The Skinny: After The Weight Loss

Your body is a temple and everything from magazines to the leaflets in your doctor’s office will tell you the importance of looking after your body. They’ll tell you how important it is to eat healthily, to exercise and to get the correct amount of water each day. Choosing to take control of your own future by ensuring your health, is a decision that is freeing. Not only are you caring for your heart, your organs and your physical wellbeing, you’re also caring for your mental health. A lot of our self-esteem and confidence is rooted in the way we view ourselves, and if we are happy with our physique, that tends to shine through.

diet-398613_1280Losing weight is not easy, especially when there is a lot to lose. It’s not just about changing your food, it’s choosing to make time to exercise and these things take a great deal of self-control. When you eat a certain way for a long time, it takes some time to release yourself from the craving of empty calories that comes with changing your diet. Reading online here in more depth about addiction to fat and sugar can help you realise what you’re putting your body through. The physical withdrawal from the unhealthy food and severing the mental ties that come with indulging too much are both difficult. However, the rewards far outweigh the hardship. The achievement that comes with each weight loss milestone is one to celebrate and euphoric feeling that you experience when you realise you have given yourself the chance at a healthier future – that’s one to bask in.

But what happens next? Article after article online will tell you all about how to manage your calories and your macros, how to exercise efficiently and how you can manage your food intake every day. You can study blogs and research articles about your body mass index and how many calories you need to eat and to burn. But there is little in the way of ‘what next’. After you hit your milestones and your overall goal weight, what do you do to maintain your new body? How do you swap from a fat loss way of thinking to one of continuity, without gaining the weight? Of course, if you eat how you’ve always eaten, you will weigh as you’ve always weighed. Finding the balance of maintenance is just as difficult as choosing to become a healthier version of yourself.

If you have a large amount of weight to lose, you may be shocked to find that you are left with excess skin to deal with. It’s something most don’t think about as a side effect of weight loss, but it is one that is hard to wrap your mind round. You have just spent a great deal of time plugging hours at the gym, counting calories and eating balanced meals to be left with unsightly, sagging skin that didn’t shrink down with you. This happens when your skin has been stretched for far too long and the elastin simply doesn’t have the ability to spring back as it once did.

As the fat is lost beneath the skin, the skin shrinks down but loses shape. It sometimes wrinkles as you lose the weight, otherwise you can be left with flaps of skin that hang over your beltline. While the weight loss is fantastic, you’ll still find yourself wearing clothes that are too big to accommodate the skin that is leftover. It can be like swapping one nightmare situation for another – unsightly fat that you hate, or unsightly skin that you hate.

Now, while this doesn’t happen in every weight loss case, it’s still a very common outcome of a lot of dropped weight. There are a few things that you can do about loose skin and they do vary greatly. As you lose weight, try to lose it slowly, so that your skin can shrink down with you. You may still have a little bit of loose skin, but rapid weight loss can mean you have handfuls. Slow weight loss is better on your body and not so much of a shock to the system. You can also try skin firming creams as you lose weight to help your skin stay supple and supported while the pounds drop off.

Finally, you can pay for a tummy tuck to get rid of the loose skin once and for all. You can read here about what a tummy tuck involves. Also known as an abdominoplasty, a surgeon removes all the skin that is loose from your body in a surgery that lasts a couple of hours. All the hard work that you have put in for your body means something and to be left with skin hanging can be upsetting and detrimental to your mental health.

Changing your body with your health should be something that you look forward to, but loose skin can really ruin that. An abdominoplasty focuses on the skin on the stomach, which is usually the problem area for most people. By removing the skin permanently, you can enjoy the results of your weight loss without any of the muffin top over the jeans. For most, surgery isn’t the initial option to go for.

Fatty deposits hang around on the body and masquerade as loose skin, so it’s important to differentiate whether you have loose skin on your tummy or whether you still have some pounds to shift. While spot reducing the weight won’t have much of an effect, you still can keep eating healthily and working out to reduce the fat that you have hanging on.

The decision you make to be healthy and lean is rather a big one as it will affect your future health. Taking that control over your own destiny is empowering and as long as you research, read and study the side effects and possible downsides of weight loss, you can be readily prepared for any issues with your skin. Weight loss doesn’t end at hitting goal weight, but when you can truly feel balanced and comfortable within yourself. Make the positive changes and do what you can to keep them maintained.


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