Giving Age A Real Fight

Time comes for us all. We can’t remain eternally young, unfortunately. What we can do, if we’re lucky and smart about it, is make sure that we age with our health and our grace. These tips aren’t just about looking a little more youthful as we grow up. It’s about the important steps we should take to improve our health so that we can stay vital and independent well into the twilight of our lives.

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Your skin

When we think of aging, it’s easy for our minds to immediately go to our skin and think about how it will look twenty, thirty or forty years from now. The right skin care treatment is essential to keeping skin vital but just as important is ensuring you’re not sabotaging it. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are just some of the habits that will see your skin maturing a lot faster than the rest of you.

Your heart

It’s a lot more important than your skin, so we should focus more on improving our heart health. Exercise and diet are important, but there are other factors that will impact heart health, too. For instance, stress and loneliness are two mental health dangers that increase blood pressure in the long run. Meanwhile, driving with the car window open invites the pollutants of the city into the car which decreases your heart rate variability. If your heart rate can’t change enough to accommodate your body when you need more or less oxygen through it, it puts you at an early risk of heart disease.

Your bones

We need to focus more on nutrition for our bones. Beyond calcium, some supplements contain essential minerals to ensure that we’re able to properly absorb and use calcium to keep bones stronger for longer, as shown in the AlgaeCal reviews on Supplement Police. Exercise is important for muscle health and maintaining a healthy weight, but it’s just as crucial to your bones. In most cases, we need to focus on improving our bone’s strength through weight-bearing exercises like running and jumping, but if you get joint pain, it’s time to look for low-impact exercises instead.

Your gut

As we get older, it becomes a lot easier to put on weight. Most of us know this by now. It’s because of metabolic syndrome, but the good news is that the said syndrome can be combatted. Becoming more physically active makes your body a lot better at controlling blood sugar, for one.

Your eyes and ears

The senses that help us interact with the world are at just as much risk as we get older and the only way to really protect ourselves from them is by getting regular checks from the doctor as we get older. Any changes in eyesight, for instance, from double vision to blurred sight, should be reported as soon as they happen, even if they’re temporary.

We deserve a happier, more pain-free life as we get older. But we have to work for it now and then to make sure that we can keep it. Stop yourself from becoming entirely dependent on others in the future by working on yourself now.

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