Lounge Around – Improving Your Lounge

Where do you look for comfort in the home? It’s going to be one of two rooms – the bedroom or the lounge, right?

If your lounge isn’t up to scratch and isn’t a comfortable environment – you need to work to change that. After a long day at the office, you need to create a little hub of comfort that can melt your stress away. That hub? It’s the perfect lounge and with a little bit of effort and money, it isn’t far away at all.

There is one thing above all that brings the most comfort to a lounge and that is seating. It’s the biggest thing that you can change that involves comfort.

With seating, there should always be an elegant primary seating option. This is usually a sofa, but can be a sectional couch or a larger L shape sofa. In some instances, it can be a grand armchair. It’s important to ensure that the lounge can not only seat everyone in the household who needs to be seated, but that each seating option is comfortable. You don’t need to go overboard, but options like poofs to sit upon, beanbags and other storable items can make great seats for gatherings. It’s pointless having chairs that nobody likes to sit on!


What’s more, it’s also important that your lounge can double as an impromptu bedroom. Sometimes – due to renovations, leaks, repairs or even DIY projects, bedrooms can be put out of action. The lounge is the perfect area to become a backup bedroom and futons and daybeds can double up as comfy seating options. If your bedroom is put out of action in short notice, you don’t want to be left high and dry without some sort of bed.

Lighting is hugely important in the lounge and not only sets the mood and adds glamor, but it also prevents headaches when used right. Yay! It’s important to have a bit of fun with the lighting and experiment a bit. Lamps, chandeliers and bulb torches are great ways to add light. Candles add a (budget) romantic option to the lounge and their warm glow is a lot easier on the eyes than bright lighting – just be sure to blow them out after use.

It’s important to keep the lounge clean in two ways. Don’t cram it with stuff and don’t let it get dirty and dusty. Small regular cleans are a lot better than weekly grinds, so build a system and stick to it. You’ll win a major battle if you can keep on top of the cleaning. As for cramming the lounge, you don’t have to be minimalist, but if you’ve got three coffee tables, twelve books, and a few cacti dotted about and it’s getting in the way – you might need to rethink a few things.

Instead of cramming the lounge with ‘lounge things,’ add a bit of you. Put your favorite books and picture albums on display, buy ornaments and memorabilia based on your interests. This is your chance to inject your personality into the proceedings.

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