Cycle Pretty: Stay Safe And Look Ace


As you know exercise is an important part of daily life.  To stay healthy we need to get up and move around.  Experts say we should take at least 30 mins of cardio every single day.  This can range from HIIT walking to heavy gym sessions.  Today, we are going to focus on cycling.  A fantastic discipline that is great for the heart and brilliant for toning, especially for those who want shapely legs and a nice firm bum! We aren’t going to talk technique though, we are going to focus on what you should wear to make sure you look awesome whilst rocking a sweat.

There are various ways you can get into cycling.  Perhaps you will spend the majority of your time riding off road using a mountain bike.  Maybe you will only be cycling on roads.  However for most of us we want the option of both, so the ideal bike for you is the hybrid bicycle.  You can take a look at all the different options on

Once you have the equipment sorted it’s time to look at the kit.  Safety first so let’s start with the helmet.  It’s fair to say that there are very few safety helmets that are going to be particularly fashionable.  However they look a damn sight better than a broken skull, so you are best working on function over form.  There are 10 great options here from a flat cap to a brilliant moto inspired helmet which will give you a cool biker look.  You can even buy a helmet which has a hole for your ponytail.  Get shopping around and find something that works with your own personal style but always make sure it has the best credentials when it comes to safety.

Trousers are a great place you can start adding a little edge to your look.  Whilst you can cycle in jeans it is far better to wear something more like a running tight.  Lycra leggings will give you extra comfort and can help support you if you need it.  Whilst there are some great sports brands selling a cool selection of bike specific leggings, you might want to add a little quirk to your fitness.  Check out this amazing range from and stand out from the crowd.

If you are going for a gentle cycle then you can opt for a nice basic tee, however if you are hitting the streets for a real cardio session you will need to wear a lightweight lycra or cotton top.  Due to the risk of falling off it is really important to consider sticking to long sleeve tops.  If you have gone wild with your leggings then opt for a plain white or black top.  Black will also help slim you down.

Finally your footwear.  You need a solid trainer or a specialist cycling shoe depending on the type of bike you ride.  Nike to an amazing range of on trend designs which will help you stand out or give your outfit a chic twist.  Just remember, looking good is important but your safety is

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