s important to make and attend regular eye checks, even if you are not experiencing problems. Why? Because the advanced digital optical equipment that most opticians used nowadays is very sensitive and can pick up things that even you might not have realized were there. The sooner they are picked up, the sooner you can start treatment and halt their decline.

Bone health

Another health concern that can become more prominent as you get older is the health and strength of your bones. Many folks over the age of 50 have trouble with osteoporosis, which is when the bone themselves lose their density and become more susceptible to breakages and fractures.

But what can you do to safeguard yourself against these conditions? Well, first of all, you need to know the risk factors. For example, women are more likely to suffer from bone density issue than men, because of the hormonal changes that they go through during the menopause.

Then take some preventative action by improving your diet to deal with the issues, like exercising and taking focused supplements designed to reduce the impact of the problem. Read the reviews of AlgaeCal Plus for some more information of the sorts of things that can help improve bone density.  

Lung health

Something else that can become a health concern when you reach your 50’s is your lung health. This can be due to numerous reasons.

Firstly, it could be that you are not as active as you were in your youth and so your lung capacity goes down as you age.


Or, it could be due to damage to the lungs caused by smoking or inhaling certain particulars in a work or hobby situation. Read more on this, otherwise known as Occupational Asthma, here.

Of course, the best thing you can do for immediate results is to stop any activities that are causing the problem, such as smoking or being around allergens.

It may also be necessary to speak to your doctor about medication that can help you to breathe easier. As well as considering some light exercise to build up your lung capacity slowly again.

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