Five House Problems That You Need To Tackle

It’s so easy for us to let problems with our homes drift – we live busy lives and sometimes it feels as though the state of our homes is our absolute last priority. Here are some tips on the top five house problems that you should sort out as soon as you can…

Your Energy Use


We’re finally coming out of winter, which means – hallelujah! – that in many places, we’re starting to think about turning our heating down and lowering our energy bills. Let’s not forget that as good as that is for our bank balances, it’s even better for the planet. Even as the weather starts getting warmer, though, heat can still escape from your home, so it’s important to make sure that you update your insulation and that you stop up any cracks in your walls or around your doorways and window frames. You could also add rugs to wood and tiled floors so that heat doesn’t escape from your home that way. Finally, now is a good time to make the switch to energy efficient light bulbs, which last for longer and use less energy.

Your Decluttering


Spring is finally in the process of springing itself on ourselves which means it’s time to spring clean our homes. Out with the old and in with the – actually, if we want to declutter then it’s time to make a concerted effort to keep all clutter and new things out of our homes. Have you ever read about Marie Kondo? The Japanese queen of tidying, she advises that you should clean out your home one category at a time instead of one room at a time – for instance, spend a day on toiletries and a day on books, and so forth. Using her techniques to bid fond goodbyes to possessions that have served you well but that you no longer need will make you feel more light and free. You could also start cleaning out your closet. Every time you wear something, turn the hanger the opposite way. This time next year, donate all the clothes that you haven’t worn over the past year.

Your Security

Your home’s security is something that you should always make sure that you’re focused on. If you don’t have a house alarm, it’s time to make sure that you get one fitted – and make sure that it’s clear from the front of your house that you have one, to ensure that burglars are deterred from approaching your home. You should also make sure that you never advertise when you’re away on social media.

Your Unwelcome Guests

It’s happened to the best of us – you’re minding your own business in the evening, curled up on the couch watching TV or getting ready for bed, when you see something dart across the floor and you realise, your heart plunging inside your chest, that your house has unwelcome guests (and no, we don’t mean your in-laws). Pests like insects and rodents have plagued everyone at some point in their life, and they’re also pretty tough to get rid of, so it’s definitely time to call in pest control – they’ll know what they’re doing much more than you do, and they’ll get the horrible little creatures gone as quickly as possible. After that, make sure that your floors are all free of crumbs and that you put all your food in tins in the evenings so that nothing attracts the bugs and rodents back into your home again. You could even use it as an excuse to get that puppy or kitten you’ve always dreamed of!

Your Bedroom

A lot of us are suffering from poor nights of sleep caused by the environments that we try to get to sleep in. First of all, declutter your bedroom – make sure the surfaces are clear of mess and that you don’t end up dropping your clothes on the floor when you take them off each evening. Paint the walls a calming colour like off white or pale grey, or perhaps even duck egg blue, and make sure that you put up black out blinds at the window to keep out any early morning sunlight that might be waking you up far too early this time of year. If you sometimes get up with a sore back and neck, try purchasing new pillows that are the right height and level of softness for you, along with a new mattress. If your funds don’t stretch that far then why not go for a memory foam mattress topper? Finally, make sure that you keep all of your electronics out of your bedroom and that you use your bed for sleeping and sex only.

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