Single & Raising A Child? Make Sure You’re Getting Your Child Support


New statistics are painting a startling picture of the average American family. Approximately 30% of children live in a single-parent home. Nearly half of these households are struggling to ends meet—not because of irresponsible budgeting or negligence but a complete lack of critical support from their partners. When the non-custodial parent fails to provide court-mandated child support, the entire family suffers. Their neglect doesn’t just mean Spring Break vacation is cancelled — it could mean your family goes without basic necessities.

Unfortunately, the number of families receiving partial or absent support payments are increasing in number across the US. Of the roughly 6.5 million single parents who were awarded child support by the courts, almost half of them failed to receive the money that they were owed. Without the help from non-custodial parents (NCPs), single mothers and fathers have trouble providing food, clothing, and other necessities for their children.

Facing down bills without the cash you need is a scary proposition, especially when the health and happiness of your children are on the line. Most single parents will do anything to make sure their kids have what they need. For many individuals this might mean working longer hours at multiple jobs, but this results in less time spent raising your kids. Luckily, working more isn’t the only thing you can do tomake up for the lost support. You can enlist child support collection help from some of the country’s best enforcement agencies.

While your local government will attempt to help you, they won’t always have the resources they need in order to attend to your case properly. They operate with strict budgets that limit the amount of time a specialist can afford each case within their purview. If yours is a particularly challenging case, they might not be able to help you at all. Many single parents supplement an over-worked public office with the assistance of a private enforcement agency. These collection companies often work harder and more efficiently than their public counterparts, so they’re able to connect you with the full or partial payments you’ve been missing.

Not knowing proper measures for reaching your NCP can leave you feeling lost. But you aren’t alone. A combination of public and private assistance can help you contact your ex-partner and negotiate their over-due payments. Raising a child is already hard enough; you don’t need to complicate your task by operating with less money. Make sure you and your family are getting the support your need in order to live a happy and healthy life.


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