Finding Your Place In The Jigsaw Of Life


We all want to find somewhere we belong. Isn’t that what drives us? To find our place, make our mark, and leave our legacy? Like anything that matters, it’s not an easy thing to achieve. From as early as childhood, we struggle to belong. And, that’s when we’re in the safe bosom of our family. Once we’re flying solo in the world, things get even harder. One thing that makes the struggle so tough is the fact that our tastes change. We may think we’ve found the right path, but then realize that it no longer suits us. With that being the case, how can we find a place we belong, and keep it relevant to us? In truth, who we are is shaped in part by what we surround ourselves with. So, in theory, your place shapes you as much as you shape it. This may make achieving your goals seem impossible, but that’s far from the case. In fact, it can make the challenge easier. All you need to do is get control of a few aspects of your life. Then, you’ll find that you reached your place without even realizing!


Let’s start by looking at your physical place in the world – your home. Your house is the best place to start finding where you belong. It’s a physical manifestation of who you are. Living in a house that doesn’t suit you, or that you don’t feel you could grow into, could leave you feeling lost. As your house is where you return to for centering yourself, it’s crucial you get it right. If you don’t yet know where you belong, you may not know what would suit you best. That’s why it can help to work with an interior designer. Together, you can build a home you love. This is an excellent example of your space shaping you. Your designer may suggest things you would never have thought of. But, they might just make the home you always wanted!

Getting a home that fits isn’t all it takes to help you belong. Other aspects need attention. Your social group will have an enormous impact on how you feel about your place in the world. Friendships are easy to manage when we’re young, but it can be tough to find the right friendships in our adult lives. We’re a lot more closed off to meeting and getting close to new people when we’re older. If you don’t have a friendship group that suits, you’ll find a sense of belonging becomes elusive to you. And, as with your home, your friendship group could also shape who you become. The people we admire can be extremely inspirational. Our most treasured friends are a huge influence on our personality. Start finding a friendship group that works by talking to people with similar tastes. It may be that you join a book group or evening class where you can meet like-minded individuals. Then, share opinions and see where it takes you!

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